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Sins of September (September #1) [Read] ➪ Sins of September (September #1) Author Graysen Blue – September Dawson is not uite fourteen when her mother takes off leaving her and her four year old half sister Scout under the care of Jesse Ryan her much younger husband and September's step father Sh September Dawson is not uite fourteen when her mother takes off leaving her and her four year old half sister Scout under the care of Jesse Ryan her much younger husband and September's step father Shortly afterwards September is sent to live with her maternal grandparents in Mississippi Four years pass before she returns to Arkansas at the reuest of her step father to take care of her younger sister for the summer It's the summer going into her senior year and September Sins of ePUB ½ becomes not only a mother figure to Scout but a slow spark ignites between her and Jesse September is all about fanning the flame; Jesse however is all about denial This novel is not about taboo sex; this story deals with what some may consider taboo love September is not the 'vestal virgin' being seduced by a man nearly twelve years her senior the summer of In fact September has a bit of a sneaky side when it comes to getting noticed but in the process she learns about the man she's come to admire and love and gets some well needed lessons about honesty maturity and sacrifice Sins of September is than a coming of age story It deals with the complications of life; the reality of abandonment and the drama and suffering that ensues when others want what you have and the extent they will go to in order to destroy it Adult Content.

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  1. Baba Baba says:

    UPDATE MARCH 22 2015 I HAVE NEWS PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO THE END OF MY REVIEW 1 star DNF 51 % Review posted November 6 2014 The author accused me of bullying Casey is a conniving bitch??Dear SeptemberI guess you know the saying It takes one to know oneAuthor Graysen Blue offered me an ARC and I did accept due to the premise of the book Fact is younger heroine older hero is one of my favorite tropes Unfortunately the book is a major failure The author sent me a PM telling me how disappointed she is that I had to I uote “to make fun of the book with pictures and GIFS – I mean what’s the point of all of that? Is that common on Goodreads? Is it something that a lot of reviewers do to make authors feel badly? I would prefer it if you just didn’t finish and 1 starred it versus making fun of it I’ve never done that on a reviewever” BTW I did not respond to her PMShortly afterwards the author posted a blog accusing me of bullying which she deleted again I'm glad that I took a screenshot though She even added the link to my review That's what she wrote you can enlarge the pic to read itLet's be clear here Posting a couple snarky gifs is not bullying I still believe that authors who can’t handle negativity or snark should stay away from reviews And what’s the point in offering ARCs when you can’t handle bad reviews? If the author had taken the time to check out my profile thoroughly then she would have known that I don’t hand out five star ratings on a daily basis As a matter of fact I rate and review bad books as well as great ones uncompromisingly and an author has to earn a five star rating from me And by earning I mean writing an outstanding book Period I will refrain from reviewing Sins of September extensively And to be very straightforward the writing itself took care of making fun of the book because the “uotes” speak than 1000 words They are horribly bad Besides the eighteen year old heroine is a dumb immature conniving and insincere bitch and the hero who's pushing thirty isn't anything to write home about eitherThe writing is extremely amateurish Here are examples for your perusal view spoilerI hear manly groans coming from him now and I study each and every movement he makes wishing it were me on the receiving end of his prickI know that sounds slutty I'm not gonna lie; it's the way I feel There's something so powerful and yet so beautifully arousing at what I'm watching I feel a moistness settling in between my legs and my hand drops down to gently rub thereThe muscles in Jesse's back and ass are flexing with each powerful thrust I'm in awe of his physiue hide spoiler

