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Song from the Ashes ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Song from the Ashes By Megan Whitson Lee ✰ – Attorney Landon Kingsley never fails to meet expectations or fulfill responsibilities living a well ordered life in his hometown of Kingsport Tennessee Recently engaged to the beautiful nursing studen Attorney Landon Kingsley never fails to meet expectations or fulfill responsibilities living a well ordered life in his hometown of Kingsport Tennessee Recently engaged to the beautiful nursing student April May Landon's new fiancee is everything he could want in a wife She is devoted to her faith and family and truly loves himApril's cousin Ella Casey has returned to Kingsport after ten years of pursuing stardom as a country music singer in Nashville Ella's failed career and affair with a married music producer scandalizes her in the eyes of the town but her legal troubles drive Song from Kindle - her to Landon for help Landon finds himself increasingly attracted to Ella and discontent than ever with the path he has chosen for his life Amid a firestorm of family and town gossip Landon is tormented by his past and the complicated decision of whether to listen to God's voice or follow his own desiresA retelling of Edith Wharton's classic novel The Age of Innocence Song from the Ashes explores the struggle with contentment in marriage and the dilemma between striving for personal happiness versus acceptance of God's perfect plan.

  • Paperback
  • 284 pages
  • Song from the Ashes
  • Megan Whitson Lee
  • 10 August 2014
  • 9781632130426

About the Author: Megan Whitson Lee

Megan Whitson Lee’s self published novel Captives won the Director's Choice Award and was a Selah Award finalist at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference Her most recent contemporary novel Suburban Dangers was released in June through Pelican Book Group Megan has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from George Mason University She teaches high school English.

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  1. Milka Bago Milka Bago says:

    I really don’t know how to start this review because the ending didn’t sit well with me I’m torn between what I want and what I believed in It is the story of Langdon Kingsley a 37 year old lawyer in their town who fell in love with April May who was 12 years younger than him People in their town expect them to end up together Landon was actually hoping he’d marry her But their stability was tested when the alluring and charming country singer Ella came home after her stint in Nashville Ella is April’s cousin Song From The Ashes was not really something I’d pick up but I was lured because of its synopsis When I started it I thought it would be something that will probably bore me to death But then it suddenly became interesting when a new character was introduced and the male lead was torn as to whom he would choose It kept me guessing and guessing which I shouldn’t have done because it just disappointed me in the end Langdon and April’s relationship was what you’d call tame It was an ideal match The guy’s a successful lawyer – meaning he can provide for his future family April is a self sufficient woman who came from an affluent family She was trained since she was a child to be a good wife to her soon to be husband She’s studying to be a nurse but plans on being a full time mom and wife when she starts a family In the modern term she’d be what you call the Stepford’s wife April though she’s already 25 still considers her parents’ opinions Ella Casey came home after a bad break up with her boyfriend in Nashville She’s a very humble and passionate woman who have been through a bad childhood with her parents constantly travelling If there’s one dream she can’t give up it’s her dream to sing and be able to share her talent around the world She had been relentlessly gossiped by the people in her town She was judged and stereotyped but behind all the insults she still remains calm and had always kept mum She among others blames herself for what happened Her decisions are what brought her to her current state Landon saw Ella as a breath of fresh air She was confident and she knows what she wants She doesn’t care about the opinion of others She’s optimistic about everything and no one can shutter her dreams And besides she’s just two years younger than Landon His attraction to her was like of a moth to flame No matter how much he resists it he’s drawn to her This attraction brought feelings he never knew existed His doubts his fears his anxiety was brought to surface But despite all these emotions he proceeded with the wedding In the eyes of the Christian community what Landon did was something to applaud In the long run despite all the doubts he chose his family He repented He focused all his energy in rebuilding the trust and respect of his wife They were given major setbacks in life but they managed to hold on to each other In doing this he saw his wife in a new light He didn’t not saw the innocent and vulnerable woman he married but he saw a courageous loving and kinder version of his wife What Landon did was a manifestation that people do change if they really want to What he did was certainly not that easy but he still chose to stand by what he promised in the eyes of God Their decisions trapped them but they found a way to make it work for the better Unexpectedly they fell in love again and with time they were able to trust and respect each other again What I really did not like about this book are the self righteous Christians who think so highly of themselves They were so uick to judge people that they forget to reflect on their personalities And as far as I know judging and stereotyping people without knowing the reasons behind it is far from the teachings of the Bible I am in awe of how Ella dealt with her situation with Landon What Ella did was self less It was the right thing to do Her decision showed that she had learned her lesson That she matured in some ways And she wasn’t willing to risk destroying a marriage sanctified by God I just feel bad for her because she always had a bad luck when it comes to falling in love with married men It’s just infuriating because what Langdon and Ella felt was real It was a love that could have last a lifetime if only they met at the right time It’s totally devastating on my part because I hoped that an event will happen that will push them together again I really wished the author changed the book cover because it definitely mislead me into thinking that Ella and Landon will end up together Their story is just sad It’s very depressing There were tears shed on my part but it really did make my heart ache It was very tragic There are so many what if’s that are running on my mind right now I might have not experienced reincarnation but I really hoped they end up together in another life Yeah I’m crazy like that They’re fictional characters I know And to the author I do hope you write a story for Ella so that she may have her own happy ever after

