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Choose Love [PDF / Epub] ✅ Choose Love Author Stormie Omartian – Stormie Omartian’s bestselling books on the power of prayer have touched millions of lives Recent books have taken a closer look at the leading of the Holy Spirit and the call to be a prayer warrior Stormie Omartian’s bestselling books on the power of prayer have touched millions of lives Recent books have taken a closer look at the leading of the Holy Spirit and the call to be a prayer warrior for God Now Stormie takes a fresh look at another powerful aspect of knowing our CreatorHis amazing and great love for us We reflect God most clearly when we are motivated by the power of love in all we say and do But first we have to understand the depth of God's love for us and receive it Then we must learn how to effectively express our love for Him “One of the many ways we can show our love to God is to deliberately choose to show love to others and in every situation” says Stormie “We can only accomplish this with the guidance and enablement of the Holy Spirit When we do that God blesses us and transforms our lives in ways we cannot even imagine And we will have a sense of God's pleasure toward us that is far valuable than anything else we may desire This book is about making that sometimes difficult choice and the rewards that follow” Transform your heart your relationships and your future as you press into God’s love and let the power of His life and character move through you.

About the Author: Stormie Omartian

Stormie Omartian is an award winning bestselling author and speaker who personally connects with readers and listeners by sharing her experiences and illustrating how God transforms lives when we learn to trust in HimThe strength and transparency of Stormie’s message has driven her books to the top of the bestsellers list More than million copies have been sold worldwide of her Power of Pray.

10 thoughts on “Choose Love

  1. Mia Mia says:

    What does love really mean? God loves you is a term that is used very often but what does it mean? and how do we choose to love God and show his love to others? In the Audio book Choose Love Author Stormie Omartian breaks down Love and explains the difference between God's love and human loveStormie Omartian explains the true depths of Gods love and how unconditional it truly isI really enjoyed this audio book It is always an added bonus when the author of the book is the one reading the book to you Sitting down to read a book doesn't always fit into my busy schedule so I was blessed by being able to listen to the the authors voice as she read from her heart and that made it much personal and realWhen i started this book I felt like the author was a good friend sharing great words of wisdom with me while having coffee in my living room Stormie Omartian has a very soft and warm voice and you can easily tell she is passionate about the message she is deliveringThis book really gave me a great understand of just how much God really does love me I left feeling encouraged and hopeful for to comeEach chapter is packed full of godly wisdom and knowledge The author takes her time to explain God's loveone my favorite parts was the way each chapter ended with a prayer and scripture verses that are related to the topic of that chapterI loved being able to listen to each chapter than once this really helped me retain the information I def recommend this book to anyone who wants a better understanding of Gods love for them or for anyone who wants to be closer to Him closer to him this book has really helped me to know God better and has encouraged me to spend time with himChoose Love is an audio book I will be playing on repeat for many days to comeI was given the opportunity to review this book through christianaudio Reviewers Program christianaudioI was not reuired to leave a positive review Thank you christianaudio

  2. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI had trouble getting started with this book I’m trying to get back in touch with my religious roots and I thought this would be a good way to do that along with reading the bible This book is broken into three parts and I had a lot of trouble getting through the first part But this was because of my own expectations I thought this book would be about loving others and how to better yourself but the first part of the book was all about God’s love for you I understand why it was in the book If you’re trying to become in touch with God then you want to know how much he loves you But I found it to be repetitive It felt like when I was in school and I had to write an essay and I knew I wouldn't make the page reuirement so I just kept repeating the same thing in different waysOnce I made it through the first part though it was a lot easier for me to read However at certain points I couldn't believe that the author felt it was necessary to give 20 synonyms for a single word This happened than once I started counting the synonyms listed for other words and some had 20 some 15 most around 10 After a while I stopped counting It was a little unnecessary for that many synonyms to be listed The book was interesting enough I liked the prayer at the end of each chapter which in a way summed up everything I had just read The book had a good message about loving yourself and loving others while loving God With most spiritual books I like to say that even people who aren't believers could read it and learn from it But that wasn't the case in this book because it was all focused on God which is what I had wanted I think reading about Stormie's life was my favorite part She lived such a hard and interesting life and I enjoyed reading about how she ended up where she is now

  3. Pamela Nicolls Pamela Nicolls says:

    I loved this book It is a great read on how God loves us how we can love God others and ourselves This book is loaded with Bible verses for every section discussed A good read for every believer in Christ

  4. Kelly Kelly says:

    Excellent book Great content I always enjoy Stormie

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    Great book Wonderful content I always enjoy reading Stormie's thoughts

  6. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    Good book harder to read and I enjoy her other books on prayer better This one addresses new believers and seasoned Christians but in a way that seems jumpy and not smooth It bounces through her revelations on the many different views of love Conversational style writing but jumps from one topic to the next making excellent main points but seems a little like note taking Very good book worth a read with excellent points and views but hard to follow or get into Not like her other books

  7. Jamie Stephens Jamie Stephens says:

    I haven't read a really good Christian Nonfiction book like this since I read Max Lucado's novel Just Like Jesus Every word in Stormie's book had me hooked and wanting I love how she described the Trinity God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit She really breaks it down where you can understand it

  8. Mjobel CG Mjobel CG says:

    The spiritual advice is great and I love the connection to Scriptures However I wish that the tone of the book was closer relatable Besides that it's a lovely book for anyone who's starting to learn about God's Love in their lives

  9. Jack Jack says:

    I think this is the best book I have ever read This book has had a tremendous impact on my life

  10. Nezzle Nezzle says:

    It took a little while for me to get into this book but it was worth it With each chapter I felt and motivated to love I definitely recommend this

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