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Deliver Us from Darkness (The Otherealm Saga, #1) ❴Reading❵ ➺ Deliver Us from Darkness (The Otherealm Saga, #1) Author W. Franklin Lattimore – Brent Lawton's entrance into the occult was an accident; a combination of ignorance and naïveté He is drawn into a life paralyzing darkness that threatens to destroy him Brent tries desperately to e Brent Lawton's entrance into the occult was an accident; a combination of ignorance and naïveté He is drawn into a life paralyzing darkness that threatens to destroy him Brent tries desperately to escape even to the point of attempting suicide However his deadly deliberations are temporarily stalled by the thought of two possible after life destinations—one of them probable—planted in his mind Deliver Us MOBI :↠ by his grandmotherTara Baker's involvement in the occult was no accident Painful secrets from her past prompt her to push forward to acuire dark power Motivated by a malevolent intent to destroy the walk of two Christlings she leverages both physical and spiritual influences to again prove her worthiness to an angry mentor who no longer trusts her emotional stabilityBrent's and Tara's paths will cross Two different powers will compete for their lives and reputations Neither Brent nor Tara will come out of the experience without scars but one will encounter an ancient power so boundless that he or she will come face to face with eternityFormerly titled Freedom Fight.

10 thoughts on “Deliver Us from Darkness (The Otherealm Saga, #1)

  1. Chad Chambers Chad Chambers says:

    This novel literally has me enthralled at the moment I am almost through the sixth chapter and it has been tough to decide whether to read it all at once or take my time finishing it lol I have so far been introduced to some very interesting and thought provoking characters As I first started to read the book I noticed that the flow was very smooth and one thing seemed to wrap right into another without losing my attention And the characters will make you wonder whether or not you believe the way you should or the way that everyone else seems to Will you be left behind because you were too world absorbed to realize the truth? Or will you rise up to the voice of God and do your part? This is very important in a book of this genre especially one that challenges traditional andor legalistic thinking I cannot however wait until I find out what the thick of the next chapter will include or where it goes next Latti has a very apparent sense and knowledge of the warfare that is at hand and I for one am proud of him for not shoving it underneath the lies of yet another societal deceit Freedom Fight as it is thus far even has ME thinkingLet me just add that the format in which Latti lays out this novel is ingenious The characters The scenarios at hand The surrounding cast of intelligents that bring to life the very real truth of Spiritual WarfareVery nicely done Latti

  2. David Eccles David Eccles says:

    This first volume in the Otherealm trilogy is a wonderful opener that is not only a primer for what is to follow in the next two novels it stands on its own as a really enjoyable book and although it is a work of religious fiction without buckets of guts gore gratuitous sex and profanity it nevertheless makes the reader want to keep turning the pageEach character in Freedom Fight is well rounded and believable and is shown to grow not only physically but also spiritually as they struggle with their faith and devotion to God and are tested by human and otherworldly Enemies Brent Lawton than any other of them discounting Tara Baker who has a different kind of struggle to contend withI can't wait for the second volume to be published so that I may read the further adventures of Brent Marta Tara Karen and some of the other supporting characters although the second volume Freedom War is to be set twenty four years after the events in Freedom Fight though there will be flashbacks to Arthurian times as the story really begins then in ScotlandA recommended read even if one is not of a religious persuasionI noticed that there were uite a few grammatical errors some of them rather glaringly obvious so I hope that these will be addressed by another round of proofing and editing as this was the only thing that I could fault reallyIgnoring those small errors Freedom Fight is still worthy of a 5 star rating from me

  3. Robin Robin says:

    This is a great book on so many levels I hardly know where to begin On a purely surface level it is an interesting exciting fast paced story The characters are realistic and well rounded I found that I had to keep reading chapter after chapter until I knew the characters were safe for the nightOn a deeper level this book challenges the reader to think about the reality of heaven and hell and the spiritual warfare taking place today Enough information about witchcraft and demons is provided to authenticate the story but I did not find it to be overdone Many people are lured into these dangerous practices searching for something to fill a spiritual void or to provide acceptance and a sense of purpose Those who read this book will gain the understanding that the powers of the dark side are very real but this power will not be tamed or harnessed for any good purpose by human beings They will also learn that God has the ultimate power and those who follow Him will have a future unlike anything this world will ever have to offer Although this book discusses spiritual matters I did not find it to be preachy in tone I would recommend it for Christian and non Christian readers alike I think it would also work well for book clubs and other study groups as the book is very thought provoking and would offer a great starting point for discussion

  4. Reeda Booke Reeda Booke says:

    A wonderful debut novel which illuminates the struggles of sin we all have in our lives and the redeeming power of having a personal relationship with Jesus The story was written in such a personal way as to make you feel like you were part of of the group of characters and it made me laugh and cry with them I also loved how the author showed the importance of prayer in our daily walkI am definitely looking forward to the rest of this story

  5. Floyd Patrick Floyd Patrick says:

    Very well written book I loved the idea of the timestamp as it seemed to draw me into the story The characters were easy to follow and keep track of The story line was excellent and kept my interest Recommend this book highly too everyone

