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  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    35 starsMarc’s mum and Tony’s dad have been together for eight years and are finally going to tie the knot Marc and Tony have shared a room since they were 11 and 10 respectively Now that Marc’s 19 and off at uni the cover is deceptive; the MCs are uite young he realizes that his love for Tony has grown into something deeper something romantic and sexual Let’s get the potential ick factor out of the way This is not an incest book Tony and Marc are NOT related genetically The incest taboo mostly arose due to the negative effects of inbreeding between persons who share a gene pool According to the Westermarck effect people who live in close domestic proximity during the first SIX YEARS of life become desensitized to feeling sexual attraction toward each other Marc and Tony didn't live together until they were 11 and 10 Tony and his siblings spent weekends with their dad so even though the step family is close the taboo here would be social ie people judging Marc and Tony for being togetherI realize that even pseudo incest is a trigger for some readers and that is understandable I just wanted to point out why that particular set up didn’t bother me Wells’ non BDSM stories are light and fun and this one was no exception Marc and Tony are obviously young and act their age They spend the first half of the book not communicating and the second half acting impulsively and pushing each other away We do get dual POV here something I really appreciatedThe secondary characters Marc’s mum Tony’s dad and their respective siblings were well drawn The dialogue was realistic and the moments between Marc and Tony sweet and lightly steamy though not pervasively so We have not one but TWO virgins in this book and I think Wells deals with the first time the rush the tenderness appropriately Neither of the MCs stresses about being gay; they worry about their feelings for each otherThe social implications of Marc and Tony's choice are somewhat brushed aside The secret comes out in a spectacular fashion that made me cringe a little ok a lot I would have liked to see the guys together as the majority of the book is spent on the angst of separation Overall I enjoyed this book It was cute and easy I would like to know how Marc and Tony settle in together and I would love a book about Dunc Marc’s roommate

  2. .Lili. .Lili. says:

    Overall pretty cute It was sweet steamy Um something was missing for me though and I must admit Marc's constant back and forth gave a me a bit of whiplash This is Marc and Tony Poor Tony I'd still recommend it Definitely worth a try 35 Stars

  3. Trio Trio says:

    Super sweet rounded up from 35 stars

  4. Debra Debra says:

    A beloved trope in romance is the childhood best friends or college roommates to lovers Some of the sweetest stories I've read fall under that category What if that friendship started when the father of one of those friends fell in love with the mother of the other and the families moved in together? Why does that one event outside of the control of the two young men turn something sweet into something some might consider taboo?Marc is 19 and has spent the last year at school living in London as an out and proud gay man Nobody at home other than his twin sister is aware of his sexuality and that is only one problem he is facing as he returns home for the summer and the wedding of his father and his long time partner Marie Tony is 18 getting ready to start his first year at university and trying to come to terms with not just his sexuality but the fact that he has fallen for his soon to be step brother Marc The two have spent years living together and sharing a room but what Tony doesn't know is that Marc has spent the last few years falling in love with him Neither man expects the next two weeks before the wedding to be easy but they didn't expect that their dreams would come true only to end up becoming a nightmare The story took me by surprise and grabbed me so that I found myself reading straight through into a late nightAgain KC Wells has tackled an unexpected subject and brought out all kinds of emotions with a good balance of drama and humor The story covers first love coming out and staying true to your feelings regardless of what outsiders may think While I expected Marc to be the one to guide the relationship due to his experience being out and the fact that he had pondered it for so long he turns out to be the one that is most afraid once he gets what he wants Add to that the dynamics of hiding from the families in the midst of the stress of all the wedding preparations and things start to spiral out of control There were times where I was so upset with the way Marc treated Tony I feared for the safety of my Kindle While I loved watching the two men work through their issues I also enjoyed the secondary characters and was happy to see strong supportive relationships with the female characters There was plenty of tension between Marc and Tony and when they finally get together and even before it was sexy and sweet Will the two men overcome their fears before they end up with broken hearts and a broken relationship and even if they do will their families accept them for who they are and who they love? You'll have to read the book to find out An ARC of this book was kindly provided by the author for an honest review

  5. Bev Bev says:

    Loved loved LOVED it 5 stars from me A wonderful tale of first love romance being pulled out of 'that' closet by the guy you lovein fact pulling each other out of that closet and then being outted by your soon to be stepbrother during his drunken anguished rambling on the night before your fathers and his mothers wedding Marc you were a complete douchebag and deserved everything you got Tony I would strongly suggest you may want to go teetotalWould love to know how they get on in London dear author and Ryan methinks is a future candidate for a story Many thanks KC as usual for the ARC

  6. Gigi Gigi says:

    Oh no Marc and Tony are only 18 After reading the blurb I assumed they were 24 They have lived as brothers since they were 11 Unfortunately that is too young for my personal comfort level and I absolutely consider these two brothers even though they are not related by blood This is well outside my comfort zone and I am going to shelf this one DNF because of sexual relations between family members It's my number one hard limitI will not rate since I did not have all the information when starting the book I stopped at 20%

