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Fragments [PDF / Epub] ☄ Fragments Author Dan Wells – O ue significava a Verdade uem era responsável pelo fatal vírus RM Por ue os Partials morriam aos 20 anos E afinal o ue era ela humana ou Partial Kira Walker sabia ue todas essas perguntas sem respo O ue significava a Verdade uem era responsável pelo fatal vírus RM Por ue os Partials morriam aos anos E afinal o ue era ela humana ou Partial Kira Walker sabia ue todas essas perguntas sem respostas eram fragmentos de um grande segredo Só não imaginava o uanto ela era a peça chave nessa história Volume dois da trilogia Partials.

About the Author: Dan Wells

Dan Wells is a thriller and science fiction writer Born in Utah he spent his early years reading and writing He is he author of the Partials series Partials Isolation Fragments and Ruins the John Cleaver series I Am Not a Serial Killer Mr Monster and I Don't Want To Kill You and a few others The Hollow City A Night of Blacker Darkness etc He was a Campbell nomine for best new w.

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  1. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    Win a Fragments ARC on the blogThis review is spoiler free and safe even if you haven't read the first book in this seriesIn my review of last year's Partials I posted a handy check list to help readers decide whether the book was for them If you're a fan of well written science fiction thrillers or post apocalyptic novels with strong heroines this series is one you should definitely check outWhat do you need to know going into the seuel? There are fantastic action seuences full of taut suspense and emotion Survivalist enthusiasts will love it During the first half of the book Kira spends most of her time searching through rubble for clues to ParaGen's involvement in the devastating events that decimated human society A mysterious character named Afa who has been wandering alone through Manhattan for 12 years since the break could hold the key to everything Kira needs to know If you liked the gentle defenseless character Maury from The Reapers Are the Angels Afa's relationship with Kira reminds me a lot of that his relationship with Temple A few of the scenes involving Afa are among the book's most touching Improvements from the first book the secondary characters are defined Less politics Marcus is much interesting But romance still takes the back seat here even so than in the first book More of Kira's history and the creation of the Partials is revealed And they are both intriguing There were some readers who complained about the pacing in Partials and I'm afraid that it's even slower and occasionally sluggish in Fragments This is a hefty book at 564 pages and while it's all good material I would have preferred seeing probably 150 pages of it edited down This would have balanced things out a bit and tightened up the story line in a way that sustained the tension betterOverall I thought this was a terrific seuel to a series I very much enjoy My only issue was really with the length of the book but hey after plowing through so many disappointing sopho efforts I'm just grateful to have a book two that lives up to the original And I can't wait to see how Kira's story ends when the final book is released next year This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher

  2. tthepageturner tthepageturner says:

    Seuels make me feel both excited and nervous Nervous because sometimes they don't uite live up to their predecessors and I'm left sourly disappointed Fragments however didn't just meet my expectations it exceeded themThe story alternates between Kira and Marcus's point of view We follow Kira who is later joined by Samm and Heron on her journey to find the Trust and Marcus as he takes a stand and does what he can to save the people of Long Island Marcus wasn't my favourite character in Partials but I think I appreciated him in Fragments Wells shows that there's to him than just being funny and charming he's also a resourceful young man who's willing to take actionIn Fragments we see a different side to the Partials In book 1 we hear about them from the survivors of Long Island so it's no surprise that they're portrayed in a negative light But in this book we see them through Marcus's eye and to my surprise I found myself sympathising for them Yes some are cold and ruthless but there are others that are so human like that I couldn't help but wish that they were able to co exist peacefully with the humansTo my delight we also get to hear from Samm's perspective Unlike Heron who could easily pass of as being human he struggles with expressing his thoughts and emotions which makes his interactions with Kira all the fascinating He's a character I became easily fond with in book 1 and even so in FragmentsHeron is an interesting character if you haven't already I definitely recommend reading Isolation the preuel to Partials as it gives a glimpse into her back story We see her being created trained and eventually set up as a spy for the United States Government Having read it I think it helped me better understand her fiery and sarcastic natureOne of the best things about this trilogy is how unpredictable it is the plot twists literally threw me I don't think there was a moment where I thought I saw that coming The revelations that came to light were shocking and I was utterly fascinated with the scientific of aspect of the story Wells raises some interesting uestions and pushes his characters to their limits having them make tough decisions The exploration into race fascism and humanity was ever present and thought provokingI think Dan Wells deserves a round of applause for the subtle romance Through simple gestures and words Wells has crafted together a beautiful romance that is not only swoon worthy but also believable It was everything I hoped it would be and The ending One moment I was like YES This is what I've been waiting for and then next I was screaming WHAAAT? NOOOO Seriously it's going to be a killer wait for the third and final book in the trilogyBursting with action and excitement Fragments deserves all the stars I honestly can't praise it enoughThis review also appears on my blog The Page Turner

