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Living with Adam [Read] ➵ Living with Adam ➼ Anne Mather – Thomashillier.co.uk She remembered Adam as an older brotherSo when Maria wanted to getaway from home who better togo and stay with while she decided what to do with her lifeBut she hadn't seen him for five years The Adam She remembered Adam as an older brotherSo when Maria wanted to getaway from home who better togo and stay with while she decided what to do with her lifeBut she hadn't seen him for five years The Adam she met in London now was a successful doctor a sophisticated man of the world who after all was not actually related to herLoren Griffiths was another Living with Epub / unexpected factor She made it clear that Adam was hers and she'd deal ruthlessly with any competition.

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  • 09 October 2016

About the Author: Anne Mather

Mildred Grieveson was born on October in England She had written all through her infant and junior years and on into her teens the stories changing from children's adventures to torrid gypsy passions Her mother used to gather these up from time to time when her bedroom became too untidy and dispose of themMildred has always wanted to write which is not to Living with Epub / say she has always wanted.

10 thoughts on “Living with Adam

  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Interesting premise 18 year old heroine moves in with her hostile 30 something step brother so she can take a secretarial course in London Step bro is a dedicated doctor and charmlessSeriously This guy has no personalityHeroine is a teenager and acts like one She believes what she wants to believe She wears her heart on her sleeve and she flounces – a lotOW is a vampy actress with a purple carpet in her living room Rounding out the cast – a duo of housekeepers hero’s and OW’s – who gossip just enough for the heroine to get the wrong idea and are probably taking bets on who the hero ends up with This was a fascinating story with not much of a romance Heroine is too young for the hero and doesn’t even finish her six month secretarial course Hero was just a jerk most of the time And it wasn’t because of sexual frustration – he was a jerk to the OW as well I’m left contemplating when the OW changed out her purple carpet This was written in 1972 as an ode to the swinging 60’s Orange shag carpet next? Pink in the 1980’s? One of Penny Jordan’s interior decorators would know

  2. Naksed Naksed says:

    A possessive mother from hell sends her 18 year old stepdaughter from an Irish village to the bright lights big city of London to live with her thirty something doctor son It's done under the guise of the young girl taking a secretarial course there but really it is so she can unwittingly spy on her son and his actress mistressThe young girl is elated to spend some time with her stepbrother who she hasn't seen in 5 years but he is completely cold cruel and aloof from her We don't get his POV but it is clear that he is this cranky because of repressed lust for his little stepsister The stepsister tries to occupy herself with a couple of limp lettuce leaf OMs do a little sightseeing and finally reluctantly takes that secretarial course She is not exactly an idiot but not the brightest lamp in the house either Slowly it dawns on her that her feelings for her stepbrother are becoming something than mere sibling affection or admiration She is tortured by jealousy especially as the hero will not give up his atrocious rude bitch mistress and in a particularly sadistic streak keeps forcing heroine and mistress together in vacations parties etcI really hated the hero and was not too impressed by the heroine either The author tried to make up for his horridness towards the conclusion by having the hero put both his meddling mother and his bitchy mistress firmly in their place and then romantically dashing in pursuit of the heroine in the middle of the night It was too little too late for me I do believe they are in lust and having a happy enough ending FOR NOW but as one of the secondary characters points out beauty doesn't always come with depth and I wonder if the hero will go back to his cold callous ways once his not too bright wife isn't the hot little nubile number he married any

  3. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Another one down on the first 100 uest This one is numbered 17 and was published in 1972 This one was about step siblings falling in love There was a pretty big age gap so they never lived together as siblings She wants to get away from home so her step mom sends her to live with Adam in London and take a secretarial course He is totally in love with an actress who wants him to move his doctor practice to a swanky location and stop treating poor people before she will marry him But he falls in love with the step sister and dumps her This story was somewhat uneven in that he sort of blew hot and cold And weirdly when the step mom finds out about their relationship she has a cow Not because of the age factor or even the suick factor but because she is jealous of the heroine for having a important part in her sons life than she doesStill not the worst of the first 100 I've readAnd just because I've got to say thisGoodreads will no longer let me choose what day I read this The only option which works is set to today Grrrr

