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  1. CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD says:

    I skipped one book and head straight to this one and I did it on purpose cause after all the love hate relationship between Bishop and Anja well mostly with Bishop then there is Bishop’s POV she ends up with Rob? What’s up with that? But it’s not the end yet so I don’t really know where this story is going I got nothing against Rob all the chase between Bishop Rob and Anja was just too muchI love a good paranormal romance novel and after reading the first seuel of this series it has somehow drawn me to follow through despite the fact that I have read a similar plot line which in my opinion were definitely way better and the fact that I really wasn’t sold with the story with the whole Anja a music major became the only smarter political minded vamp and her becoming a stronger? vamp she becomes the saviour amongst all vamps? meh too convenient and it does gets real cheesy a lot But despite all this it did have a great start and the writing was truly good Just a uick recap on this series this is about a newly turned vamp Anja who’s sire happens to be an Ellri meaning the oldest vamp ever and powerful making her a direct line and second most powerful But on the day she was turned her sire abandoned her leaving it to Bishop who’s work as somewhat like a vamp police to help her instead of terminating her And thus starts their connection and Anja’s new life The characters of this series are both a hit and miss with their capriciousness They annoy the hell out of me Well somewhere after the sixth seuel I was losing interest altogether hence my skipping straight to this book cause I really just want to know the ending And I thought this was the end I was wrong LOL There isn’t any huge action scenes really though there is always that air of danger D

  2. Jenn Jenn says:

    I have read all the books in this series each one just getting better and better and this one was as expected i felt happy sad and angry all at the same time for Anja I didnt want to put it down i had to keep reading it The story flows from book to book i love the characters i can almost imagine what they look like and would i want to meet one of the male Vampires in a dark alley somewhere errmmm that would be a yes Carter he's a loner he needs to be mothered looked after Bishop feel so sorry for this guy to carry a deep ache for what he couldnt have Bob who doesn't appreciate the good life he has right under his nose Jakob well words seemingly fail me at how he thinks things should be perhaps a taste of his own medicine is needed This book has kept me enthralled from start to end leading on towards the next book i could read these books for as long as Lisa Olsen can write themIf you havent checked out these books please please read them you will not be disappointed whatever you have read about Vampires upto now forget it these Vampires are tall dark extremely sexy who wouldnt want to go out for a bite with one of these?Highly recommend the author Lisa Olsen check out this series and her other books She is fabulous xxx

  3. Laveda Kasch Laveda Kasch says:

    Trust me is the 8th book in Lisa's Forged Bloodlines series and an awesome addition to an already awesome series The book kicks off with a toe curler the book is actually FILLED with toe curlers I love the way Lisa can take a sex scene and make is sexy but classy at the same time It’s also filled with suspense deceit heartbreak and some major twists and turns I'm pretty sure that I messaged the author numerous times withwell let’s just say that I was going crazy with the twists I stayed on the edge of my seat the whole book I was either swooning fanning myself cursing the characters AND the author on the verge of a panic attack or saying WTF??? There is so much going on in this book and I'm not going to give you one hint I will not spoil it for you because this book is full of awesomeness that you need to read for yourself I will say that the ending will leave you wanting but don't all of her books make you feel that way?

  4. Pam James Pam James says:

    Gut wrenchingly fabulousLisa Olsen knows how to wring every emotion out of you OMG Highest to lowest Love to Hate Sad to funny Everything is wrenched from you Could not put it down Lost sleep reading this book I wanted to scream at Anja several times Girl get your head on right I'm definitely on Team Bishop Sorry to those on Team Rob Bishop just makes my toes curl I'm so enjoying the journey Lisa Olsen is taking me on If you love a book that is so well written Has action and adventure Has playfulness and Romance Get this Series From a true Fan Pam James

  5. Stephanie Carr Stephanie Carr says:

    I have loved each and everyone of these books I can not wait for 9 to come out Once I started I simply could'nt put them down and now I have to wait to see what happens with Rob and with Carys And really Hannah and Mason There's to many to nameand I do hope Carter finds his special someone as well

  6. Jana Gundy Jana Gundy says:

    Just when you think it's all well you should know better This is Lisa Olsen so we all know she has to make your jaw drop She really does in this one That dang curse Anja thinks all is well and her and Rob can live HEA but wait Alas you'll have to read it to know what happens

  7. Amanda Hartranft Amanda Hartranft says:

    Loved it Sheesh the author really knows how to pull you into the storyand keep you from getting chores done I couldn't put this book down This is one of my favorite series and this particular book did not disappoint I can't wait to find out what happens next

  8. Robin Toy Robin Toy says:

    Another awesome readTeam Bishop all the way Loving this series so much ya know you are reading a good book when you say you azz out loud at the dog park and ya have to lift your kindle in the air and say ' my bad '

  9. Colette Wills Colette Wills says:

    The series is great although this book had less action in it In my opinion it is still a must read for the series because it lets you see into of the characters heads

  10. Mia LeNae Mia LeNae says:

    GrrrrrrHot damn Really Rob? Lol love this whole series Yes I would recommend them and I can't wait for BOOK 9

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Trust Me When the Sun Goes Down [Reading] ➬ Trust Me When the Sun Goes Down ➳ Lisa Olsen – I couldn't help but think we were finally over the worst of our troubles I was such an idiotThe bad guy's dead and gone Jakob's given Rob and Anja his blessing and left town so everything should be sm I couldn't help but When the PDF/EPUB ¿ think we were finally over the worst of our troubles I was such an idiotThe bad guy's dead and gone Jakob's given Rob and Anja his blessing and left town so everything should be smooth sailing right Right Not so fast Lodinn's still wreaking havoc with their lives from beyond the grave as the search for Carys pulls Bishop and Jakob into the most unlikely of partnerships As Anja settles into Trust Me ePUB ½ her hard won bliss she finds that things aren't necessarily happy ever after as Rob's mounting secrets begin to take their toll All around her violence against humans is spilling into the city streets threatening to expose vampires to human eyes and bringing vampire hunter Carter back into the picture His direct but effective methods lead her to ask is it wrong to kill a killer Is there anything she can do to bring the violence Me When the PDF/EPUB ¾ to Me When the Sun Goes ePUB ½ a halt apart from compelling the entire vampire community to her willWhen Bishop discovers Carys' long lost diary it holds the key to his past as well as Rob's future The burning uestion remains is Carys really alive out there somewhere or was it merely a beautiful lie and Lodinn's final revengeAnd can Anja survive a betrayal so deep it shakes her to the very core.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 302 pages
  • Trust Me When the Sun Goes Down
  • Lisa Olsen
  • English
  • 28 March 2015

About the Author: Lisa Olsen

Lisa Olsen is a When the PDF/EPUB ¿ writer wife and mother of two currently living in the Pacific Northwest A complete TV addict she also enjoys online RPG's singing reading and cooking.