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Leash Native Agents [PDF] ✎ Leash Native Agents ⚡ Jane DeLynn – Thomashillier.co.uk Leash extends the logic of SM to its inexorable and startling conclusion darkly and hilariously revealing the masochistic impulse as the urge to disappear from the chores obligations and emotional vac Leash extends the logic of SM to its inexorable and startling conclusion darkly and hilariously revealing the masochistic impulse as the urge to disappear from the chores obligations and emotional vacuity of daily lifeNo jobs no taxes no checkbook no bills no credit cards no credit no money no mortgages no rent no savings no junk Leash Native PDF/EPUB or mail no junk no mail no phones no faxes no busy signals no computers no cars no drivers' licenses no traffic lights no airports no flying no tickets no packing no luggage no supermarkets no health clubs While her current spends the summer researching public housing in Stockholm a moderately wealthy object oppressed and terminally hip New York female of a certain age seeks adventure in the sedate dyke bars of lower Manhattan Finding none she answers a personal ad She is ordered to put on a blindfold before the first meeting with the woman she knows only as Sir Not knowing what someone looks like turns out to be freeing as do the escalating constraints that alienate her not just from her former life but from her very conception of who she is Part Georges Bataille part Fran Leibowitz this is the Story of O told with a self referentially perverse sense of humor.

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  1. knig knig says:

    I’ve just given 45 stars to a book about lesbian BDSM at the end of which the Sub allows her tongue to be cut off and her fingers surgically sewn together so she can live out the remainder of her life chained up on all fours and mute as a dogIt could be that this is my first lesbian BDSM and I’m young and impressionable I happen not to be a lesbian yet This is no impediment to enjoying the general gist of the novel but there were however a few ‘technical issues’ that threw me off kilter Heres some ‘dirty talk’ thats supposed to get me in that ‘Barry White and Bolly’ mood ‘I have such a monstrously big hole its unlikely theres a cock big enough in the universe to touch both sides at once’ Followed by a couple of fists shoved where the sun don’t shine to underoutline the point Now the reference to the cock is a red herring What we need to concentrate on here is the rite of passage whereby you’re supposed to stick both hands in it said passage and be able to clap No thats not a Koan Me I’ve always subscribed to the less is principle Kegel is King and somehow consider it un petit triomphe if my bits don’t flippedy flop flap in the wind when I’m walking my dog See what I mean about technicalities? Am I being t too up tight is Jane Delynn too loose? The devil is in the detail Otherwise lesbians goI’m also a BDSM novice at least in the manner prescribed here Meaning I have not had my face smeared with faeces had someone urinate in my mouthbless me with golden elixir or copulated with dogs or any other animals for that matter Well holy hell how boring can I get Wiki says around 25% of the population engage in BDSM So Then Desperate times call for desperate measures I took out this really long thin plastic ruler and stared at it for about 10 minutes trying to think pain is sexy thoughts Then I raised my hand and administered a god almighty take no prisoners smack across my naked thigh Here is what happened I did feel something instantaneously well beside the pain I did not unfortunately feel erotic feelings because my hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis kicked into gear and I entered ‘fight or flight’ mode In my case it was ‘fight’ This wave of white anger washed over me who the fuck just made me wibble wobble? Oh wait it was me Well thats a doozy I can’t very well punish myself by hitting myself again where the hell will that lead? The dog chasing its tail Total frustration and not being able to take it out on transgressor Wait is that in its own way a form of SM where I am both the S and the M?The book is also not written all that well I mean it doesn’t drip with impressions hued through the orchestrated pattern of allusions metaphors similies a and alliterations unless someone disagrees based on ‘My you’re a real gusher’ she said as I could feel the gunk between my thighs congeal’ I think congealed of anything should always stay off menu So if I’m not going to be tipping the velvet with congealed pituito serous fricassee whilst passing the golden nectar filled loving cup to the left anytime soon where do the four and a half stars ‘gush’ from?Simple This noir little piece is NOT about sex at all Infact the the BDSM gross me out meter rises the less sex there is until in the final stages whilst Jane spends months on end as a dog and this is before her little tongue procedure the sex disappears entirely But this novel isn’t about BDSM either I mean yes there are scenes of it everywhere and some might take that away with them but the heart of darkness here is about resigned despair leading to self loathing leading to self punishment and finally to self erasure most might take the easy route out and self terminate but that doesn’t allow for true penance now does it?We’re all uniue each and every one of us right? Bullshit Seek and ye shall find Find that there are people out there who are your mirror image in all the ways that countJane Delynn is my mirror image my counterpart She has a voice through which all my personal demons speak Her long monologues perhaps devoid of style as I’ve noted dry and way too cerebral for the type of work she’s aiming for crystallise every guilty stupid desperate selfish folly I’ve ever entertained So how could I not give her close to five stars?The novel is a philosophical treaty really of a woman who is tired of life who knows that its too late to make meaningful changes that the satisfying of desire is much worse than not satisfying it that every decision is made within a split second of it being posited and any subseuent deliberations are fools gold that we live in our minds and not in our bodies that it is erotic to have sex with someone who understands Plato’s concept of the relationship between signifier and signified that we commit transgressions so we can confess them and much much Soul sister