  7. Elsbeth Elsbeth says:

    35 starsThis was a sweet coming of age story about Tony and Marc discovering their love for each otherMarc who's been avoiding this stepbrother Tony for months is coming home for his father’s weddingHis father Dennis is marrying Marie Tony’s mother after 8 years living together as a familyA lot of kissingAnd a lot of love making and cuddlingJust had a smile on my face when I finished the book

  8. Marinieves Marinieves says:

    It is really interesting the dynamics behind the story of this book Marc and Tony lived under the same roof and in the same room for eight years due to their respective parents started living together During that time Marc figures out he is gay and the feelings for Tony are different from what you feel for a sibling That said he doesn't act on it Marc goes to the university and keeps to himselfThe other side of the euation is Tony Who has been discovering that he also has feelings for Marc But just doesn't know what to doThis is when the fun begings When Marc returns for their parents wedding and the two of them have to share their old roomThe situations that they go through and the feelings they have were hard to share and accept Marc even though is older than Tony sometimes made me mad Not dismissing his worries about the implications of the relationship between them but due to the fact that he was going back and forth in terms of deciding what to doTony was mature in that senseThe possible coming out and the conseuences weight heavily on Marc than TonyOh but what coming out that was The acceptance the decisions and the rest I assure you are worth the reading of the book Complementary copy received from the author in exchange of an honest review

  9. multitaskingmomma multitaskingmomma says:

    Original Blog Post eARC Review Confetti Cake Confessions by KC WellsA sweet surpriseThere is one thing that makes me smile a great love story Confetti Cake Confessions is a confetti read of emotions coming from all directions within this loving family A loving family many would liken to The Brady Bunch where two families come together live together under one house and love each other The twist the two eldest boys not only love each other they fall in love with each other The drama unfolds within the theater of wedding plans and talks about wedding cakes and confessionsMarc had grown to love his non stepmother and her children even regarded her as a real mother and the children his real siblings He and Tony even bunked together for years in one room when the family merged As they both grew older Marc began to see Tony as than just a loved younger sibling and this sets his emotions and thoughts all askew How could he handle being in love with a younger man seen by both family and society as his stepbrother? Does this relationship fall under the TABOO category? Could he should he risk all for the love of Tony?The story begins with Marc's and Tony's parents finally deciding to tie the knot after several years of living together Marc comes home two weeks before the wedding date prepared to stand his ground on staying closeted and uiet about his feelings for Tony Tony has a girlfriend now but unknown to his family things are not really how they seem Marc being back in the picture has only managed to strengthen his feelings for the older boy How to make Marc see him as other than a brother but as a lover will take time patience and a whole lot of heartbreakThis was such a sweet sweet romance and I just fell in love with Marc and Tony How many men have I fallen in love with lately I cannot count but I don't care Theirs is a romance that edges on taboo and it scares Marc to the point of illogical thinkingThe struggles these two men face are uite hard and both have to make a decision that could either gain their family's acceptance or their total rejection Both young men had a lot of growing to do in the next two weeks before the wedding and emotions are running raw Caught center wthin the storm of wedding preparations and complications their romance brews its own tornado of emotions When Marc finally sings at the wedding could he gets the pronouns right? Definitely a must read D

  10. Mary Wallace (Madam Aus) Mary Wallace (Madam Aus) says:

    The first time I caught a snippet of this I was hooked Oh god was I hooked KC Wells is just a fabulous author and should be on auto buy for everyone Whatever she writes has an honesty and a authenticity that you cannot help but fall into and Confetti Cake and Confessions is all that and so much I loved how beautifully this story flowed how the characters are multi dimensional and how KC treats them gently the humour she injects into the storyline and the pain that we feel because of things said or not said things done or not done it all reflect in this All of which takes nothing at all away from the heat and eroticism that is evident from the start with these two Their kisses their touches their first times just breathtaking and in ways than one KC has taken two virgins and blown the heat factor through the roof Marc and Tony are just beautiful and the story is very much character driven A wedding can be stressful for family at the best of times so you can imagine throwing a blended family coming out by two sons trouble with an ex seemingly unreuited love into the mix and we’re in for a bit of a bumpy ride to the big day KC weaves this all into a wonderful tapestry that has us gasping at the tenderness aching at the decisions and really wanting to smack the two of them upside of the head at times This is going to be a comfortsmexy read for me for a long time to come

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Confetti, Cake Confessions ❰KINDLE❯ ❁ Confetti, Cake Confessions Author K.C. Wells – Tony Porter and Marc Powell had lived in the same house for the past eight years since their single parents moved in together When Tony’s mother Marie and Marc’s father Dennis decide to tie the kn Tony Porter and Marc Powell had lived in the same house for the past eight years since their single parents moved in together When Tony’s mother Marie and Marc’s father Dennis decide to tie the knot at last it should be an occasion of great Confetti, Cake PDF/EPUB ² joy for everyone Except all Marc can think about is having to spend the next two weeks with the young man he’s been in love with since he was sixteen Tony feels so torn about Marc coming home from college He keeps telling himself that it’s wrong to feel this way about him After all in two weeks’ time they’ll be related So when the two young men are thrown together to prepare for the wedding tensions rise and discoveries are madeIt’s going to be a very long two weeks and a wedding that no one will ever forget.