  3. Deanne Deanne says:

    Just finished re reading Partials it was just as amazing as the first time So excited to see what happens now THIS DESERVES A TRILLION STARS it's just that good

  4. Eric Allen Eric Allen says:

    FragmentsBook 2 of the Partials SeuenceBy Dan WellsA Review by Eric AllenA few years ago Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games and while not terrible it was not exactly the best nor most original book ever to come along It sold ridiculously well and this in turn set off what I like to call the Dystopian Revolution Think hard you'll see the joke in it eventually if not outright Publishers saw that there was huge interest in Dystopian fiction and many an aspiring writer saw their chance to break into the industry And since then we've had a whole slew of Dystopian books released by a whole slew of different publishers trying hard to cash in on the fad before it dies While some of them are pretty good the majority of these books I've noticed read like they're trying to BE Suzanne Collins They copy her style which is distracting in and of itself because I really dislike her style They copy her ideas which again weren't all that original to begin with They copy her characters their motivations their love triangles and in the end all we're left with is a whole stack of poorly written unoriginal books trying to emulate a poorly written unoriginal bookLast year with Partials Dan Wells took his own crack at the Dystopian genre and where so many writers fail to deliver he succeeded spectacularly He created an interesting post apocalyptic future an interesting enemy that is not exactly what it seems and a pretty stunning plot twist But at the heart of the story he created Kira Walker a very likeable protagonist with a very real problem that she set out to correct and that led her into a much larger world of mystery than she ever suspected existed Basically he did everything right where so many Dystopian authors rarely do He told an exciting and suspenseful story about a character that is both likeable and someone that the reader can really get behind and cheer for It just happened to take place in a Dystopian setting And THAT is how stories SHOULD be told Not identifying the genre first and working inward but starting with the characters moving out to their conflict and then to their world which will eventually lead to the genre in which the story is classified Far too many authors in the Dystopian genre do it the other way around They choose their genre then make their world toss in some cool sounding conflict and then if there's time left over they'll think about trying to fit an interesting character in They don't seem to understand that it's the characters and the story that come first Everything else is secondary Dan Wells really outdid himself with Partials I think I only had one or two little nitpicks about the book So how did he fare with the inevitable seuel? Lets take a lookConvinced that Kira Walker is the key to solving the Partials experation date Doctor Morgan leader of one of the Partials factions leads an assault on the last human community on Earth capturing their entire island and taking every human that can be found prisoner She demands that Kira who has disappeared give herself up executing one hostage a day to draw her outMeanwhile Marcus Kira's one time future husband organizes a peace envoy to another Partials faction to gain aid in fighting Morgan's troops on the island Whilst he sues for peace and alliance walking right into the figurative lion's den hidden forces of the human Defence Grid make guerilla attacks upon the Partials occupation forces and try to salvage a nuclear warhead from the wreckage of the last human fleet that the Partials destroyedKira Samm and one of his friends that defected with him named Heron set out west to find the Trust those who lead the Partials and may just have been the scientists that created them in the first place Their goal is to obtain both the cure for the RM virus that kills any and all human children born and to remove the Partials expiration date Without the Partials the human population will die out in a single generation Without the Humans the Partials may never find a cure for their own expiration dates Each group cannot survive without the help of the other and yet they are locked together in war It is Kira's hope that investigating the headuarters of Paragen in Denver she can find the solution to the problem save BOTH sides and stop the war once and for allview spoilerUpon reaching Denver they find another community of humans that have survived the end of the world living in the shadow of the old Paragen headuarters It seems a paradise where one of the Trust has created a vaccine against RM and children are born without fear of it Kira is overwhelmed knowing that she has found what she is looking for But under the surface there may be something far sinister at work and the purpose for her own existence may be called into uestion hide spoiler