  2. Georgina ☽ themalf0ydiaries Georgina ☽ themalf0ydiaries says:

    25 starscause sometimes I'm nice I don't want to hear anything SophThis review possibly contains spoilersI love age diferrence stories Especially ones with a younger heroine and an older hero So when I read the blurb I was SOLD This was right up my alleyUnfortunately this didn't work for me for many MANY reasonsThe heroine was so immature and a manipulative bitchI really didn't see what Jesse saw in her except that he wanted to fuck her because she looks like her mother the only woman he ever lovedFuck Really? I mean no just fuck noBut oh they fell in love AND THE WHOLE FUCKING COMMUNITY FINDS OUT THEY'RE FUCKING and nobody gives a fuckThey just talk and laugh about it like it's the most normal thing in the world him having sex with his step daughterThen the mom comes back things get complicated if it can get than that and it ends It fucking ends with a note from the author saying that she didn't want to finish it if she wasn't sure that we're gonna like the book and there's not gonna be a seuel if it doesn't get good reviewsWell fucking done That pissed me off so badEven if she writes the seuel I don't think I'll ever pick it up

  3. Geri Reads Geri Reads says:

    GR deleted my original review because of reasons

  4. ✝✝ Ⓓaisy ❣ ✝✝ ✝✝ Ⓓaisy ❣ ✝✝ says:

    I've thought about this all fking day About being inside of you claiming what is mine Graysen Blue is a wonderful writer Her writing is simply perfection The moment I picked it I was glued Ooo yeah I am claiming JESSE 3 He is mine LOL What's it about? A story about gorgeous and darling step daughter September falling in love with her step father Jesse annd yes he is young So of those of you who want thrill and love taboo this book is perfect PICK IT UP NO REGRETS Hero He is has my heart There was never a moment I hated it or wanted to kickI only was deserve for their HEA Again he is mine Graysen do write of him Me loving Heroine September is kick arse I love her too She was one strong girl Steamy Don't even ask about it I have so many highlights wink wink That good Their kiss was Ending I was really ready to kick someone there Now I am patiently waiting for September I know it is gonna be epic Don't miss out on Jesse and September's amazing story pick it up now Happy reading D xxThank you Grayson for the ARC it such a pleasure thank you for wicked writing

  5. Sbell Sbell says:

    This is where I'd normally write my review But I have to say I am utterly shocked by the authors note at the end of this book Really you are going to wait to decide if you are going to write the continuation of this book based on how many people like it? Then if enough people like it you have asked for ideas of how this story should go? You don't have a vision for where you want your book to go? So now I not only bought it but I have to give you ideas on how to write the next one??? I have to say that not only am I appalled but this makes me furious Are you a serious author or is this just a hobby? Really I'd like to know I wouldn't have wasted my money nor my time reading this book for it to end on a MAJOR cliffhanger just on the whim that you MIGHT write the ending depending on how many people like it If that is the case could you not have given the entire story? You are allowing nay sayers to dictate what if when you write?? Sadly this ruined the book for me I am thinking of IM'ing you with my address so you can refund me my money I didn't know peer pressure was a factor in my reading experience Now on to my review Sins of September definitely had an ick factor The romance was between stepfatherstepdaughter Surprisingly the book was good It had a darkness to it that permeated on every page I didn't like September until almost the end The author did a good job of maturing her through out the story and this added to the credibility of Septembers character I liked Jesse I liked how he wasn't after September until years later and even then he had her best interests at heart Did this book have some problems? Yes I absolutely did not like the flashback scene at around 90% that September had I do not want to read about Jesse and Libby Since the author asked I would like to see Jesse fight for September Ms Blue also asked if we wanted September and Jesse together? Uh yesthat is why most people read romance so the main Hh can get together at the end? I would have rated this book higher but like I have stated I am flabbergasted by this authors need for acceptance Not every one will like every book

  6. Saunders Saunders says:

    What a wasted opportunity by Graysen Blue exceptionally bad ending Review to come

