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  • 28 May 2016

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  1. Bandit Bandit says:

    This author just seems to entertain me And his stories are readily found online for free short and pleasantly diverting And he travels across genres which is extra fun This is one of the Charlie Madison's ones PI working in former LA and now a designated zone with too many digits in the number a result of an ongoing war between the West and the Eat though the political conflict is split up in a somewhat unexpected way with China being the aggressor Japan a victim and so on It's an interesting world Mr Madison inhabits somewhat futuristic somewhat anachronistic and all noir The writing is a pure throwback to the time when all the streets were murky and all the ladies were dames The mystery itself is no great mystery but the setting and the characters are oodles of fun I think I'll read another

  2. Loni Loni says:

    Disclaimer I received a free copy of this novelette in exchange for an honest reviewCharlie Madison is a character I click with He's confident efficient and good at his job but he's not without heart I plan on following Charlie into the next story Immaterial Evidence What I liked best was Charlie's attitude Yes things are bad But he makes it by with what he has and does what he needs to He's a man who keeps on forging onward rather than sitting and complaining about the situation He's a doer and he doesn't buckle under a corrupt worldIn addition to Charlie's character I also liked Fowler's way with words The story starts out great with some of the best description I've read in a long time Everything from the poor lighting to the sueak in the chair it came alive from the first page Don't take that wrong It's not overly described He picks the tiny important details that bring the scene into sharp focus and it stayed with me even after I finished the story The value of the girl in the title did come as a surprise to me But the main character had pretty much the same reaction I did so it's my guess Fowler anticipated that reaction I would've liked to seen clue hunting and evidence deducing after the big bad guy stepped on the scene I wouldn't say I didn't see the ending coming but I think one clue would've made it all lock in better For that I rank it at 45 rounding up to 5 since stars don't have half points The pace is uick and the novelette was enjoyable If you like grit with humor and personality pick it up

  3. Gef Gef says:

    I remember reading a couple great reviews for the Malfeasance Occasional anthology Girl Trouble last year But it slipped off the radar shortly thereafter and I didn't really give it a second thought If the story are as good as this novelette from Milo James Fowler I may have to put it back on my watch list because this was right up my alleyA world weary private eye living a world now divided in two after a great near future war has ravaged the planet winds up on a case in search of a veterans abducted adopted daughter Working a case it hard enough because the Russian mob pretty much runs most of the city It doesn't help when the kingpin has some cybernetic goons doing his dirty work while keeping his own identity tightly guarded And much like the private eyes of noir's yesteryear Charlie Madison takes a lickin' while doling out his own brand of investigative brutality as wellIn uick fashion the world is fleshed out the stakes set and raised and Charlie Madison regarded as a cynical hero in a world of villains I dug it and would have no objections to a novel length Madison mystery brought out down the line As it stands genre blending fans should find a fun fast read here that'll whet the appetite for

  4. Christine Rains Christine Rains says:

    It's tough being a good guy in a city where everyone is out for themselves As a private investigator Charlie Madison doesn't want to be a hero He has enough problems paying the rent Yet when a girl is kidnapped he takes on the case and it may be than he can handle Each lead takes him to a darker and stranger place and it might be his life if he finds the answers he's looking forAn exceptionally well written crime noir piece The little details seamlessly set the dark mood and immersed me in this corrupt world Except not everyone is bad Charlie may be gruff but he has heart In his own clever way he gets things done as efficiently as possible Not only is he likable but admirable as wellAs the mystery unfolds we're taken on some twists and turns Milo James Fowler handily wraps it up in the most unexpected way The tale is humorous and gritty and I promise it will not disappoint

  5. Tyrean Tyrean says:

    From the first word to the last this novella's excellence shines like a string of pearls Hard boiled detective Charlie takes a gem of a case to find a missing girl for two obviously wealthy clients He needs to pay the rent so even though the clues are slim he heads out on the case into the grim futuristic city plagued by acid rain Through a series of cleverly written conversations with informants Charlie discovers there is to this case than expected and his very life is in dangerSpeculative dystopian scifi mixed with a noir tone and a sarcastic hero with a heart of gold Girl of Great Price is one of Milo James Fowler's best gems Given the skill of Fowler's writing and the excellence of all his stories and books this is not faint praise This novella is one of my favorite reads of 2014