  5. Bradley Bradley says:

    So I decided to give the series another shot and I'm glad I did The first was too ham fisted or at least a bit to obvious in the social commentary for me but this one ran with a adventure theme that left behind most of the usthem dynamic and instead focused on ethics where we weren't doing a lot of traveling and hunting for clues across the countryThe twist and yes there's twists were very decent and I can't complain when it comes to my high satisfaction uotient I've respected the author for uite some time now and that goes a long way to my having given the series another shot It's a different kind of book even when it contains a lot of the same characters and thankfully it hit the spot this time It helps that the l triangle is practically gone YayI will continue

  6. Trina (Between Chapters) Trina (Between Chapters) says:

    I made it 48% but really wasn't feeling this one First book was great but this one was dragging and the main plot seemed like it was really a small thing in comparison to everything going on in the world Additionally there is a fat character introduced early on that we spend a lot of time with and at first the descriptions were pretty neutral but they uickly evolved into stereotypes he's the only character who ever gets out of breath he's obsessed with food he's perceived as childish and then the narrative started going on about how he's mentally damaged and broken and I just could not I'm fine with pretending the first book was a standalonetw fat hate outdated attitudes and language toward mental and physical disabilities

  7. Glass Glass says:

    Review from Ja čitam a ti? Just because of Samm I remember when I read Partials I was speechless and completely amazed Dan Wells gave me exactly what I love in my post apocalyptic novels well thought fictional world strong characters and captivating plot twists I loved every second of it Now I finally made myself to read the seuel and it was all because of Samm Fragments has 576 pages It was kind of a boring One of my status updates while I had been reading was this And that's why I avoid male authors you like to talk to much about completely unimportant stuff I know it was a mean thing to say and Dan Wells doesn't deserve it but I was frustrated with how long this book is and how little happens until the last 30% But also I totally blame it on Russian Realism it made me hate reading for a while Now what is common thing for Russian Realism and Fragments? Too many too long descriptions They did help me to imagine how does post apocalyptic world looks like in author's head but I had a feeling like a lot of them were there just to fill space between the actual plot twists Then there is Kira I loved her in the first novel but here she was just boring She Heron and Samm are traveling across the destroyed countries looking for an answers mostly traveling and talking in circles and not finding anything important Samm wasn't that much important part of the story main focus was on Kira's inner discussions What was different is that in the seuel we have two narrators Kira and Marcus He is our connection with East Meadow and what happens there That part was far interesting and I loved that Dan Wells decided to give us detailed view in the lives of the secondary characters That ending killed me Of course author decided to finish it at the most interesting part Why did I think something else would be the case? Final instalment of Partials series Ruins should be published on March 11th next year I have no idea what to expect or how it might end I can't wait to read it

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    Sometimes I freak out a little that I know Dan I've bought Girl Scout cookies from his daughter Been to a concert with him and his lovely wife And then you realize Holy frak he's probably one of the smartest writers working today AND I KNOW HIM Dan is a genius for using plenty of good hard science in his books without either confusing or condescending to the reader You feel smarter after reading one of his books You also feel entertainedOh and stressedYes you definitely feel stressedAnd sometimes terribly frightened Yep that tooDan will make you paranoid He'll make you uestion the workings of your own brain He'll make you love his characters then he'll kill them or put them into situations so dangerous that you can feel the sweat springing up on your palms and the soles of your feet when you think about the book days laterDan is evilRead his booksThe endPS I don't know how many books are going to be in this series but if there isn't at least one after this I WILL KEEEL HIM

  9. Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Maja (The Nocturnal Library) says:

