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Saltsea ☉ Saltsea PDF / Epub ❤ Author David Helwig – Birdsong wind here by the ocean every noise was surrounded by silence that reached all the way to the stars Monica studied the white shingled building above the slope of green lawn deep bays rising tw Birdsong wind here by the ocean every noise was surrounded by silence that reached all the way to the stars Monica studied the white shingled building above the slope of green lawn deep bays rising two storeys on each side of the front door and the windowed porch You felt the big rambling construction must have a memory old thoughts Listen I am the voice of what once was I am as real as the beating of your hungry heart A flash of sun blinded her a pirouette of the dazzling godSo begins David Helwig's Saltsea A lovely meditative novel a story about memory and about how what once was continues to affect what is and what will be It is the story of a place of the family that used to own it and the people who have been its caretakers Saltsea a hotel on the shores of Prince Edward Island where people come for a brief time their lives intersecting in intimate and unforeseen ways The characters of Saltsea are finely drawn with humour love and compassion Sadness and even tragedy are a constant here but Helwig handles it all humanely without sentimentality and with the control of a writer at the height of his powers Saltsea befitting a novel so concern with memory is not something you will soon forget.

  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • Saltsea
  • David Helwig
  • English
  • 20 October 2015
  • 9781897231104

About the Author: David Helwig

David Gordon Helwig grew up in Toronto and at Niagara on the Lake Ont He attended the University of Toronto where he earned a BA and then completed an MA at the University of Liverpool First publishing as a poet Helwig moved on to drama and fiction including a series of novels focusing on characters living in Kingston where Helwig lived for many years teaching at ueen's University He has.

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  1. Dianne Dianne says:

    The Saltsea is a hotel set on the shores of Prince Edward Island though there are few references to the place other than a mention of the red mud so it could just as well have been set on any other island The hotel was once the summer home of a wealthy family whose daughter and grand daughter play major roles in this story I figured that with a combination of beach old hotel and interesting guests I couldn't really lose; I had to like this oneAnd it was very promising in the beginning I was enjoying the writing and characters and thinking how great it was to be once reading something I didn't want to put down Then the language deteriorated the plot took a nosedive and the characters began to get weird until in the last two chapters they all just sort of lost their minds doing things their previous behavior had never even hinted at I read in a state of stunned confusion as the story descended into the dark underside of the characters lives There was barely anyone left to like by the endGiving credit where credit where credit is due I will say the authour did a bang up job of surprising me I only wish some of the surprises hadn't been unpleasant By the time I turned the last page most of the characters were annoying at best disgusting at worstI did enjoy some of the writing and found passages I thought particularly meaningful like these onesIt was beautiful and then gradually it wasn't and maybe that was the way things would always bewithout Eileen to approve or disapprove he wasn't sure what any of his words or actions meantobjectivity was going out of fashion everywhere the world an apotheosis of vagueness and moodI truly wanted to like this book but I find myself in serious need of a story without despair and this sure wasn't it Surely there are still authours who can write well tell a good story create realistic characters and do it all without a lot of cursing violence and raunchiness I know I'm inviting derision here but seriously aren't there any pleasant books any? I loved The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and would like to find like them

  2. Kait Kait says:

    Review on CanLitca

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