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  1. Mauoijenn Mauoijenn says:

    NetGalley book for reviewWhat a cute cool little book of poems about random body parts I've worked in the medical field so this book of course caught my eye I read a few to my son who thought they were silly and giggled along This was a nice light uick read I did think the little doddle pictures were a bit child'ish not really sure this is a book for a kid Perfect book to find sitting around at a doctors office

  2. Matthew Winner Matthew Winner says:

    And the best book ever this week for me is called Random Body Parts Gross Anatomy Riddles in Verse It's written by Leslie Bulion and illustrated by Mike Lowery And just to give you a sample of what we're dealing with here these are riddles about different body parts that the reader then gets to guess Here's the opening riddle It saysRIDDLE ME THISOf course you have a body But do you have a clueWhere all the body parts you've got are foundAnd what they do?You think you have a handleOn your anatomyBut can you handle tricky riddle poems?Come on let's seeSome riddles will seem cinchSome challengingly toughYour organs lurk between the linesAs you'll find soon enoughSearch head to toe to locateEach random body partNow keep your eyes peeledKnuckle downThe game's afootLet's startWith each poem describing whatever different body part there also is at the end of it an information paragraph saying this is what the body part is and this is what the body part does It's a wonderful guessing poem book and I look forward to sharing it in April here being that it's poetry month and we'll be skyping with other classes around the country and reading poems like this This will be a really fun game to play to have people guess I also love that Leslie has taken on a great number of different rhyme schemes different poetry styles to offer something really special to readers And it's one that I think it's hard to make poetry memorable and enjoyable and also introduce really good meaty challenging words but make it easy to read for the audience And I think Leslie did a perfect job with this Mike Lowery's illustrations are really fun and cute to go along with it too And they add just a little bit of humor in the story And that is why I'm calling Random Body Parts Gross Anatomy Riddles in Verse by Leslie Bulion and illustrated by Mike Lowery the best book ever this week Way to goThis review appears on an episode of the “Best Book Ever this week” segment of the Let’s Get Busy podcast Check out the original post here

  3. ✟Roxanne✟(Death by Book Avalanche) ☠ ✟Roxanne✟(Death by Book Avalanche) ☠ says:

    ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review thank youI imagine this book would look really nice as a glossy A4 paperback Bright colourful and attractive with cute little drawings and speech bubbles Visually this is definitely a winner After reading this book I understand that it definitely isn't aimed at my age group I'm too old and my daughter is too young sad face although I believe it's something I would of liked when I was youngerI reuested this because as a child I was fascinated with the human body and nowI just like gross stuffThe poetry element was a nice surprise although towards the end it was a bit of a mish mash are we learning about the human body or Shakespeare?If you're interested in the human body with an extra dose of ickyness then I recommend The Horrible Science collection I love those collections

  4. Marjolein Marjolein says:

    Read all my reviews on It advertises Gross Anatomical Riddles In Verse How could I possibly NOT be interested in this booklet?It's aimed at children and I think it's still enjoyable even when you're no longer exactly a child It tries to spark an interest into the human body which I always applaud and also into poetry as some of the riddles contain or less obvious hints at Shakespeare If you've already got some knowledge about the human body you're probably not going to learn anything new but if it motivates anyone to go looking for information it has done a great jobThanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  5. Riley Riley says:

    This book was a very uick read It was filled with interesting facts while in a poetry format I really liked it because of this format Normally I wouldn't like an informational read like this but the poetry spin on it made it enjoyable If anyone needs to fill their poetry or nonfiction genre reuirement this book would be good for that

  6. Megz Megz says:

    Random Body Parts is an adorable and witty book of verse about well random body parts The illustrations are fantastic and humorous and the verse is fast paced and relatable As an adult reader I did find the verse to be rather juvenile but nonetheless relatable Personally as I don’t have kids I would purchase this book based on the hilarious anatomical content and the lovely illustrationsAlso I would love to buy this for any young kids in my family or had I kids for them Just imagine reading this at bedtime “You can search for lost words on my tipOr reveal hidden thoughts when I slipWith my muscle bound shoveTasty foods that you loveDeconstruct on a long downward trip”Yep My kids are going to be the ultimate nerds one dayI think the true genius in this book is that the illustrations and easy verse make it suitable for a younger audience from age 5 but the learning opportunity about poetry and anatomy also makes it appropriate for an audience of the age of about 10 Disclaimer I received an e galley of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  7. Emily Emily says:

    4 starsRandom Body Parts is a SUPER cute book of short poems about several different parts of the body including the heart the stomach the eyelids and the bloodstream I absolutely loved several of the poems while others were a little eh for me The best part of the whole book definitely warranting an extra half star was the superb illustration work done by Mike Lowery The next best part of this book was the little excerpts about each body part following the poem They were easy to understand and also included prompts for how to sound out difficult words Overall a cute book about human anatomy definitely would buy for a child who is interested in sciencethe body Probably grades 3 5 appropriate This book was provided to me by the publishers at NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    OH MY This book is one of the most interesting books I will ever read though very engaging I needed one poetry book so I decided to read this I found it really fun to try to figure out what body part they were talking about and I think that's what kept me engaged I was able to read it in one class period which was great I recommend Random Body Parts to anyone who needs a poetry book or is just looking for a funny and interesting read

  9. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    Fun witty collection of verse about the human body influenced by Shakespearean works

  10. Donalyn Donalyn says:

    I suggest reading the informational call out boxes to provide background information and context before reading each poem Helpful glossary of science terms and poetic forms in the back matter

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Random Body Parts ❰Ebook❯ ➡ Random Body Parts Author Leslie Bulion – Thomashillier.co.uk Witty verse about the body pairs with whimsical art in this fun collection The poems pose puzzles in verse nod slyly to Shakespeare and give hints for uncovering the body part Sidebars educate readers Witty verse about the body pairs with whimsical art in this fun collection The poems pose puzzles in verse nod slyly to Shakespeare and give hints for uncovering the body part Sidebars educate readers on anatomy while appended notes look at poetic form and Shakespearean works that inspired the verses Captivating lines will spark interest in poetry and biology alike.