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I, robot ❴Read❵ ➬ I, robot Author Howard S. Smith – Thomashillier.co.uk North Korea defiantly launches a nuclear tipped missile over Japan exploding it in a mushroom cloud firestorm offshore A nuclear Iran through its allies in Lebanon is mercilessly lobbing missiles into North Korea defiantly launches a nuclear tipped missile over Japan exploding it in a mushroom cloud firestorm offshore A nuclear Iran through its allies in Lebanon is mercilessly lobbing missiles into Israel A powerful China launches a killer satellite and destroys half of America's spy satellites Will one man's love for a woman save the world or destroy it A fast read with an ending you don't expect The technology is cutting edge.

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  1. Fuseya Fuseya says:

    This story is of course fiction It was the story in Chicago in 2035 iROBOT must not harm a human being they must obey human orders and they must protect their own existence That is the purpose for making iROBOTThere are three kinds of laws for robot Law 1 is a robot may not injure a human being or through inaction allow a human being to come to harm Law 2 is a root must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the first LawThe main character is spoon who is a police He doesn't think a robot do anybody good so he expects a robot is going to harm human beings someday One day he got a call from Dr Lanning and when spoon gets there he was dead; however everyone thinks he commit a suicide Spoon thought that it is no way to commit a suicide because he has no reason to kill by himself Spoon thinks that he was killed by a robot The robot maker proclaim to police because they think a robot never get harm people And Spoon is going to prove that But in thouse day robots are so usual thing so every people also think robots harm people one of thous people is his grandmother When he goes to her house she always says she wants to have a brand new robot; however he doesn't like her idea Anyway he need to prove Dr Lanning was killed by a robot At first he goes to ask uestions to DrCalvin who makes robots with Dr Lanning Spoon ask a couple uestions but Dr Calvin feels so bad bacause she doesn't believe that robots get harm people so she kick him out from her company The robots start to try to kill spoon because only he doesn't think it is good have robots in the society and he dicides firmly to find out that robots are not harmless He goes to go the main system and try to break that If he breaks that all robots stops their functions but robots show their real faces that are trying to conuer the human world where we live While the robots are trying to kill him it is discoverd that Spoon's left arm is mechanic When he was drowning long time ago the robot saves him but the problem was that he is not only one drown person One other girl was also drown; however the robot decided to save him because the percentage of saveing was calucutated by robot and his percentage was higher so the robot decided to save him The girl was still really young and she has a dream to be a doctor He was screaming to save her but the robot saved him because of the percentage After that he started hate the robotsWhen he is trying to break the main system he was saved by robots After that he trust the robots

  2. Sensitivemuse Sensitivemuse says:

    It took me a while to get into this book It starts off interesting though as it looks like something hit the fan and the world is going to doom Although readers may tend to wonder what this all has to do with a Japanese police officer who has a terrible OCD issue well you just have to read along to connect the dots To simplify it Haruto the police officer attempts to solve a case but finds out it leads to a much bigger and badder fish that are out to cause a lot chaos and havok than usual in the world It’s not easy to figure out There’s lots of scientific terminology in the book and I did find it a bit hard to understand There are helpful illustrations though The concept of these robots being used as terrifying super soldiers is interesting although the bloodbath they would create is naturally horrible There are a few subplots involved in this book some that are related to the big storyline a few aren’t The plot might not entirely feel solid but the reading is tolerable and can be understood once everything is put into place and perspectiveHaruto as a character is interesting yet uirky because of his obsessive compulsive behavior but his sense of honor and the strict adherence to the “rules” also show a side of naivete He’s almost like an overgrown child in some sense His OCD issue does get in the way of a lot of things and it’s mentioned a lot throughout the book It can get annoying at least it did to me What I expected from this book was robots there is only one scene where the robot talks to Haruto but after that there’s nothing else I thought there was going to be interaction between humans and robots besides just using them as soldiersThere are uite a few characters in the novel and although it’s easy to tell which ones are the main characters and which ones are supporting ones some just seem to arrive at certain points of the novel and then fall out of existence It would have been nice to figure out what happens them in the long run The ending of the book was alright although a little cliche but it was an alright book overallPeople look at the title and think of the movie it’s not about that at all there is an author’s note about that as well I’d rather wish he didn’t name it that title as the robots aren’t really what you think as it was in the movie for example However it was a good read overall I’d say take it or leave it The scientific lingo might scare some readers away or bore them but the action isn’t too bad

  3. Nick Nick says:

    With two exceptions I enjoyed this book a great deal The two exceptions are the title and the epilogue The latter was cliched and unnecessary The former was throwing down the gauntlet to the other books and the film which had previously used the title and I think that was a bad idea While this story does turn the Asimov and Will Smith versions on their heads to some extent thematically it also makes the reader compare the uality of the story Howard S Smith is no Isaac Asimov although he probably is about as good as the Binder brothers who wrote as Eando Binder of an earlier I Robot storyThe book has a very extensive bibliography and list of disclaimers for a novel due to its blend of real world settings and science but with fictional variations Overall an enjoyable hard science fiction novelpolice procedural I might have given it a fourth star without the epilogue and with a different title though

  4. Jeanne Boyarsky Jeanne Boyarsky says:

    The cover says “better than both of these stories Asimov’s books or the 2004 movie put together” This led me to believe there would be robot characters and they would be a good percentage of the story That way not to be Most of the story was about wars or war planning in Japan and Israel There were some robots as Japan sold their robots to Israel I did like that there were diagrams of the robots and a good bit of detail about how things workThere was a glossary of the many technical and non English wordsI did like reading it I would have preferred a summary of the book on the cover rather than simple reuse of the nameThe epilogue was awesome We find out that robots replaced humans and the book was one of their “origin stories”

  5. Patrick Patrick says:

    I picked this book up at WorldCon 2008 as an advance copy and I have to say I really enjoyed it It is set in the not too distant future with advanced technology that is almost possible A Japanese man who is a detective but people call him a robot well it's almost possible I'm not saying that there's a surprise twist near the end or anything but I do highly recommend this book

  6. Cindy Cindy says:

    This starts out as a political thriller about a coming war between Iran and Lebanon versus Israel Then there's a Japanese police inspector investigating a murder I never understood the connection between the two storylines Not my sort of book at all This was an ARC so I hate giving it a bad review but I just couldn't force myself to read it

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    ARCJapanRobotsGave Away

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