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The Ship Finder Ship Finder #1 [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Ship Finder Ship Finder #1 By John G. Bluck – In April 2061 Dr William Wilson goes for a jog in a northern California park Little does he know that in the next few minutes he will begin a fascinating months long journey after he meets a wounded e In April Dr Finder Ship PDF/EPUB é William Wilson goes for a jog in a northern California park Little does he know that in the next few The Ship PDF or minutes he will begin a fascinating months long journey after he meets a wounded extraterrestrial Richard Raven A ship finder which looks like a silver Ship Finder Ship Kindle Ö pocket watch leads them to Raven’s ship The world Wilson enters is chock full of advanced technology and machines as well as strange weaponsWilson encounters beautiful extraterrestrial women and learns about extraordinary medicine that has enabled the inhabitants of planet Sunev to enjoy greatly extended lives As he learns about Sunevian society he begins to uestion its values and its governmentInterplanetary war erupts Wilson must decide whether or not to become involved and if so which side to join Meanwhile aliens Lena Lavelle and Rachel McCoy befriend him entangling him in an emotional web of feelings and loyaltiesThis young adult edition is intended for those readers years old and older.

  • ebook
  • The Ship Finder Ship Finder #1
  • John G. Bluck
  • 08 October 2016

About the Author: John G. Bluck

John G Bluck's science Finder Ship PDF/EPUB é fiction novel The Aliens of Valtrit the second book in the Ship Finder series is now available as a paperback The Ship PDF or and e book on com BarnesandNoblecom and SmashwordscomJune is the release date for his mystery Death in the Holler Another of his mysteries Ship Finder Ship Kindle Ö a novella is entitled The Knight ProwlerBluck retired from NASA as a public affairs offic.

4 thoughts on “The Ship Finder Ship Finder #1

  1. Bryan Pentelow Bryan Pentelow says:

    Review of Ship Finder by John BluckA medical doctor Bill Wilson out for a run finds a man slumped on the ground and wounded What comes of this is a tale which spans three worlds and parallel dimensions This is the story of conflict both personal and interplanetary Should clones and cyborges be given eual rights or treated as objects to be bought sold and traded for favours Follow Bill’s attempts to tread a path through the politics and moral codes of a society which is in some ways advanced than ours but in others raises serious doubts in his mind and problems of friendship and betrayal An example of how science fiction can help us to analyse our own world and valuesFour stars

  2. Janet Logan Janet Logan says:

    This feels like a first effort Editing and writing could definitely be tighter That said it's got an interesting premise and the plot did engage my imagination It's very clear that the author is a pacifist who abhors war as long as that doesn't turn you off it's a pleasant read

  3. Tony Tony says:

    I kept reading this book thinking that the basic writing style and simple story was there for a purpose I found the characters shallow and the worlds incomplete A couple of points for imagination but thats about it 15 on Goodreads

  4. Eloise Eloise says:

    This novel begins as classic Sci Fi thriller meets James Bond if James Bond were an unwitting victim of feminine pulchritude There are a number of clever futuristic inventions especially in medicine The plot is action driven rather than character driven James Wilson a Calfironia physician finds himself flung into another dimension and discovers there are a number of dimensions However Bluck's use of the term dimension is unvonventional It is not the same as used by physicists nor the general use as an aspect He envisions an overlay of universes each of which he calls a dimension One can only be in one dimensionuniverse at one time Yet the dimensionsuniverses seem to occupy the same space Nevertheless there are portals between them The closest thing in Physics relates to the understanding that there are between 11 and 13 dimenssions which means space has at least 11 dimensions Therefore there would be over 100 three dimensional subspaces which could be independent of each other or intersect in one or two dimensions At any rate one country in one of the universesdimensions has the ability to travel to the others There is much space jumpingThere are female clones who 'serve' their country I don't recall any male ones There are rebels who dislike their government and believe clones are discriminated against so the opportunity for clashes and intrigue is great A predictable amount of espionage and battle plans populate the novel and scenes of battle are well drawn The number of battles and deaths match those in most Sci Fi movies up to the endSPOILER ALERT' Don't read on if you don't want to hear about the endingThe ending is so sobering it is a shock I consider it a dire warning of what comes from continuous warring and upping the ante against one's enemy Victory has come at a price no one should be willing to pay In this sense it is the ultimate anti war novel

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