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Unbound (The Pentagon Group, #2) [Download] ➶ Unbound (The Pentagon Group, #2) By Rosemary Rey – Thomashillier.co.uk Perla Mercurio discovers that the man she fell in love with Dr Mathias Keene wooed her under false pretenses Upon her discovery of the truth she tries to mend her broken heart leaving the handsome doc Perla Mercurio discovers that the man she fell in love with Dr Mathias Keene wooed her under false pretenses Upon her discovery of the truth she tries to mend her broken heart leaving the handsome doctor in her past However Matt is not so easy to shake off In an effort to win back the love of his life he makes Perla an offer she cannot refuse To move forward with her life Perla must make the hardest decision of her life but she may never be able to move forward from Matt or the men of The Pentagon GroupMature Audience Only This is a work of erotic suspense with explicit and gratuitous sexual content consensual adult relationship If these things offend your sensibilities this book may not be for you.

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  1. Pam Pam says:

    4 forgive me stars “I’m not trying to buy your love I already have it You didn’t turn it off in the span of three days You may be trying to exorcise yourself of it but you won’t because we’re meant to be together You’re mine I love you and I will make this up to you This is just one of many ways” Pearla and Matt are in love but is love really enough does it matter how they fell in love or when it actually happened when in the end the result is the same ?? Well in Pearla's eyes it DOES matter how can she love a man who came after her under false pretenses a man who is integral to the group that has caused her so much suffering? In her effort to save face and her heart she leaves Matt trying to move on with her life after all she's done it once before what's a second time “You can always walk away but I will always be with you” Matt is beside himself especially after all the details of how he unknowingly was the cause of her demise Matt knows what he feels for Pearla is unlike he's ever felt and he will move heaven or hell just to get her back; even if it means loosing everything in return Nothing is worth anything without her in his lifeonly he may have underestimated how You told me a long time ago you ‘live simply’ but I know you love richly I can live without the fortune but Perla I can’t live without you” Day by day hour by hour Matt keeps his word and lets her know he hasn't given up while trying not to push; giving her what she needs even if she doesn't even know it But trouble lurks in the most unexpected places and with the twist and turns be their final undoing or will it be the bind that strengthen their love Unbound is the second book in The Pentagon Group one that is full of surprises emotion and sexiness You can feel his need to make things right just as strongly as the hurt she feels for being lied too; and while there is a vulnerability when it comes to one another there is strength where it counts The storyline may seem simple but its anything but it drew me in needing to know where their story is headed While the story continues on to the third and final installment one can only hope that the wrongs will be made right and we finish off with the happily ever after Pearla deserves ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication

  2. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    Yippee I got my ARC Will be reading soon Book 3 of 3 in early 2015 ARC provided to me by author Rosemary Rey in exchange for an honest review

  3. Rag Rag says:

    4 shocking stars “I love you beautiful”In Unbound we started off where we left off in Rebound Perla found out about Matt's true intention of being in a relationship She's hurt broken and embarrassed “I’m hurt No I’m destroyed I thought a man really wanted me for me desired me for me and I felt I finally had a potential life partner It was all a fucking lie” Matt is trying everything in his powers to show Perla that even though he was with her for a benefit he truly did love her to the pointe that she became life to him“My dream was her—PerlaNow Matt made it his mission to bring Perla back He doesn't care about money jobs or anything after all you can't live without oxygenright? That was what Perla meant to Matt he needed her just like he needs air into his lungs to keep him living“Matt proved he loved me He sacrificed everything to bring me back”What I loved about this book is that Perla didn't forgive Matt that fast What he did was unacceptable It wasn't a simple I'm sorry babe? and then she spread her legs for him Every time when they are this close to moving forward there's a big BAM and there's a new problem happening I have to say all of the surprises in this book surprised me I'm a really easy person who always knows what might happen but damnthis book always get me and I loved that Arc kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

  4. Janey Janey says:

    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review375 I'm sorry babe starsReview in progress

