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  • Himmelsdalen
  • Marie Hermanson
  • French
  • 07 March 2014
  • 9782330028213

10 thoughts on “Himmelsdalen

  1. xKarenina xKarenina says:

    When I heard that this was supposed to be one of the best thrillers out there I just had to read it Unfortunately it didn‘t deliver on that promise The concept of the story is intriguing yes which is why I kept on reading although it had a very slow beginning Halfway through the book I had a suspicion which turned out to be right I hate it when that happens maybe I have already read too many thrillers to be surprised any Alas the details of the mystery behind it all seemed run of the mill far fetched and rushed to me To be honest most thrillers probably are The difference is that with this book I was nowhere near „shuddering“

  2. Marsali Taylor Marsali Taylor says:

    This is a serious warning don’t begin this book if you have a meal a meeting or an urgent appointment any time soon You won’t make itThis wonderful Swedish thriller begins with Daniel Brandt receiving a letter from his twin brother Max The brothers were brought up mainly apart meeting only on their shared birthday and Max’s bizarre behaviour in the past means that Daniel regards any contact with wariness However Max is now in a Swiss clinic which is helping him manage his bi polar disorder and all he’s asking Daniel to do is visit When Daniel arrives at the heavily guarded Himmelstal Max persuades him to change places just for a few days so that Max can leave to sort out his finances except that he doesn’t return and when Daniel tries to persuade the doctors that he isn’t Max nobody believes himThe set up’s a compelling one – twin swaps and identity loss are a sure fire draw Daniel’s likeable straight away as a decent guy with problems of his own Anyone who’s ever played sibling power games and that’s all sibs will sympathise with his ambivalence about Max’s intentions When he’s tricked into staying as Max then you’re willing him to prove his identity However as he’s drawn into the reality of ‘Heaven Valley’ identity becomes less important than escape from the twisted realityThe translated prose is simple and compelling the description of the alpine scenery atmospheric The characters are intriguingly bizarre and increasingly sinister until you’re as unsure as Daniel who he can trust This book is a straight roller coaster ride moving through action to discovery and discovery It’s not particularly gruesome There are no fashionable flashbacks and the third person narration is generally centred on Daniel with the occasional move to Dr Obermann’s head The author knows she’s thought up a terrific story and she gets on with holding her audience spell bound Enjoy

  3. Mandi Kaye Ottaway Mandi Kaye Ottaway says:

    Have you ever read a book that makes you go what the fuck for most of it? But then you keep reading anyway?This is one of those booksIt was odd But not in a bad way It was very different from everything I read The closest thing I can compare it to is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but honestly it's nothing like that book I think I feel a resemblance because they're both thrillers that have been translated into English I also never made it through Larsson's book it was boring to meMax and Daniel had a fucked up childhood They were twins raised separately and as a result are very very different adults They really don't have much of a relationship but when Max writes and asks to see Daniel while in a clinic of some sort Daniel goes He's a good soulHe's a naive soulMax convinces him tricks him into switching places with him at the clinic Daniel often wonders is this some sort of rehab clinic? but promises to come back in a few daysYou know where this is going right? If not go read the summary againI just didn't understand why Daniel never figured out the kind of place he was in or what kind of person his brother really was All the signs were there All the signsIn the end I couldn't put it down I stayed up late trying to figure out the secrets of the clinic and the town I wanted to know if Daniel would get out and if Max would be caught This is the kind of book where the ending is not at all predictable and you don't see it coming until it happens