  4. Poonam Poonam says:

    This book started out really interesting I really liked Maria our h She is innocent and really enthusiastic about everything new Her emotions as to how she believes it will be living with her step brother Adam and the disappointment she feels due to his rude behavior was well drawn out When I started reading this I expected this will be a humorous book but it wasn't It had great potential to beAdam H was a different matter all together He was rude his feelings were never apparent and his behavior was like an Uncle than a step brother The change in his feelings from Loren OW to Maria was not very apparent and seemed really abrupt At the start of the book he really wanted to marry Loren but his feelings changed and the way he behaved with Loren was really bad If you were in a relationship with someone and even if your feelings have changed you can't mistreat the other person if they have feelings for you It was really inconsiderate and I did not like this part at all Also he says that he wants a chaste wife even though he is unchaste and is one of the reasons he wants Maria over LorenLoren was a really selfish person and she was really really mean to Maria but at the end the way Adam treats her made me feel bad

  5. Claire Claire says:

    Story involves stepsiblings with at least 12 years difference Maria is 18 while Adam is over 30 with a little bit of class overtures Maria is a country hick from Ireland and Adam is an East End doctor in London However Adam dates an actress who prefers that he moves up to a lucrative Harley Street practice Maria is set loose in London to stay with Adam while she attends a secretarial schoolIn steaminess factor this Anne Mather story pales in comparison to her recent ones After all this book was printed in 1972 and is almost 40 years old Some social conventions may even sound uaint to today’s generation like the concept of chaperones for weekend getaways or the unsavoriness of mistresses or the preservation of the heroine’s chastity before marriage That’s why the brief epilogue was cute It showed them home after the honeymoon and they were both roused up from bed for a pre dawn emergency for the doctor But even way back then the Anne Mather archetype of a hero is nascent Adam blows hot and cold He represses his attraction for the heroine but fumes with jealousy when she dates other guys He hides his concern by being highhanded and overbearing The scene in the end when the girl went missing and he went on a frantic panic mode is so typical While Maria is young and provincial she’s definitely no doormat She can hold her own against the older OW In their first meeting she pointedly told the actress that it was none of her the OW business where she Maria resided And she knows the buttons to push with Adam Ignoring the times she ran out of the room to the bedroom and burst into tears in her pillow ooh the melodrama she answered back pretty feisty That’s why the name Maria seems to be a misnomer She wasn’t at all a subdued chastened tame Maria She’s like an Eve No angst Easy read

  6. Tia Tia says:

    I have a thing for the step siblings novel It's all kinds of forbidden which just intrigues me I loved this novel it was a really really great read Young love teenageadult angst it was pretty close to perfect

  7. Melanie♥ Melanie♥ says:

    Original rating 4 starsLowered to 3 on the re read

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    it was ok nothing special

  9. Missy Missy says:

    A forbidden loveMaria is one of those sweet unawakened women that believes she is worldly and can handle herselfbut really is in for a rude awakening She had good intentions of flying the nest and spreading her wings she does not come to live with her stepbrother with the goal of landing himAdam is a busy man with set goals and is annoyed to be landed with his young innocent stepsister Maria doesn't make it easy and complicates his life with her innocence and sweet ways that slowly draw him inI liked how they start to get slowly drawn to each other and as the story evolves but they both try to resist to certain degreesbut love finds a way past the jealous mistress Loren and her liesA nicely done older read

  10. Tatiana Stefan Tatiana Stefan says:

    Readable but not enough passion 2 12 stars July 6 2008MY THOUGHTS I got into an Anne Mather phase and actually bought a whole loads of Mather books online Loads Anyway this is one of them This book is definitely old it was written in 1972 I wasn't even born yet So maybe this is why it sorta lacks passion The back cover tells the story so I don't have to re tell it Obviously this was an old book so the hero and heroine had uite an age gap 18 to 35 I think I have no problem with the age gap just that I couldn't really see from the story how the hero was attracted to the heroine or should I say how Adam came to love Maria I always think of Sound of Music with the name Maria Anyway the story shows Maria as being young naive and doing silly mistakes etc If these were the ualities that made Adam fall in love with her ah ok To me it seemed like they both had an infatuationattraction with each other since they were living in one roof Not really sure about the love part Anyway this book was sorta readable but it lacked passion in my mind Granted she was really young but I didn't really belive that Adam would be SO in love with Maria that he would immediately want to marry her Although it is commendable that he waits until they get married to do the deed ^^

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