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Don Juan in the Village A Novel [PDF / Epub] ★ Don Juan in the Village A Novel By Jane DeLynn – From the lesbian bars of New York City to the back streets of Fez from the SM scene in Los Angeles to the calm ocean depths off a Caribbean island the heroine of Don Juan in the Village is ever on the From the in the PDF ☆ lesbian bars of New York City to the back streets of Fez from the SM scene in Los Angeles to the calm ocean depths off a Caribbean island the heroine of Don Juan in the Village is ever on the prowl In search of the longed for idealized lover she finds instead a series of wrenching sometimes hilarious encounters with an array of women among them a movie star a moroccan prostitute Don Juan ePUB ½ and a high school dropout who works as a grocery store clerk Hip sardonic yet painfully self conscious Juan in the Village A Epub / and often deluded she is convinced that no matter where she goes or whom she is with she is doomed to perpetual solitude and estrangement.

  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • Don Juan in the Village A Novel
  • Jane DeLynn
  • English
  • 01 March 2016
  • 9780299190040

About the Author: Jane DeLynn

Jane DeLynn in the PDF ☆ is the author of the novels Leash Don Juan in the Village Real Estate a New York Times Book Review “Notable Book of the Year” In Thrall Some Do as well as the collection Bad Sex Is Good Authors she’s been compared to include Proust Salinger Jane Austen Rabelais Swift Oscar Wilde Proust Helene Cixious and Edgar Allan Poe Aristophanes Euripedes Woody Allen She was a.

10 thoughts on “Don Juan in the Village A Novel

  1. MJ Nicholls MJ Nicholls says:

    From one sapphic sexual encounter to another the unnamed narrator of this sizzling novel is a wonderful waspish companion in a thoughtful and hilarious examination of the ties and lies that bind and unbind

  2. Ammie Ammie says:

    I read Leash a while ago and it fucked with my mind in many ways Don Juan was if you can apply these terms to a book like this a kind of gentler version of the same basic idea The narrator details her sexual and some partially nonsexual exploits in locals ranging from NYC to Morocco chronicling her reactions and reasonings with a lack of passion that makes her very explicit encounters with a variety of women not anywhere near as sexy as one would suppose Leash was fascinating in its plot in a way that this couldn't really compare to but both offered shocking looks into the minds of their narrators This narrator comes of mostly as a bit crazy thinking of herself as the most fabulous person in the world; most of her encounters fail in part because she believes the women she's sleeping with are not worthy of her notice This isn't so interesting but every once in a while she breaks out with a statement that makes you empathize strongly with her which is uncomfortable to say the least By the end it seems almost like she's just a lot truthful about what we all secretly think anyway

  3. Jane Holloway Jane Holloway says:

    I agree with another reviewer who said that Don Juan is a version of Leash in the sense that it examines a lot of the same themes Don Juan has a contained scope though Leash is an explosion of these themes into the realm of satire sci fi Don Juan was perfect for completely different reasons Also the narration was funnier to me this time around Leash was a bit drab and desperate still hilarious but Don Juan was easier on the eyes Read Iowa read Key West this is classical beauty shrouded in a hint of tacky self loathing self aggrandizement

  4. Nora Chatchoomsai Nora Chatchoomsai says:

    The novel is witty written in a Picaresue form each having its own psychologically poignant existential moment It is not afraid to go there beyond the expectation of gender role even within the LGBT community It gives an subjective even consciously egotistical view of human sexuality which involves self disgust self love emotional orand physical pain and addiction Delyn's narrator takes me through the journey of these emotions and teach me about acceptance of these social conditions that impact our interactions with ourselves and other human beings I love it

  5. Roof Beam Reader (Adam) Roof Beam Reader (Adam) says:


  6. Joey Diamond Joey Diamond says:

    There is something so weird about the voice in this book it's kind of like 90s lesbian fiction voice reminding me of other stuff I've read but I can't put my finger on it exactly Eileen Myles? Not Michelle Tea exactly arrogantAnyway also the conceit of an entirely unlikeable narrator having lots of bad sex and weird encounters seems pretty 90s like the shock value would have worked better then The cover uote is from Brett Easton Ellis for g dsakesThere are funny and good stories here But there's so much gross fatphobia and just meanness in this I guess it's good for holding a mirror up to the yuck bits inside us but mostly it's just yuck

  7. Chibivy Chibivy says:

    The first book that I read about lesbianism and it's good Although most things are vague the stories realistically portrayed the lifestyle of a homosexual woman in search for love acceptance compassion friendship It demonstrates a woman's whether straight or not struggle to find her place in the society I wish I'd find a copy of this because I only borrowed that from a friend

  8. Masha Masha says:

    I got all into Jane De Lynn Not as ambitious as her novel Real Estate this book is a bunch of gem like stories united by the theme of women drinking travel alienation and sex Crisp and a little cold with a frisson of cruelty

  9. Cheska Lorraine Cheska Lorraine says:

    kasama ko si Stephene nung binili ko ito kaso hanggang ngayon di nya pa sinosoli sa akin yung booknung first year nahilig kami sa gay oriented books haha and para maiba naman lesbian oriented ? book naman daw try namin kaya ibinili ko tohaha shockeddami ko nalaman haha

  10. Elizabeth J. Elizabeth J. says:

    I needed this book when I was 19 A must for young dykes And anyone who enjoys honesty about casual and not so casual sex written well

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