  6. Jada Ryker Jada Ryker says:

    Short Story of Great ValuePrivate investigator Charlie Madison is uniue He takes on hopeless cases in an even hopeless world He slumped into a well worn armchair facing the cabinet TV and turned toward me with his good ear The other one was a swollen shriveled mess You'd think he'd wear something to cover it but he shaved himself bald skin white as a maggot's and he never wore hats Dark eyed and broad jawed he had the look of a Scandinavian Neanderthal about him the world's first documented missing linkMilo James Fowler's Girl of Great Price is an excellent short story Mr Fowler's writing style is clean and descriptive With just his words as a guide the imaginative reader conjures up vivid pictures of an alternate reality

  7. Stoney Setzer Stoney Setzer says:

    In a world that blends noir with dystopia and alternate history PI Charlie Madison takes the case of a missing girla case that is not what it seems about a girl who has been missing for 48 hours and who has caught the attention of an underworld kingpin who is willing to do whatever it takes to get his way Charlie never set out to be the hero but he finds himself forced to do exactly thatMilo James Fowler does a good job of taking classic noir characters and plotting and setting them in a world even gloomier than anything such classic noir practioners as Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler could have ever imagined I look forward to reading stories about Charlie Madison

  8. Jeff Chapman Jeff Chapman says:

    Charlie Madison cares and that's what makes him dangerous and his own life so perilous Set in a future California with all the flavor of a 1930s San Francisco gangster film Charlie is trying to track down a young Japanese girl who has been kidnapped because Well you need to read the book to find out You wouldn't believe me if I told you There're gangsters galore an ex prize fighter working girls and an honest Irish cop Charlie needs all his wits and a bit of luck to stay alive He's already over his head in trouble If you like the '30s era crime pulps you'll be a fan of Charlie Madison

  9. T.B. Markinson T.B. Markinson says:

    Fowler’s novella is a wonderful blend of noir and science fiction The author’s world building seems effortless making it easy for the reader to slip into his bizarre world without it seeming bizarre He holds firm to the belief that less is and it works brilliantly Madison makes the perfect cranky detective that is hard on the outside but deep down he has a big heart He’s likable and it’s hard not to cheer for him Because of this I was hooked right away My one regret was that it wrapped up too uickly and neatly for me I would have liked a bit drama near the end but in a novella that’s not always possible That aside I highly recommend this story

  10. Cherie Cherie says:

    Charlie Madison is on the case in Milo James Fowler's Girl of Great Price a preuel novelette to Immaterial Evidence I love Madison's no nonsense style The piece is great noirhardboiled detective mystery with a futuristic twist I only wish at the climax that we would see the action instead of hearing about it in the next chapter I recommend reading Girl of Great Price by Milo James Fowler before reading Immaterial Evidence and am looking forward to Charlie Madison

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Girl of Great Price[Epub] ➛ Girl of Great Price By Milo James Fowler – In a city run by a powerful mobster nobody wants to play the hero Private investigator Charlie Madison just wants to pay the rentWhen a little girl goes missing and no ransom demand is made Madison ta In a city run by a powerful mobster nobody wants to play the hero Private investigator Charlie Madison just wants to pay the rentWhen a little girl goes missing and no ransom demand is made Madison takes the case Time isn't Girl of Kindle - on his side After hours it's unlikely an abducted child will be found in one piece But Madison's a champion of lost causes and he'll be damned before he gives up on her even if it means putting his life on the lineAs the mystery unfolds Madison learns a bizarre secret that seems too impossible to believe But it could explain why the girl was kidnapped and why she might still be aliveNovelette words Crime Noir Science Fiction Preuel to Immaterial Evidenceoriginally published by St Martin's Press in the Girl Trouble anthology.

About the Author: Milo James Fowler

Milo James Fowler is a teacher by day and a speculative fictioneer by night When he's not grading papers he's imagining what the world might be like in a dozen alternate realities So far his short fiction has appeared in than Girl of Kindle - publications including AE SciFi Beneath Ceaseless Skies Cosmos Daily Science Fiction Nature and Shimmer Find his novels novellas and short story collect.