  6. J.S. Bailey J.S. Bailey says:

    Freedom Fight now renamed Deliver Us From Darkness by W Franklin Latti was not the novel that I expected for one very simple reason I did not know what to expectLatti's debut novel tells the story of Brent Lawton a new Christian who faces temptation when a witch named Tara Baker sets her sights upon him It is Tara's desire to bring about a Christian's downfall and Brent seems like he's going to be an easy mark What ends up happening between them I did not see comingThere were a few problem areas in the text that if fixed would have made this read even enjoyable for me There were several typos and many instances of telling instead of showing Some scenes were written as flashbacks and I think they would have read better if they took place in real timeThat being said Latti has a new fan and I look forward to what comes next in this series

  7. Michele Atwell Michele Atwell says:

    W Franklin Latti weaves a compelling story about spiritual warfare It isn't just a tale about a Christian's struggle against deception manipulation and sin but against the very real evil that conspires to steal back a soul from God while attempting to destroy another along the way Latti makes you care about and root for his main character Brent He makes you love Brent's Mawmaw and makes you despise the woman who seeks to destroy Brent's relationship with the Lord I've read this book several times and I always want to read I can't get enough

  8. Joe P Joe P says:

    When I picked the book up the 1st time I didn't put it down until Chapter 15 When I picked it up the 2nd time I finished it Great book Must read

  9. Sheila Sheila says:

    This is my first book from Mr Latti that I have read it was an excellent read It tells the story of spiritual warfare and is something that Christians need to be aware of I would highly recommend this book

  10. D.M. Kilgore D.M. Kilgore says:

    Freedom Fight Now known as Deliver Us from Darkness with a whole new look Have you ever felt like there was a fight inside of you? Something beyond your control pulling you this way or that trying to tear you apart? Well I have I truly appreciated this tale of a young man in such a battle If you've never been subjected to the pain of an internal battle you should still read this and think of it as preparation for a war we all face at some point in life It is a battle that arrives in various forms and at some point we all end up fighting to be better than we once wereI finished it in record time despite being unusually busy during the time I chose to read it I just could not put it down I couldn't wait to finish it To find out where it was going and why As I closed the book I was not disappointed by anything than this part of the story being over and knowing I would have to wait on the next part to hit the shelves It's been about a month perhaps a bit longer since I finished it I've held off on writing the review simply because I had to let the story settle I found the story uite thought provoking on top of being a highly enjoyable and compelling readThe characters ah the characters I simply loved them There were so many wonderful characters from every possible angle and walk of life I am not sure I can honestly say that I didn't at the very least relate to almost all of them the good the bad and the ugly I immediately loved the grandmother because she brought to mind so many sweet and precious memories of my own grandma I definitely understood and empathized with Brent right from page one Soon I was relating just as much to TaraThe story oh but it's much This is so much than just a good story Don't get me wrong it is a very impressive story Well written and packed with emotional punch that runs the full spectrum of emotion just the way I like my stories But this book was an exercise in exorcising inner demons that we all have but seldom willingly admit to It makes you think I mean it really makes you think At times I had to put it down only to re read the same passage again and again There were tears Not the typical awww that's sad kind of tears but the deep down struck a chord ow my heart kind of tears Believable moments that are so real they leap off the page grab you by the throat and refuse to let go until you choke out a prayer of thanks for having been able to re live moments of your own journey as you travel the paths of Brent Lawton and Tara BakerThe writing pow Latti manages to stand firm in his faith deliver his beliefs without choking you with them and kindly toss in footnotes and an appendix to help you find scripture follow up on thoughts or research further into an area you might not be familiar with It's almost like a hand book to help you work out the intricacies of the story if like me you are a bit new to The Word Bonus Latti is witty Yes yes he is It weaves its way into the story at the most unexpected and yet appropriate moments This book was written in a time stamped presentation that I found new and refreshing I've yet to read a book that progresses in this manner I rather liked it It's as if you are reading a diary or watching a live feed of the story as it plays outThe story is enthralling emotional and exciting It's intricately stitched together with Truth wit and knowledgeI flipped pages back and forth to the point that my copy looks like it's been read a half dozen times I've rarely come across a book that I enjoyed flipping back to a former page or chapter to enjoy the moment again and again before heading back towards the finish linePerhaps I enjoyed it so much because I found the story so familiar and could compare it to events in my own life in my own walk of faith and in my own journey thus far but I happen to think anyone who loves a battle between good and evil could embrace and enjoy this tale Simply stated if you're not reading it yet you should be I've passed my well worn copy on to a few friends whom I knew would benefit from the wisdom within the pages All of whom have replied eagerly with it's life changing eye opening and awakening I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment of this passionately written talePS Mr Latti my favorite pages 52 57 I've worn them out cried over them until the pages are permanently pock marked A writer could not have captured the intensity or beauty of that moment perfectly I got to relive my moment over and over and over and I'm better for it every time I re read it Thank you

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