  4. Karen Karen says:

    The back of THE DEVIL'S SANCTUARY says that it has the atmosphere of Shutter Island and the intensity of Jussi Adler Olsen so I was expecting something well bigAnd for uite a while this was a fascinating scenario Estranged identical twins Daniel and Max were parted by their parents separation when they were very young Daniel had a fairly normal if not slightly doted on upbringing by his mother and her parents Max not uite as lucky staying with his distant father and raised mostly by a nanny Nothing particularly unusual in that although Max has been diagnosed bipolar and is in an expensive Swiss recovery clinic when Daniel goes to visit himThere's obviously something not uite right about the clinic although it is on the face of it fairly serene routine and seemingly uite supportive and comfortable Not so comfortable that when Max proposes a swap of identities so that he can get out to sort out some financial problems that Daniel is exactly willing Doesn't matter as Max does an identity swap in the middle of the night anyway and disappears Because they've been playing with identities and appearances anyway nobody believes Daniel when he eventually protests the swap Especially as all the documentation that they have on Max indicates that he doesn't have an identical twinFor the longest time I was really intrigued about where this whole thing was going Because there was that nagging feeling of something about the clinic because it was kind of obvious that Max wasn't coming back there were all sorts of possible scenarios building up in my mind as I read on When the ultimate truth about the clinic comes out I will admit I wasn't 100% surprised but from there the wheels started to wobble and the wobble got stronger and stronger until an ending where frankly the wheels were off the car and a couple of kilometres in front of me looking to cause some serious damageAside from the fact that the ending was well frankly just daft there was an overwhelming sense of opportunity lost Without giving away too much of the plot there's a reason behind that clinic that opened up a heap of possible avenues to explore Instead we seemed to end up in a pointless heap of contrived situations designed to put characters at risk even though the reader is well aware that they probably aren't So I must admit by the end of it despite finding the early part of the book really engaging I was disappointed And mildly annoyed Especially as THE DEVIL'S SANCTUARY seemed to be a reasonably well written pointless plot

  5. J.J. Falco J.J. Falco says:

    Dark Psychological Nearly every character a pathological liar Like Alice in Wonderland in the real world assuming the trippy aspects of Wonderland would grow dark and sinister in their transition to realityReally good book My only complaint is the anticlimactic ending But everything leading up to the ending is edge of your seat deeply philosophical intelligent page turning stuff

  6. Prudence Prudence says:

    Good plot good setting good characters and well written worth a readMy 2 stars is given to the movement of the plot lethargic yet enthralling at the beginning then the climaxand that's it the endIt felt like too much of a rush to the ending miniscule detail lack of scenes

  7. Beagle Lover (Avid Reader) Beagle Lover (Avid Reader) says:

    solid 4 stars An extremely enjoyable plot characters and plot twists to keep a reader wanting I was really surprised how much I loved this book despite its translation from Swedish to English which sometimes led to unfamiliar sentence structure and language usage Basic plot revolves around two twin brothers one Daniel who lives in the US and the other Max in a private Swiss psychiatric facility When Daniel receives a letter from his brother asking him to visit him in Sweden Daniel reluctantly agrees and arrives several days later After a awkward reunion that soon becomes a happy one Max takes Daniel on tours of Himmelstal the psychiatric facility and surrounding grounds; even taking him into the local and only village and his favorite fishing spot After Max has talked up all of Himmelstal and the nearby environs he asks Daniel to switch places with him so he Max can take care of some Mafia business that involves a large amount of money and a woman he loves Daniel agrees and the switch is made with Max leaving in Daniel's place and Daniel moving into Max's cabin Days pass and Max does not return on the day given to Daniel Daniel begins to worry but knows his brother wouldn't leave him here and not return would he? Days turn into weeks and Daniel becomes attached to a local girl Corinne They become involved in a relationship which the doctors at the clinic discover This leads to Daniel being kept away from Corinne who is actually working for the Himmelstal doctors The antagonist Dr Fischer now becomes Daniels' doctor and takes him to his private office in the basement While there the doctor drugs Daniel and prepares to operate on his brain to eliminate any emotions he has so that his actually Max's psychopathy is obliterated But during the operation an explosion collapses the operating room but Daniel survives Max is found in another city after killing three women Daniel and Corinne are allowed to leave Himmelstal and are driven to places unknown The pace of the plot is evenly carried out and held this readers' attention throughout the entire novel The characters were all believable and developed at a gradual and smooth rhythm Overall a most pleasant and highly recommended read

  8. Elizabeth Sulzby Elizabeth Sulzby says:

    Intriguing concept interesting writing on psychopathology unbelievable rushed ending