  2. Joc Joc says:

    Yowzer I'm really not sure how to rate this book It was well written but truly gross Chris seeks out someone to control her give meaning to her life or rather demeaning to her life Written in the first person she describes her meetings and interactions in a really weirdly distant way The content is brutal vile and insane It reminds me a lot like most of Chuck Palahniuk's novels The destruction of Chris' persona and identity plays out like a psychological horror Still undecided so I'm giving it 4 stars based on the writing not the content

  3. Steven Felicelli Steven Felicelli says:

    this is an astonishing book waded through what I thought was garden variety fetishism gratuitious indulgent shock for shock's sake seen it many times in the purported avant garde and ended up in a really really dark placethere's so little wiggle room for transgression in the 21st Century between bad faith shock mongering and tepid rebellion against always already transgressed prohibitions Delynn's found an empty room to sound out an authentically animalistic Howl just floored by this book must read unless you're sueamish and literature is not for the sueamish despite what passes for 'literature' these days

  4. Beneficial Fangirl Beneficial Fangirl says:

    I don't know where to begin It is probably the most odd and shocking book I've ever read and I am not saying this lightly The last line will be forever stuck in my mind but alas I cannot speak There were several gross stuff I didn't decided yet if they are there for the shock value but twists and ending were very unexpected The pet master theme is very different then other books with similar theme You won't find lovey dowey romance here

  5. Cassandra Troyan Cassandra Troyan says:

    One of the accurate or believable accounts of a unlikely slave's devotion to her mysterious master I would love for this to be mandatory reading if you insist on Fifty Shades of Grey You will be offended disgusted made aware of the limits of a body's capable interactions but that is exactly the point of kink Especially for a jaded wealthy writer who literally needs the boredom and privilege beaten out of her

  6. Lindy Bell Lindy Bell says:

    Hated it That is all I wanted to slap the woman with a rolled up newspaper by the end of it

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    I kept wanting to stop reading but couldn’t put this down It’s grotesue and disturbing enlightening psychologically robust Completely absorbing Horrifying like Kafka or the Maruis de Sade

  8. Christopher Zeischegg Christopher Zeischegg says:

    probably the only good novel about BDSM actually engrossing actually transgressive and not beholden to the rules of any 'community'

  9. Nairne Holtz Nairne Holtz says:

    The nameless and thoroughly neurotic narrator of Leash is an upper middle class lesbian whose success girlfriend loft art career investments has not assuaged her feelings of emptiness and longing leading her to place a personal ad in the Village Voice What follows is an exploration of extreme masochism ending with the narrator’s induction into a secret society but dear reader if you are looking for ueer kinky homage to L’Histoire d’O put this book down Immediately And maybe Google Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace series Bret Easton Ellis author of American Psycho blurbed Leash by saying uite accurately “it goes places few — if any — books land” In the hands of a less capable writer this book would land in the garbage The controlled and propulsive hyper realism which is occasionally leavened by humour held my attention through some truly nauseating scenes — and gave the deranged fantasy of the narrative a disturbing plausibility DeLynn’s clinically described yet imaginative world of human dog slaves poses interesting philosophical uestions What can a person consent to? How far can a person go in their fantasies and an author in their writing? Is what we imagine about a person what creates desire? Leash is less smutty thinky and absolutely original

  10. Erin Erin says:

    First 13 was interesting and hot particularly her first encounter with her master Last 23 was interesting and completely sick But I felt compelled to finish because it was also honest and surprising and strangely believable except for the ending which seemed like the author ran out of time For me this book raises a lot of uestions about why people enter into arrangements such as the author's why you'd submit yourself to sexual slavery etc It also gets at bigger picture uestions about how we find meaning in our lives and how we cope with the weight of life I can't say I related at all to the author by the end really the middle of the book but I still found the journey refreshingly surreal and dark and fascinating

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