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Her Royal Spyness ➽ [Download] ✤ Her Royal Spyness By Rhys Bowen ➲ – Thomashillier.co.uk Georgie aka Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie cousin of King George V of England is penniless and trying to survive on her own as an ordinary person in London in 1932So far she has managed to Georgie aka Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie cousin of King George V of England is penniless and trying to survive on her own as Her Royal MOBI :↠ an ordinary person in London in So far she has managed to light a fire and boil an egg She's gate crashed a wedding She's making money by secretly cleaning houses And she's been asked to spy for Her Majesty the ueenEverything seems to be going swimmingly until she finds a body in her bathtub and someone is definitely trying to kill her.

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  1. Vinaya Vinaya says:

    Let's say one of your friends sets you up on a blind date with a guy you know nothing about You go to the restaurant to meet him and you're filled with trepidation because the whole experiment could go either way You've heard really good things about him from your friend but for all you know she could just be biased or your tastes may not match You get to the restaurant you find your blind date and he's not bad to look at In fact he's uite appealing You chat casually over cocktails and starters and everything's going surprisingly well Blind dates haven't worked out so well for you in the past This one may be the jackpot however The guy seems smart he manages to make you laugh out loud a couple of times and the food and ambience are adding to the mystiue You mentally thank your friend and settle down to have a good evening The waiter comes over to ask you for your main course choices Your date asks for the cheapest blandest looking food on the menu Uh oh you're a hearty eating type of girl But you decide to give him another chance and ask him about your his job It's like unleashing a veritable torrent He tells you how underpaid he is how everyone's out to get him how he's so frickin' broke all the time how his momma was a slut and his daddy was a clumsy fool and how he's trying to escape a relationship with a fortune hunter who sounds than a little slutty and shifty Oh and he thinks his boss is embezzling from the company You perk up because it sounds like there will at least be an element of drama to enliven his dreary recital You ask him if he is doing anything to confirm his suspicions He tells you his best friend who is completely innocent has been arrested for the crime Did you rescue him? you ask He tells you that he has made some inuiries amongst the people who work in the company but nothing is forthcoming yet He also tells you that he has drafted a couple of friends who move in the same circles to keep an eye out for his boss and report any suspicious behaviour But what are you doing about it? you ask insistently and he waffles on a bit and you realize much to your disgust that he is just expecting the answer to fall in his lap without much positive action on his part You don't want to be rude and walk out in the middle of the date because he doesn't seem like a completely horrible person or anything just a weak willed nobody and maybe he doesn't deserve uite the amount of scorn you're mentally heaping on his head You struggle through the rest of the evening hoping in vain to spot some of the charm and humor you thought you saw in him at the beginning of the evening You get nothing Zilch Nada You finally get to the end of the evening pay the tab and walk out heaving a sigh of relief when he tells you hesitantly that he would like to see you again Hell no You bid him farewell politely and walk off wondering to yourself how something that had such potential could turn out to be such a bust

  2. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I am not a total cosy fan but this book starts the series with a very clever premise Set in the 1930s in the UK Georgie is 34th in line to the throne She actually has afternoon teas with the ueen in Buckingham Palace which is just wonderful There is not a lot of spying going on in this book despite the title The ueen does send Georgie to a weekend house party to spy on her son and Wallis Simpson but that part is very small Most of the book revolves around a dead body in a bath and repeated attacks on Georgie's life Georgie is an interesting character not just because of her illustrious royal connections She is smart aware that she has been spoiled by her upbringing and not one to do the wrong thing I like her attitudeSo all in all a fun light hearted little mystery which sets up the rest of the series very well I look forward to reading many

  3. Felicia Felicia says:

    Oh good a new shelf Vaginal Mystery Bored of the corsets there are only so many virgins to read about who get pregnant in the Epilogue you know?This is the start of a new fetish Lady mysteries I've listed a few before Deanna Raybourn being my fave so I downloaded the firsts to a few other seriesThis one I really enjoyed although it was very fluffy It was mainly the main character that made it engaging Georgie is 34th in line to the throne so it was an interesting new angle her being poor and very well bred and funny I had a lot of fun the characters were great EXCEPT the love interest for some reason The mystery wasn't particularly deep but it was a fun ride If the romantic interest had been fully fleshed out and believable I would have given this 4 or 5 stars I will read another but not excited about the coupling that seemed to happen randomly at the end of the book

