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The Social Leadership Handbook [KINDLE] ✽ The Social Leadership Handbook ❁ Julian Stodd – Social Leadership encapsulates the mindset skills and behaviours reuired to be an effective leader in the Social AgeIt recognises that power and authority are founded on what you curate and share how Social Leadership encapsulates the mindset skills and behaviours reuired to be an effective leader in the Social AgeIt recognises that power and authority are founded on what you curate and share how you build your reputation than simple positional authorityIt's a model of leadership that is The Social PDF/EPUB ² fluid and relevant than ones based on longevity situation or hierarchyUnder a social model sharing and narrating trump command and control It's a collaborative venture with communities at it's heartThe NET Model of Social Leadership is built around three Dimensions 'Narrative' 'Engagement' and 'Technology' The NET model is both an idea and a call to armsThis book is a guide for organisations looking to develop Social Leadership capability and for individuals looking to become Social LeadersJulian Stodd is Founder and Captain at SeaSalt Learning helping organisation thrive in the Social Age.

5 thoughts on “The Social Leadership Handbook

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    Less of a novel or informative read and like a thought piece on leadership principles Julian sort of muses his way through these chapters with various thoughts lightly strung together Some of his ideas and uandaries are interesting and made me think but in the end don’t have a lot of real takeaways

  2. Sae Schatz Sae Schatz says:

    An insightful and rewarding read It will change the way you see the world

  3. Louis Prosperi Louis Prosperi says:

    An interesting and insightful look at leadership in the Social Age In this book the author describes the Social Age as the environment we inhabit today it's a time when the very nature of work is evolving changing to reflect a revised social contract and the advancement of technology to facilitate sharing and communityAuthor Julian Stodd often writes about aspects of the Social Age on his blog and this book is an in depth look at leadership and what it should look like in the Social AgePart one of this book looks at the foundations of social leadership including defining the Social Age looking at the concept of the social business the social contract and social collaborative technology This sets the stage for exploring what leadership looks like in the Social AgePart two gets to the heart of this book and focuses on what the author refers to as the NET Model of Social Leadership This model is built around three key areas Narrative Engagement and Technology Each of these areas are further broken down into three components that comprise the skills concepts models and attitudes of social leadership as followsNarrative Curation Storytelling and SharingEngagement Community Reputation and AuthorityTechnology Co Creation Social Capital and CollaborationEach of these three components is even further broken down into three smaller pieces For instance the Curation component of the Narrative area comprises three facets Discovery Perception and Interpretation While I appreciate the goal of breaking down each piece of the model into smaller chunks at times I found myself a little lost in terms of where in the NET model hierarchy I wasI enjoy reading about business and leadership and this book offers a distinctively different look at leadership through the lens of the social age I especially like how this book combines traditional ideas around leadership such as authority and collaboration with some less traditional ideas including curation storytelling and co creationAnyone looking for ideas of what leadership will look like in the coming years will find good insightful ideas in this book This is a book that benefits greatly from being read than once There is a lot to digest in this small book and many of the ideas and how they can be applied may not be evident to the reader upon an initial read I do have a couple of minor uibbles with the book but neither of these is anything I would consider major First I read this initially on my Kindle and many of the illustrations and mind maps were difficult to read This is of an issue with my using a Kindle than with the book's content but is something that Kindle readers should bear in mind Secondly most of the book is theory than practice and I think the book would have benefited greatly from real life examples of some of the principles discussed Again these are both minor issues and neither of these should discourage people from reading this I recommend this book to anyone interested in leadership in general and the role of leadership and the skills needed to master it in the Social AgeDisclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book for being a member of the author's Learning Forum group on LinkedIn

  4. Vince Lammas Vince Lammas says:

    This is a really interesting work exploring in a very accessible way some of the features and important implications of the rise of social and collaborative working patterns and technology in the workplace of the 21st Century I don't have a problem with any of the core messages included in the book though the links to corporate social responsibility and workplace fairness revealed about the values of the author than the implications of working with narrative social and collaborative approaches I assume people would be able to work just as effectively in a collaborative manner to build the case against such actions not that I'm saying they shouldIf I have any criticisms they would be 1 The book appears to have been written as a series of stand alone sections with multiple cross references which felt to me like that created a lot of repetition Of course that makes it ideal for a person who likes dipping in and out but less attractive for a beginning to end reader2 I have a print version of the book and the illustrations have a really nice hand drawn feeling about them but the caolour palette makes them hard to read I dont think its a feature of the e book version mentioned by another reviewerDefinitely a book worth reading if you want to consider the way social technologies can influence work

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Most mind blowing book on leadership I've ever read Will be contemplating its import for church for a while

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