  2. Celia Kennedy Celia Kennedy says:

    This contemporary novel is a well crafted adaptation of The Age of Innocence by Edith WhartonAuthor Megan Whitson Lee introduces us to thirty seven year old Landon Kingsley a practicing lawyer in a small town in Tennessee He has captured the affections of twenty five year old Miss April May the eldest daughter of an affluent family who attends his churchIn this adaptation of Ms Wharton's book Ms Lee's Christian faith plays an integral part in the evolution of the characters persona's and decisionsLandon Kinglsey has a colorful past Wanting for himself he renews his commitment to God and life becomes of what Landon needs Miss April May a nursing student is a young and somewhat naïve woman Initially it is their age difference rather than the full disclosure of his past that Landon Kingsley perceives to be the reason for not proposing marriage to AprilFinally after coming to terms with their age difference Landon decides that it is Aprils faith and her commitment to him which will make her a good wife I found myself disliking him immensely his feelings for April do not approach loving her for herself He doesn't ponder what he can offer her emotionally or spiritually Once country singer Ella Casey April's cousin enters the story Landon's faith does little to stop him from acting on his emotional and sexual impulses Guilt and prayer do little to keep Landon from pursuing Ella even though he knows they will all suffer for it Because wedding plans have been set in motion Landon continues to struggle with his heart and his commitment to AprilFollowing Ms Wharton's narrative after seven months of marriage Landon decides to leave April for Ella but then April announces her pregnancy Ella leaves town leaving Landon to his commitments and seeks a life that has emotional meaning for herselfCompassion love and understanding finally make their presence known when Landon and April face one of lifes greatest challenges It is Aprils commitment to her faith the proves to be the glue; and it is through her that Landon truly finds his commitment to God Throughout the book I found it difficult to like Landon and not feel sad for April There is a bond between the two but the marriage feels loveless passionless hollowA great contemporary take on a classic I believe Megan Whitson Lee did an outstanding job using the threads of Age of Innocence to craft her own uniue book