  4. Ingie Ingie says:

    Review written January 1 201642 Stars Fun fun fun Yes amusing fun and a surprising good mystery I'm on for I've been listening to the 8 hrs audiobook very well narrated by Katherine Kellgren Her Royal Spyness is the first serial part of 10 so far in the mostly happy reviewed 'Her Royal Spyness' series labeled in the cozy mystery genre A great start to a new audiobook year « Georgie aka Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie Rannoch cousin of King George V of England is penniless and trying to survive on her own as an ordinary person in London in 1932 »Our young heroine Georgie has a slightly stupid and rather self absorbed brother of fine noble title Duke of Atholt and Rannoch a greedy and stingy sister in law and a big Royal family that sets the limits of what is possible and not possible for a young 22 year old lady without income or wealth —Lady Georgiana is actually Thirty fourth in line for the British throne and daughter of a Scottish Duke and an English actress later divorced— Poor as a church mouse but resourceful is Georgie now leaving her brother and the family castle Rannoch far away up in the chilly Scotland for much exciting opportunities in London “The words hot lot and got were not apart of a ladies vocabulary” The large old city house is cold and life is pretty hard to manage without a helping maid or servants Poor Georgie who just learned a lot of unnecessary stuff as etiuette talking fine French and to behave in a noble lady's way don't even know how to make fire and heat from the stoves — Add a empty purse and starving stomach Then there is a dead man in the bathtub a lot of handsome young gentlemen strange things are happening and 'HM' aka Her Majesty the ueen ask for a favor a spy favor “Is he one of us or strictly NOCD? Which in case you don't know is shorthand for 'Not our class dear'” Ha ha this is truly in the jolly good lighthearted mystery genre Novels like this one are often called cozy historical mysteries and is maybe my very new audiobook passion I just want of them — Not much of kisses just a few or long romance parts historical chick lit? but hilarious characters good whodunnits cases all those important British upperclass problems good crime solving and a few exciting suspense scenes Everything set in a past 1930s time with interesting meetings with a demanding ueenIt will be many of sweet Georgie's adventures as 'Her Royal Spyness' I want to know and follow her hilarious struggles in life Loving it My happy applauses I LIKE this great start to a new audiobook year

  5. Jenny (Reading Envy) Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

    Book 3 of my recent audiobook listening binge I've owned this in Audible for a while nowI'm not sure what my experience reading the print of this would be but in audio it is great fun The narrator Katherine Kellgren does a fabulous job with voices for different characters which elevates the whole thing The basic story is that Georgie 34th in line to the throne of England is trying to make a living after being cut off by her brother Along the way a dead body shows up in her bathtub and she seems to be in danger as well Other books in the series may be heavier on the mystery but this one was focused on setting up the characters and social situations Georgie really even didn't do the spying the ueen reuested of her either so maybe that continues across books I didn't care so much it was fun as it was but those looking for a serious mystery may be disappointedThis is probably a good series for audiobook fans who have exhausted Gail Carriger Same era same best friend who loves fashion less steampunk and werewolves

  6. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    This is the first novel in a series set in the Britain of the 1930s featuring Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie aka Georgie Thirty fourth in line for the British throne and daughter of a Scottish Duke and an English actress she has failed to find a suitable husband during her coming out season and is bored of lingering like an unwanted guest in the family estate cold and draughty Castle Rannoch in the wilds of Scotland Her brother the current Duke of Glen Garry and Rannoch known as Binky penniless after their father gambled away the family fortune has cut off her allowance in the hope that will force her into marriage Georgie boldly escapes to London where she camps out in the family town house She has no idea how to cook or light a fire or manage without servants but she has her wits and intelligence to fall back on as well as several old friends from finishing schoolDon't let the title of the book put you off as the story is not nearly as corny as it sounds In fact there is very little spying at all but the title may be a hint of things to come in later episodes As the blurb on the book cover will tell you Georgie's life becomes complicated by a body turning up in her bathtub and she must set out to solve the mystery of how he got there This was an often funny historical cosy mystery as the somewhat hapless Georgie gets herself into and out of messy situations and I am looking forward to seeing how the series develops 35★

