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Sufi Comics Rumi Volume 1 [PDF / Epub] ✪ Sufi Comics Rumi Volume 1 ☆ Mohammed Ali Vakil – An enriching collection of Rumi’s poems in graphic form Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi a 13th century theologian jurist and poet led a uiet life in central Anatolia Turkey He left a legacy of the most prof An enriching Rumi Volume MOBI ó collection of Rumi’s poems in graphic form Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi a th century theologian jurist and poet led a uiet life in central Anatolia Turkey He left a legacy of the most profound poems and stories It’s been years since Rumi lay ink to his mystical words Yet even today the spiritual wisdom that flowed from his lips creating ripples in our hearts On reading his poems one can’t help Sufi Comics PDF \ but reflect that there is to this world than the physical and material The objects he refers to are so familiar his message so universal and words so sublime that one finds simple villagers and to university professors all uoting Rumi with fondness and fervour Sufi Comics Rumi is an enriching collection of Rumi’s entrancing poems in graphic form We’ve chosen to portray the illustrations in the Turkish Iranian miniature style to reflect the Comics Rumi Volume MOBI õ ambiance of th Century Persia Every poem is followed by sacred verses of the Holy uran and Islamic traditions to reflect the inspiration of Rumi’s poems These verses and traditions are inscribed in Arabic by Mutar Ahmed one of India s finest Islamic calligraphers We live in a world that is increasingly materialistic and devoid of the spirit In times like these Rumi's poems are an invitation to get in touch with your soul and experience Divine Love.

8 thoughts on “Sufi Comics Rumi Volume 1

  1. Aamina Aamina says:

    Honestly my rating is mostly for the incredible uality of the art especially Muslim style art depicted in the book It's incredible If I could give it than a 5 star rating I wouldUnfortunately I wasn't too pulled in by the content of the actual comics I had really high hopes for these books and was hoping I could give it to children to be inspired by but I don't think I find it suitable for them

  2. Prahlad Prahlad says:

    35 stars

  3. Ron Ron says:

    The ancient poetry of Rumi is classic and still stands the test of time The artwork and calligraphy are astounding If you have never read Rumi this is a great place to start

  4. Dawud Khuluq Dawud Khuluq says:

    Excellent art and presentation Sufi Comics never fails to deliver in bringing to life the spirituality of Islam with comedy and depth of heart and soul Rumi is no different This is a great addition to the library for the whole familyMy personal favorite poem comics in this volume are The Tattoo Artist and Keep Your Dragon In The Snow Keep Your Dragon In The Snow is a perfect metaphor for the entire point of religion and spirituity Rumi helps us realize this with a fun story about a young man claiming to have slain a dragon and in this volume we are treated with a graphical presentation of the story The dragon itself is terrifyingly realized Admittedly with The Tattoo Artist my initial love comes from having been tattooed myself and knowing of people who can't handle the pain The use of that entire experience to elucidate a spiritual point is fantastic It seems an unusualimage for a Muslim to use because of the taboo on tattoos in IslamThe inclusion of verses from the ur'an and traditional sayings from Muhammad sal and the Imams of his Family as on beautifully illuminated English pages and in Arabic calligraphy goes a long way to co textualizing both Rumi himself as well as his poetry All too often Rumi and other Sufi poets Hafiz Sa'di etc are divorced from their Muslim religious life and environment in an attempt to universalize them As a result something is not merely lost in translation a great disservice is done to the world by removing Islam from the spiritual lives of these men This is especially true in these troubled times when a person simply watching the news would be hard pressed to believe that such beauty of word and character and depth of spiritual insight could originate in the heartlands of Islam

  5. Arwa Arwa says:

    I enjoyed this book a lot The book is filled with relevant poems from Rumi's greatest works I especially liked the illustrations and the verses from the Holy uran as they related to the metaphors I would re read this book to gain a better understanding of spirituality and Islam Perfect for a cup of tea and endless evenings pondering over life

  6. Raik Raik says:

    Yet another wonderful comic book by the Vakil brothers It is art and spiritual teachings in one And on top of it it is just beautiful

  7. Nina Nina says:

    Very nice the good graphics appeal the readers and made the poem easy to be understood

  8. Zachariah Ismail Zachariah Ismail says:

    These book was the toughest one I read And it was the most confusing one I read And I could not understand much

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