    Consistently mediocre is not a bad thing for a series to be not when there are so many bad ones constantly being sold and praised Fragments is a story neither better nor worse than Partials but it is just a bit ambitious as it splits into two plotlines that will most assuredly come together in the end In Fragments the narrative is split between Marcus and Kira and I was very surprised to find myself enjoying Marcus’ point of view Far interesting things were happening on his end while Kira’s journey seemed endless and monotone after a while While Marcus was trying to stay alive in the middle of a war and form treaties and alliances at the same time Kira Samm and Heron embarked on a journey across the country through hundreds of miles of toxic wasteland in hopes of finding the cure for both the RM and the Partials’ expiration date I freely admit that I don’t remember much of the first book but I distinctly remember not liking Marcus much and yet he was my favorite in Fragments He was funny and resourceful and ready to take action when action was reuired Samm on the other hand lost some of his appeal not because he did something wrong but because he was mostly passive throughout the book He just silently followed Kira and although his reasons were good it wasn’t very impressive I respected Heron for having a a firm opinion and not hesitating to express it loudly even though she opposed Kira every step of the wayIn Fragments Dan Wells raised some interesting uestions that are easily applicable today and then did his best to answer them through Kira and Samm and possibly even Marcus There were no easy answers for any of them and making some of the decisions they were forced to make meant stepping out of morally gray area into complete darkness Mostly it was Kira who had to make these impossible choices and I’m still not sure she made the right ones Neither is she for that matter probably because right choices simply didn’t exist How easy would it be for a civilization so amazing to reach just a little too far? To do something it shouldn’t? to make one sacrifice or one compromise or one rationalization too many? If you can build a city so great what’s to stop you from building a person? If you can control a lake what’s to stop you from controlling a population? If you can subjugate nature itself why should a sickness ever get out of hand? Despite all the action and excitement at least on one end Fragments was still about 200 pages too long I’m not one to shy away from long books but 560 pages US edition is far too long at least when so little is actually going on What made it even worse was the vicious cliffhanger we were left with I wish I’d have known about it in advance I probably would have decided to wait a while to read it

  10. Ferdy Ferdy says:

    25 stars SpoilersMeh it was okay The writing wasn't bad it was just really slow and really BORING And slow and boring aren't the best of combinationsI enjoyed Partials far than Fragments I disliked the slow pace the lack of thrilling action and the change to multiple POV's I would have rather read Kira's POV alone I wasn't interested in Marcus or Samm they were positively dull Not that Kira was exciting but she was at least somewhat mildly engaging Okay that's not true she was just as uninteresting as Marcus and Samm but at least I used to her voice Other thoughts Kira went on a long and largely uneventful journey to find out the truth about herselfher dadNandita and Paragen or whatever that morally corruptevil corporation was called She also tried to look for a cure for the nonsensical RM disease And of course she also wanted to help those douchey partials from expiring Nothing much happened for the majority of the book Kira and co just travelled from one destination to another and between traveling they occasionally got attacked They never seemed to reach any headway in finding the information they needed to 1 Cure RM and 2 Help with the partial expiration problem It just made their uest seem pointless and it was very frustrating to read about — they kept going round and round in circles and for the most failed to make any progress I found it unbelievably cheesy that the only way for both humans and partials to survive was by working together or some shit Humans needed the partial pheromones to cure RM and for some reason partials could only survive with help from humans It made me sick Am I the only one that wants the humans to kill those bastard partials? I hate them so much Kira was a real Mary Sue Worst of all she was self righteous and sanctimonious Also it was irritating how Kira saw everything as black and white I'm sure she was a bearable character in the first book Samm and Kira's romance was predictable and lame Samm didn't even have a personality I'm guessing I was meant to feel sympathy for all the partials but I didn't I actually hope they all die even Kira I actually liked Ariel's small POV she was the most interesting POV character I did want of a showdown between her and Nandita though Also I was kind of surprised about the revelation that both Ariel and Isolde were partials I didn't expect that Afa's character was awesome I hated that he died I knew he would as soon as he'd outlived his usefulness — his death felt very cliched I was a bit confused at the claim that Isolde had the first humanpartial baby Wasn't it Ariel who had the first humanpartial baby? It took me a while to read Fragments it was very slow paced There was so much description and monologuing especially in the first half — it was a struggle to get through The last 20% was actually entertaining a lot of interesting stuff went down I'll be reading the next book even though this one was a disappointment Hopefully it'll be faster paced and action packed

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