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  • Kindle Edition
  • 428 pages
  • A Prince of Wolves (Revised 2015)
  • Adeniyi Adeniji
  • English
  • 24 April 2014

5 thoughts on “A Prince of Wolves (Revised 2015)

  1. Raman Raman says:

    This book has a lot of good points to it but the overall feel of the book is slightly rough There are editing mistakes that pull the reader out of the story For instance there was some misuse of words there instead of their parameter instead of perimeter While not egregious these mistakes did sometimes stop the flow of the story so I had to think about what the author meant to say instead of just focusing on the story itself The writing style in general also took some getting used to The misuse of commas and the overuse of dashes such as this here made for clumsy writing at times As for the uality of the story sometimes the author came off as trying too hard to be in the Tolkien vein There were large info dumps about people and places that had no real place in the story I mean do we really need to know all the names of scholars and their very detailed theories related to one city that has a minor place in the story at best? The second half of the book was much better in terms of pacing and info dumps There was action development and the story flowed better though that could be a result of me just getting used to the style I liked the plot and the characters I got invested in the main character and really cared about what happened to him and that's the mark of a good story to me I really hope there is to the story and I'm eagerly looking forward to about EibarRoh

  2. Nigel Nigel says:

    This was a really enjoyable read Whilst it did lack some of the fantasy genre staples namelya Different racesb Dragonsc Young boy going on a uestThere was a good story that mingled dark magic political intrigue and secret societies really well I was able to warm to the main character Roh early on and was definitely invested in his progress through the book There were some good twists I won’t detail here for fear of spoiler another’s reading of the book where people you thought were going to be good guys or bad guys but ultimately you were proved wrong The battle and action scenes were well written and were only included in my opinion where they were need to move the story along a not simply as an excuse to add some violence to the novel My only concern if that is the right word is that I can’t decide if this is a standalone novel or the first of a series containing Roh The ending was not an obvious cliff hanger for follow up books but eually could be used as the starting point for additional books Will just have to wait and see I suppose

  3. Mike Mike says:

    I got this as a free ebook and well you always take a chance when reading something free I was very surprised to find that this was a very good book with strong characters and excellent action I look forward to reading his next book

  4. Aldrine Einsteen Aldrine Einsteen says:

    One the least expected page turnerDefinitely worth reading

  5. Craig Williams Craig Williams says:

    BrilliantgrippingOnce I started reading couldn't put it down a great read would definitely recommend to a reader who likes sword and sorcery

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A Prince of Wolves (Revised 2015)[PDF / Epub] ☆ A Prince of Wolves (Revised 2015) ✩ Adeniyi Adeniji – Thomashillier.co.uk Centuries ago a slave race of warriors fought as a united people under the auspices of the powerful war kings of Ghent Finally a liberated people they would make their way to new lands through the spi Centuries ago a slave race of warriors fought as a united people under the auspices of A Prince Epub / the powerful war kings of Ghent Finally a liberated people they would make their way to new lands through the spiraling mounts of Overgaard where they would become a divided people Now with the stability of the realm threatened by the greedy ambitions of a despotic emperor a hero will rise in the form of the leader of a notorious bandit clan In a world of sorcery and old gods the legend of Eibar Strohm begins A Fantasy Adventure novel of swords sorcery and old gods.