  7. K.Marie K.Marie says:

    45 September and Jesse loving stars If you're looking for your next read that has angst mystery drama love sex and isn't your run of the mill Erotica this is the next must read for you The YANA category for this Novel is perfect but don't let that fool you September is a beautiful smart teenager ready to experience exactly what being a woman means Having had her life torn to shreds when she was young and having the opportunity to be right back where she belongs she takes that chance and finds herself wanting her desires to be filledThis character brings back memories of high school All the thoughts of where do I fit in? Who can I trust? Who can I talk to? What is it like to be desired? What did I do wrong? The need to fall back on girlfriends and not knowing howThe deceit sneaking out sneaking around becoming comfortable with your body flirting and falling in love Jesse September's Step dad don't let that term get to you is a hard working man who is learning not only how to love someone again at 30 but also what trust isAt first when reading this novel I was a little annoyed by how the main character spoke especially with the hee hees but I kept telling myself that she was young and shit I remember talking like she did when I was that young In youth we learn in age we understand Marie von Ebner Eschenbach I kept going with this novel because it truly was well written I was looking for something different and the author didn't disappointFrom the love triangles to nosey neighbors to Septembers friends Grandparents her Mother and her half sister I wanted to know about each and everyone of the characters It was so intriguing to learn about their secrets their pasts and not knowing what the future holds These two characters have no idea the fate the stars have aligned for them nor what trials they will be facing together or apart Delay is the deadlinest form of denial CNorthcote Parkinson This novel will take you by surprise and have you begging for the next installment as soon as you're done reading it The ending had me on the edge of my seat my mind reeling and my heart in tatters as I waited to see where this rollercoaster ride took Jesse and September I have so many thoughts So many unanswered uestions And now i'm letting all my feelings and thoughts take overI can't wait to find out what happens with this couple and look forward to following their story Love can be found in the most absurd places it can take you by surprise it can be with the one person you never thought it would be with and this couple is just one of the millions that experienced love lust and raw emotion in the one place they never even thought of it happening With eachotherI am thankful for the opportunity to read this novel for an honest review and plan on updating it with teasers I've made

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    September was just a kid when her mother skips town Leaving her to tell her step father Jesse that she’s not coming back But now September is seventeen and is going to spend the summer with him and her half sister Scout September’s seduction of Jesse begins slowly manipulating those around her to get what she wants Jesse isn’t that much older than her and as she turns eighteen it is getting harder for him to look past the woman that she’s become Spending the summer playing house has allowed the attraction to bubble to the surface as this taboo relationship begins Typically I am not a fan of books that include any kind of romance when there are family ties involved But there was something intriguing about this particular story that had me ready to give it a chance Maybe it was the whole Lolita vibe of September seducing her step father or just the idea of the slight May December relationship and watching Jesse battle his attraction to the woman that he never should have pictured in a sexual way This story was all kinds of wrong but at the same time it was just rightThe downside to this read for me was the ending I don’t mind the occasional cliffhanger ending or even the wait for part two the anticipation of the conclusion can often times add to the story as a whole In the end I was surprised as to how I felt about this story Although I wasn’t absolutely in love with it I liked it and found that I enjoyed the game that September played in getting what she wanted I look forward to the conclusion of their story with When September Ends and hope that we don’t have long to wait

  9. Patricia Maia (The Bookery Review) Patricia Maia (The Bookery Review) says:

    Just finished the book and I'm still trying to gather my feelings about thisNo it doesn't shock me at all the relationship between stepfather and stepdaughter but its not a easy one to get through specially when you have a child like Scout around but I guess everything could workout wellI wont make a resume of the book I usually don't do that because of all the spoilers that come around so I will just say that I liked this story Its different its well written its taboo its sexy and have a lot of steamy scenes and good ones ; also makes you think what would you do if it were youThe end oh well I really hope this is not the END because I would hate to know that Jesse's and September's love story will end like thisSo please please bring #2

  10. Catherine Wright (Cat& Catherine Wright (Cat& says:

    I really loved this book I know some people may have issues with the relationship between Jesse and September but to me it's about two people falling in love despite what people may think is wrong The heart wants what the heart wants and why deny it The author told the story in such a way that you can't help but to root for them to be together It is emotional and very steamy I sincerely hope we have a second book to see where their love story goes There is so much i would love to say but I can't without giving stuff away and will not do that I think people should take the chance and read this book and discover what love is really all about

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