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    WOW OhMyGosh I can't believe I have to wait til next year for book three This book was so good I just love Perla and Matt I think I just fell in love with Matt even in this book And Perla would have to be one of my favorite book heroines She is so strong and I really loved how she stuck to her guns Rosemary Rey you are just pure genius Just when I think all is going well BAM Out of nowhere comes a bombshell I love how everything is cleverly tied in but slowly revealed keeping the suspense This book is brilliant and I seriously cannot wait for the next book

  6. Desiree Desiree says:

    I didn't like this book as much as the first I found myself having a really hard time with the plot I wasn't buying it I wasn't liking it and I wasn't able to swallow it SPOILER ALERT there are spoilers in hereFirst Matt did something I don't see as forgivable I think what he did was totally unacceptable and I don't see how everyone was so instantly able to put aside how fucking WRONG the 'hero's' actions were and to encourage her to get back together with and forgive him let alone marry him WTF?? It certainly helped a LITTLE to hear it from Matt's POV in fact I preferred his to hers but it still didn't justify or excuse himSecondly all through the book the heroine was whining about how the Pentagon boys so royally fucked her over um hello her ex sister in law committed suicide over what they did Now granted as far as I'm concerned that girl deserved what she got but still to whine about her loss when someone else died over it seemed lame And because she so instantly rolls over and takes what they give her I find it really hard to feel empathetic towards her For example That debt she took on made me wanna bitch smack her It just seemed like she was too uick to take it on and too stupid about it Which reminds me of a big sticking point in book one at the friend's wedding when the ex comes up to talk to her what the fuck is he doing coming up to chat with her for in the first place and afterwards the book builds it up for a big scene saying stuff like the ex can't handle seeing her with another man and is likely to make a scene and then nothing at all happens nothing is addressed He just disappears So we're expecting something and it than fizzles it just ceases to exist ThirdlyI wasn't impressed with her security detail seems that a REAL professional security detail would have been able to handle BOTH situations better The first that seemed like a rookie solution and the second that just seemed unlikely Security isn't likely going to say 'aw well she's going somewhere we think she'll be safe' and leave it at that Someone should have been watching her Well if they are a good security team that isFourthlythe plot and I realize it's not been fully revealed yet was just too wtf ish it just didn't make any real sense And it wasn't consistent at one point that love able Matt dripping sarcasm who had put security on Perla because as he said he knows what these guys from the Pentagon Group are capable of and it's life threatening and yet the author continually throws in things to make them all look like saints how they are loyal and generous and kind HUH? How does that even make sense? It's not consistent how can they all be capable of hideous things like killing her and also so 'endearing'? It just made no sense End of SPOILERS So yeah the plot didn't work for me at all The seemingly inconsistency of characters' traits and personalities didn't make sense to me And I just was pretty disgusted by the lot of them I did like her life changes though That was fun to read about I liked the day to day living the author narrates I like feeling like I'm there So I liked the subplot Maybe it's because I was a BIG Secret of My Success fan hehehe But all that said I still thought the book well written and I didn't see or notice anyway any typos and grammatical errors That is sooooo rare For that alone I was tempted to give 4 stars I HATE blaring errors you know the kind that if anyone had actually looked at the words they were reading they'd have seen Basic editing Well like I said this book had it I didn't glitch over anything so THAT in itself is worth the cost of the book And I like the author's writing style I like how kind of slow and steady it is Granted I didn't find it to be great for the sex scenes as they tended to bore me but I don't really care for them even when they are well writtenAll in all I will be reading book 3 Iz got to know how it ends However I'm not too sure if I'd read the other books in the Pentagon Group I was pretty disgusted by all of them and am not too keen to be won over I'd rather just hate them all and move on hehehe