  7. Susan Susan says:

    An excellent read It was a fun story and I liked the descriptions of things from that time period I felt like I was there in 1930s London The characters were likeable too especially Georgie A very resourceful girl with nine lives This story reminded me of Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence stories even though those take place a decade earlier than this oneI am looking forward to starting the next in the series This is a wonderful escape read and I enjoyed every minute of it

  8. John Frankham John Frankham says:

    Oh dear Another female 1930s light crime novel Badly written by another English authoress living in the USA On a bandwagonSome fun a not bad if obvious denouementIf you want to read it skim read it uickly and it will be fairly enjoyableBadly paced weak stereotypical characters full of anachronistic words and phrases and behavioursLondon 1932 Narrator Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie 34th in line for the throne is flat broke She bolted from Scotland and engagement to Fishface Prince Stiegfriend for London where she hasa built a fire in the hearth b fallen for an absolutely unsuitable Irish peerc made a few uid housekeeping incognita andd been summoned by the ueen to spy on her playboy sonWhen an arrogant Frenchman trying to swipe her family estate winds up dead in her bathtub how can she clear her very long family name?

  9. Hannah Hannah says:

    In an industry absolutely saturated with generic career related cozy mysteries Her Royal Spyness is a wonderful breath of fresh air The lovely purple cover and interesting title caught my eye while I was at the library and I picked it up hoping to be entertained And entertained I was From the fascinating historical settings and whimsical humour to the cast of characters this first installment of Rhys Bowen's new Royal Spyness series delivered a great deal of funLady Georgiana Rannoch of the extremely long name is 34th in line to the English throne but is unfortunately dirt poor unmarried and entirely reliant on her spineless older brother Binky and odious sister in law Fig When she realizes she's set to marry Prince Siegfried Georgie decides that she'll do the unthinkable for a lady of her class instead she'll work to support herself Unfortunately before her cleaning service can really kick off Georgie finds herself in a bit of a pickle there's a dead man in her bathtub and he was trying to take Rannoch Castle Naturally she becomes the prime suspect along with her brother To rectify the situation Georgie takes matters into her own hands and tries to clear their names avoiding a few attempts on her own life along the wayGeorgie is an absolute delight I thoroughly enjoyed her fresh inner voice and the wry humour she uses when perceiving both her own less than stellar situation and that of other members of the nobility Her amateurish initial attempts at detective work is hilarious but while she may be a little sheltered and innocent she's far from stupid Bowen's other characters are just as vividly portrayed Darcy Georgie's very intriguing romantic interest is an attractive and flirty Irishman with a mysterious background; there are instant sparks between these two that I sincerely hope will develop into something in later books Her friend Belinda is a laugh with her wild and worldly ways providing balance to Georgie's naiveté while her relationship with her Cockney grandfather is surprisingly warm and touching revealing a previously unseen depth to Georgie's character There was a particularly poignant scene where in her hunger she happily accepts her grandfather's offer to cook her eggs only to realize afterwards that her grandfather very likely gave her his last two because his financial state is little better than hersThe actual mystery in Her Royal Spyness isn't the most complex and probably wouldn't challenge seasoned readers of detective novels but I liked the smooth manner in which it was incorporated into the story Despite the fact that it was slightly secondary to Georgie's exploration of the world outside Rannoch Castle her interactions with various characters and her own personal growth I enjoyed the way it played out It is also clear that Bowen has taken great care with the world building; the historical details are never infodumped but are very subtly blended in I loved noticing random tidbits of information and the uniue insight into the uppercrust of English societyFans of light historical mysteries with a dash of adventure and romance will love this particularly if you have a soft spot for period England royalty and the nobility like I do People who are a bit tired of the current rush of ditzy men obsessed amateur detective heroines with a dismal command of the English language would particularly appreciate Georgie who is sensible and classy despite her lack of cash This is the perfect book to read in the middle of winter when one is curled up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate or perhaps tea My only warning is to make sure you also have the next book ready because you'll be desperate for when you reach the last page

  10. Zyra Zyra says:

    a light read mystery was way too easy i guessed it right away at the first hint london in 1932 i liked that i got to read about royals Georgina's character was smart easygoing and fun to read I really liked the author's writing style i was hoping for a laugh out loud read though it was highly entertaining with amusing lines i didn't find it that funny

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