  9. Heather Heather says:

    Identical twins Max and Daniel were raised separately when Max was too reliant on his brother as a baby and wasn’t developing as a normal toddler should Their parents ultimately divorced and one twin went with each parent The brothers only saw each other once a year on their birthday and the visits never went well since they twins were virtually strangers but were still drawn to each other While Daniel lived a life being doted upon by his loving mother and soaking up books and history with his grandfather Max didn’t have such a nice upbringing with a virtually absentee father who left the parenting to his nannyresearcher step motherFast forward to adulthood and Daniel is a successful interpreter while Max was a successful businessman but now Max is spending time in an expensive rehab clinic in Sweden When Daniel receives a letter from his brother asking him to come for a visit Daniel reluctantly agrees–but only because Max is footing the bill The clinic is situated in an isolated valley in the mountains and while the area is beautiful the facility and nearby village seem a bit strange But Max has an ulterior motive for wanting Daniel to visit and soon he’s asked Daniel to stay in Himmelstal in his place while Max sorts out some shady financial things so he can pay his bill Before Daniel can really agree Max slips away in the night with all of Daniel’s identification leaving the unwitting twin locked in a psychiatric facility that is not what it seemsThe Devil’s Sanctuary is much than a book about identical twins swapping places Daniel doesn’t have any idea what kind of place he’s been abandoned in and the tension mounts as the story unfolds and the secrets are revealed Not all of the people are what they seem and I had a hard time guessing which doctors and fellow patients were good or bad Daniel is a trustworthy brave and stand up individual and I was hoping that he’d come out on top through it allI give The Devil’s Sanctuary a four out of five The English translation from Swedish was great and flowed well The book was fast paced with interesting characters some sinister some just plain creepy but all were multi layered Most things came together in the end uite nicely wrapping the story up without too many loose ends This is a great read for lovers of mystery and psychological thrillersAlso on Bewitched Bookworms

  10. Kasey Cocoa Kasey Cocoa says:

    A good author knows how to catch your attention and draw you in with the first few paragraphs I would not have bothered reading it based on the first few lines if it were a case of just me looking for a book to read I did keep reading but it wasn't that enjoyable The word choices and odd phrasing I could overlook as just differences in culture however I just couldn't connect with the characters or get into the story I kept shaking my head and counting how many pages were left to read The idea for the plot sounded intriguing and had potential for a sassy thriller but it just felt illogical and full of holes I get the feeling most of the issues with this novel are simply due to being translated without a comfort in both languages What is thrilling and well written in one language falls flat and just sounds all wrong in another

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Himmelsdalen[BOOKS] ⚦ Himmelsdalen Author Marie Hermanson – Thomashillier.co.uk Daniel reçoit une lettre inattendue Son frère jumeau Max dont il n'a pas eu de nouvelles depuis des années lui demande de venir le voir à Himmelstal dans une maison de repos perdue au coeur des Al Daniel reçoit une lettre inattendue Son frère jumeau Max dont il n'a pas eu de nouvelles depuis des années lui demande de venir le voir à Himmelstal dans une maison de repos perdue au coeur des Alpes suisses La raison du séjour de son frère reste obscure mais selon Max il s'agit juste d'un havre de paix paradisiaue pour les gens fortunés Prétextant une affaire extrêmement urgente à régler il propose à Daniel de se substituer à lui pour uelues jours La perspective d'un petit séjour dans un établissement luxueux ne déplaît pas à Daniel et les deux frères échangent leur identité Or lorsue Daniel comprend ue Himmelstal n'est pas une cliniue ordinaire où les patients se remettent d'un simple burnout mais un endroit complètement coupé du reste du monde il est trop tard ; il est pris au piège Masues d'apparence troublants sourires un peu trop insistants contours imprécis d'une doctrine inintelligible les sombres lois de la vallée vont bientôt se révéler à lui dans toute leur perversité A Himmelstal personne n'est celui u'il prétendAvec une subtilité déconcertante Marie Hermanson instaure un huis clos twinpeaksien et capture le lecteur dans les rets d'un thriller à double fond.