  7. Lorena Garcia -- Brittany& Lorena Garcia -- Brittany& says:

    Received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewWOW can I just say WOW I was really smitten with the first book but this second one really took my breath away Okay so this book picks up exactly where Rebound left off Dr Keene and Perla just aren't working out There seems to be too many obstacles in the way of them from being happy together Dr Keene has made Perla a ludicrous offer in order to stay with him he's basically forcing her to be with him because that's just how much he loves her Perla is planning on accepting his offer but something unexpected happens Brady Matt's friend and business partner has blackmailed Perla and now Perla can't accept Matt's offer I totally love how in control Perla is and she can actually handle being around Matt even though it's killing her to see him every time and continue pushing him away without wanting to but having toBut Perla is not some stupid woman she is a very smart and talented woman and she knows how to come back and throw it back at Brady She loaths Matt's friends for what they all have done to her I love Perla god is she a strong woman and I love how she can keep her calm and she's so smart She totally has Matt by the balls ha and he deserves it for what he did to herThis series is now one of my favorites that I've read this year I am so happy to have come across Rosemary Rey because this is just such an awesome series There is so much going on that it will keep you on your toes Lots of angst mystery deceit lies and of course love I mean what can you ask for in a book rightDid I mention that I have a new flavor of the month oh yeah that would be Dr Matt Keene He's just so freaking HOT and I love how he can be so docile and so alpha at the same time that's just a huge turn onAgain another 5 stars for me with this book I am anxious to read the third book now hurry Rosemary hurry I want to continue reading the conclusion to this wonderful series 3

  8. Spanxmcb (Yovanka) Spanxmcb (Yovanka) says:

    We begin book 2 with Perla still reeling from the revelations in Rebound and coming to terms with the fact that there was much to her whirlwind romance with Dr Mathias Keene than she originally thought Matt's betrayal and duplicitousness has her scrambling to regain her footing and has her seeing recent events in her life in an entirely different lightThe danger and suspense uotient ramps up a notch in Unbound and although some of Perla's actions were a bit frustrating she manages to get the upper hand and turn the tables in a situation created by The Pentagon Group It is uickly evident that there are few people Perla can trust and everyone seems to have ulterior motives Perla really shakes things up and despite her own insecurities manages to put on a strong front against enemies both seen and hidden About 60% of the way into this book we peel back yet another layer of deception as the twists and turns in this story continue to reveal even further betrayals secret desires and long forgotten connectionsThe journey to the 60% point in this book was a bumpy one similar to the meandering journey the reader is taken on in Rebound It has a little bit of everything and at times seemed to be suffering from a genre identity crisis but again I found the revelationstwists interesting enough to make the journey worthwhileBook 2 ends with another major cliffhanger so be preparedI personally hope that Matt gets to play the hero in book 3 Bound expected to be released February 28 2015 as a way to redeem himself for past bad deeds and an opportunity for Perla and Matt to have their HEA

  9. Christine Christine says:

    So book 2 Unbound picks up right where Rebound finished off Matt will not let up on Perla and he is trying to redeem himself and get her back He loves her so much The things he does to get her back amazing Perla tries to mend her broken heart and move on with her life but Matt just wont let up No way is he giving up on her They love each other madly Perla being a bit too stubborn at times I loved the dual Pov from Matt and Paula it was good to get inside Matts head what he was thinkingPerla again comes through a strong intelligent powerful woman Great how she stood up to those Pentagon menSo much action drama intrigue mystery blackmail sex and mayhem a real rollercoaster ride Another cliffy and I really hope not too long to wait for book 3Who the hell was on those plane steps????? Write super uick Rosemary pleaseReceived a copy for an honest review

  10. Moon Reviews Moon Reviews says:

    Oh my god oh my god I need the third book right now If you thought the first book was good you HAVE to read this one The story is getting better and better We continue where we left of in Perla and Matt's relationship but with a complete reverse of power and with a dose of steroids Thrilling very interesting and really creative the twists will make you feel you're on a roller coaster and the plot which is fantastic and unraveling slowly will give you goose bumps I can't wait to see what happens The heat factor is still red hot and will continue to make you melt This book is amazing and addictive i read it in a day and loved every second of it TWO THUMBS UP WITH LIGHTERS ON

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