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The Witch and the Hysteric ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Witch and the Hysteric By Alexander Doty ❤ – Benjamin Christensen's 1922 SwedishDanish film Haxan known under its English title as Witchcraft Through the Ages has entranced entertained shocked and puzzled audiences for nearly a century The film Benjamin Christensen's SwedishDanish film and the eBook ✓ Haxan known under its English title as Witchcraft Through the Ages has entranced entertained shocked and puzzled audiences for nearly a century The film mixes documentary with fantasy history with theatrics religion and science the medieval past and modern culture This uncanny content is compounded by the film's formal strangeness a mixture of uasi documentary with fictional episodes illustrated lectures alongside docudrama recreations and dreamscapes Is The Witch PDF/EPUB or this a documentary a horror flick or both In this chapbook authors Doty and Ingham argue that the puzzle of Christensen's Haxan might be unraveled by attending to the film's provocative and paradoxical medievalism its fantasmatic rendering of the witch as a medieval monster Such monstrous medievalism over sheds considerable light on the politics of gender and culture once the witch is rendered a female figure in a time out of joint.

  • Paperback
  • 84 pages
  • The Witch and the Hysteric
  • Alexander Doty
  • 12 August 2014
  • 9780692230152

About the Author: Alexander Doty

Doty's scholarship centered around gay and the eBook ✓ lesbian bisexual transgender and feminist film theory He wrote seminal books on ueer film theory and gay culture.

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  1. Bev Bev says:

    The Witch the Hysteric the Monstrous Medieval in Benjamin Christensen's Häxan by Alexander Doty and Patricia Clare Ingham is an academic chapbook by two outstanding scholars which examines Christensen's 1922 film and the representations of women as both witches and hysterics and ultimately as the monstrous in medieval times and in the early 20th C The accusers may change from religious conservatives on witch hunts to early psychiatrists diagnosing the causes of women's mental illnesses but the stigma of the monstrous remains Christensen's film would seem to make the claim that the modern scientific viewpoint is better than the religious fanaticism of the medieval period but Doty and Ingham point out that the juxtaposition of images in Häxan encourage the viewer to believe that very little has changedThe appeal of this book was I must admit primarily due to my friendship with one of the authors Patty Ingham I was most curious to read one of her works and sorry Patty not likely to read one her longer books heavily anchored in the medieval period I'm just not that into medieval This chapbook was an ideal chance to sample her work as well as that of the late Alexander Doty Well written as expected it was accessible to me as a non scholar And it has made me very curious to see Christensen's film For someone well versed in medieval or film studies I'm sure it will be even accessible ★★★ and a half Rounded to four hereFirst posted on my blog My Reader's Block Please reuest permission before reposting Thanks

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