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  1. Jessica Jessica says:

    As a temporary developer for Stanford I am finding about the joys and perils on online research Though most of my time is spent at a computer researching solutions for problems as I find them I have against the advice of the 2 programmers I spent most of my time with started to read through this book It is weighty but the mere act reading a book fills me with a solid surety in my ability than information gleaned from anonymous forums and user sites It also works as a nice anti RSI laptop stand D To err is human and to blame it on a computer is even so Robert Orben

  2. Eve Eve says:

    This book is aimed at an intermediateadvanced level programmer who wants to get into java XML libraries It's a practical guide by example I found it useful especially the chapter on JDOM and the uick introduction chapter to web applications using XML I would have liked that chapter to be expanded a bit The tools they mention throughout the book to help deal with XML were also extremely useful

  3. Maurizio Codogno Maurizio Codogno says:

    Avevo preso uesto libro perché speravo mi desse ualche dritta in più su come usare XML in pratica ma all'atto pratico mi sono accorto che si limitava a fare vedere come usare le API dei vari sistemi come SAX DOM o JDOM Tanto valeva prendersi i manuali online allora

  4. Timothy Timothy says:

    Good book but like a previous reviewer I'd recommend the third? edition

  5. Kit Kit says:

    i don't know crap about java so this book is confusing as hell i'd stay away if you are a java newb

  6. dersteppenwolf dersteppenwolf says:

    Este libro lo usé hace ya bastante tiempoExplica los conceptos básicos de XML y el procesamiento de dicho formato con el lenguaje de Programación JavaRecomendado para programadores novatos

  7. Mike Mike says:

    I was the editor for this book not the author But Brett did an excellent job This edition is out of date; if you're interested in XML and Java get the third edition

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Java XML [PDF / Epub] ☁ Java XML By Brett McLaughlin – Java and XML 3rd Edition shows you how to cut through all the hype about XML and put it to work It teaches you how to use the APIs tools and tricks of XML to build real world applications The result i Java and XML rd Edition shows you how to cut through all the hype about XML and put it to work It teaches you how to use the APIs tools and tricks of XML to build real world applications The result is a new approach to managing information that touches everything from configuration files to web sitesAfter two chapters on XML basics including XPath XSL DTDs and XML Schema the rest of the book focuses on using XML from your Java applications This third edition of Java and XML covers all major Java XML processing libraries including full coverage of the SAX DOM StAX JDOM and domj APIs as well as the latest version of the Java API for XML Processing JAXP and Java Architecture for XML Binding JAXB The chapters on web technology have been entirely rewritten to focus on the today's most relevant topics syndicating content with RSS and creating Web applications You'll learn how to create read and modify RSS feeds for syndicated content and use XML to power the next generation of websites with Ajax and Adobe FlashTopics includeThe basics of XML including DTDs namespaces XML Schema XPath and Transformations The SAX API including all handlers filters and writers The DOM API including DOM Level Level and the DOM HTML module The JDOM API including the core and a look at XPath support The StAX API including StAX factories producing documents and XMLPull Data Binding with JAXB using the new JAXB annotations Web syndication and podcasting with RSS XML on the Presentation Layer paying attention to Ajax and Flash applications If you are developing with Java and need to use XML or think that you will be in the future; if you're involved in the new peer to peer movement messaging or web services; or if you're developing software for electronic commerce Java and XML will be an indispensable companion.

  • Paperback
  • 465 pages
  • Java XML
  • Brett McLaughlin
  • English
  • 15 May 2016
  • 9780596101497