  3. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Song From The Ashes is a compelling story about one man's struggle with the dilemma to do the right thing when he is faced with choices in his life Author Megan Whitson Lee weaves a wonderful modern adaptation of the classic Edith Wharton novel The Age of InnocenceSet in Kingston Tennessee the reader follows the riveting story of thirty seven year old attorney Landon Kingsley who marries twenty five year old April May It is a marriage that is seen as ideal by their families and local townspeople Landon had a checkered past filled with chasing many women but after he finds his faith he turns a new leaf and meets April a wonderful Christian girl who has all the ualities that he is looking for in a wife Just when Landon has chosen April to be his bride April's thirty five year old cousin Ella Casey returns home after her country music career in Nashville has failed and Landon finds himself unexpectedly attracted to Ella Landon struggles with the dilemma to stay in his marriage to April or leave for a chance to be with Ella Temptation responsibility and faith play a huge role in what happens between Landon April and Ella but a heartbreaking twist and life's hardest challenge is the deciding factor that will change everything in their livesSong From The Ashes is a powerful story that delves into the depth of faith and the struggle to make the right choices and decisions in life Author Megan Whitson Lee weaves a tale that takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride as Landon April and Ella's story unfolds You can't help but feel compassion and understanding for the dilemmas that the characters find themselves in Life has a way of making a person face the challenges in their life and find the strength and faith to make the right decisions In Song From The Ashes the author weaves a seamless tale that flows smoothly and intertwines the perspectives of all three characters into a captivating story that is both heart wrenching and redemptiveDisclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Pump Up Your Book Tourshttpjerseygirlbookreviewsblogspot

  4. J.B (Debbie) J.B (Debbie) says:

    I have to admit that I was a little worried about reading this book at first given that the main characters have a strong Christian faith which is uite important to the plot I am not remotely religious yet I found this book a compelling read It is in essence the story of a man who is torn between what he should do and what he wants to do A battle between the head and the heart A story of desire betrayal and guiltLandon the main character in the book has finally turned his life around He has given up his womanising ways and has found a sense of belonging within his local church He has met a lovely albeit younger girl called April and knows that the time is right to propose and finally settle down However he feels that all decisions about his and April's future are being driven by others and he has little say in his wedding plans or indeed his future life His life is no longer in his control Throw into the mix a beautiful and enchanting singer named Ella who also happens to be the cousin of his fiancee Landon knows that he should walk away from Ella who is a free spirit and all that she represents but finds it increasingly difficultI really liked this book and initially I felt April to be a woman who needed to have a bit of a back bone but I could not have been wrong about a character as she eventually evolves into a strong and smart woman There are a couple of surprising outcomes for the central characters that I did not envisage I'd recommend this book

  5. T.A. Beasley T.A. Beasley says:

    April and Landon’s relationship comes into uestion in Song from the Ashes by Megan Whitson Lee Landon is engaged to April the woman of his dreams April is a woman of God believes in family and truly loves Landon As a lawyer Landon knows he will be able to provide for his soon to be wife However when April’s cousin Ella comes into town she brings confusion with her Ella Casey left her hometown to pursue her music career The industry had its good and bad and now Ella returns home in need of help April’s parents decide to help her which leads to April introducing her cousin to her fiancé Landon Landon agrees to help Ella with her legal issues because she is going to be family As they spend time together the meaning of family starts to take a turn Will Ella’s presence be a blessing or a curse?The author does a wonderful job capturing reader’s attention with the love of Landon and April only to throw a curve with introducing Ella It was easy to relate to these well developed characters that moved the story along for me This book was entertaining with a little drama and anticipation of what Landon would do I recommend Songs from the Ashes to othersThis book was provided by the author for review purposesTeresa Beasley ARBC Reviews4 StarsGreat Page Turner

  6. Hannah Symonds Hannah Symonds says:

    This was a story that I found really engrossing I think many people can relate to the Landon and April storyline whether he should stay with his wife or leave her for her cousin I think it is an issue that Megan has researched well Megan also covers the heart wrenching part in the book when they have a baby who has a genetic condition called Trisomy 18 I had never heard of this condition before reading this book and really want people to read it and become aware of it and try to understand it This part of the story was heart breaking and I couldn't keep a dry eye but it has made me realise that we shouldn't take life for granted as we don't know how much longer we have left

  7. Stephanie Faris Stephanie Faris says:

    Song from the Ashes tells the story of a man who is torn between the woman he feels obligated to marry and the woman who has captured his heart It has a Christian undertone to it which makes the main character's struggle all the compelling The characters and their stories are so realistic you'll feel like you know them

  8. Peggy Peggy says:

    RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEWWell worth the read A twist in this book that you may not see coming A book you don't want to miss out on Well written easy to follow and will keep you interested from the start

  9. Polly Polly says:


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