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Do It Like a Woman and Change the World ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Do It Like a Woman and Change the World Author Caroline Criado Perez – Every day all over the world women are making a positive difference to their lives and the lives of the people in their communities Most of these women are cut off from the rhetoric and theory of West Like a PDF ↠ Every day all over the world women are making a positive difference to their lives and the lives of the people in their communities Most of these women are cut off from the rhetoric and theory of Western It Like a Woman and PDF or feminism; many are active in deeply patriarchal and socially restrictive societies; some may Do It eBook ë not even describe themselves as feminists Nevertheless these women are proving to themselves and to the world that a powerful force for change can sometimes start with a single brave actionIn Do It Like A Woman Caroline Criado Perez an outspoken activist and campaigner uncovers these stories and investigates what they mean It Like a ePUB ´ for the feminist movement as a whole She gathers together stories from beatboxers in Malta and prostitutes in Merseyside to fighter pilots in Afghanistan and doctors in Portugal and shows how women are taking positive practical steps to challenge injustice or ineuality and change their world While some of these stories the It Like a Woman and PDF or Everyday Sexism campaign and the trial of Pussy Riot are already known the majority of the stories here have not yet been told and demand to be heard.

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  1. Sofia Sofia says:

    Having read Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman a White Feminist if ever there was one I was hesitant about this book then I heard the author Caroline Creado Perez speak at Ilkley Literature Festival and found myself a little encouraged to read it Now it's firmly on the list of books I wish everyone would read It's full of amazing women doing utterly amazing things here and NOW The representation is brilliant she has brought in women from all over the world and not once does she fetishise or orientalise It's very genuinely and sincerely written Additionally her writing style is absolutely beautiful and her analysis truly insightful I often found myself stopping to absorb what I'd just read A must in every home library reallyFrom scientists to poets to lawyers to CEOs to educationists to explorers and beyond The book is full of Women who have faced challenges risen above them and changed the playing field and continue to do so It's one of those books I know I will dip into again and again

  2. Claire Claire says:

    I was almost tempted to say that Do it Like a Woman documents the achievements of extraordinary women exceptionally brave exceptionally clever exceptionally determined from around the world And yet to do so would be to miss the entire point of the book Caroline Criado Perez demonstrates that there is nothing 'exceptional' about women performing brilliantly Her book shows that in spite of adverse circumstances there is no limit to what women are capable of achieving This book is truly inspirational Irrespective of whether or not you consider yourself to be a feminist it will open your eyesDo it Like a Woman is a fascinating book as educational as it is moving Caroline Criado Perez explores the recent achievements made by dozens of women from an extraordinary range of circumstances with interviews providing an insight into their wider social contexts From revolutionaries to robotic scientists Criado Perez highlights the areas in which women have succeeded Although their fields range broadly these women’s narratives all share one factor in common the prejudice they have faced on the basis of their gender Regardless of country or creed every woman interviewed has suffered from misogyny Acid attacks human trafficking forced prostitution rape and intimate partner violence all feature in their stories Even here in the UK – where there is a misplaced assumption that we are ‘ or less eual’ in terms of gender – the problem exists Ranging from the extremes of rape and murder to institutionalised forms of sexism that manifest in workplace discrimination women continue to face misogyny And the stories of female asylum seekers in Britain are harrowing Although a number of the interviewees’ stories have the power to devastate their fortitude and Criado Perez’s optimism prevent the subject from depressing By way of activism rebellion and sheer strength of will every woman interviewed has been responsible for change Whether large or small scale all of these changes together amount to a shift in wider culture Their success has the power to alter the perception of women to counteract gendered assumptions and inspire a generation of girls “Do it Like a Woman” is an incredibly positive book – a delight to read Caroline Criado Perez has collected an astonishing range of stories and woven them together seamlessly I would recommend it to anybody and everybody particularly readers looking for something uplifting

  3. ~Bookishly Numb~ ~Bookishly Numb~ says:

    This book admittedly had me completely hooked This book is full of amazing inspirational women that each have their own stories to tell These stories are told exceptionally well I think this book also shows people that there is no limit to what women can achieve even in the most testing of timesSome of these stories are somewhat harrowing but also at the same time uplifting The topics covered here range from human trafficking to extreme sexism in the workplaceThis book covers many sides of feminism and you really don't need to be a feminist to appreciate and enjoy this book

  4. Sumirti Singaravel Sumirti Singaravel says:

    My best find this year is Caroline Criado Perez Her words carry passion and anger and it portrays the struggles of being a woman in everyday life I got bowled over by her Invisible women and this book is no lesser than the other I really wish she keeps writing books And this book deserves a full blown detailed review which I shall come up with soon

  5. Nike Vrettos Nike Vrettos says:

    Caroline Criado Perez has once again done a fantastic job by sharing the stories of women who today are making a difference and dedicating their lives to what matters so deeply to them a eual world where women regardless of where they are in can break themselves free from the sexists chains that limit them and come in all shapes and forms One of the most important and wonderful parts of her book is her inclusion of women from all around the world It’s awe inspiring to listen to their stories and their commitment to the causes they work for Those women are role models and I am hopeful that their stories and relentless efforts inspire other women who read this book to take a step and change the world for the better

  6. Oda Renate Oda Renate says:

    Impactful important impressive yet also empowering bookI must say my fave chapter was the Women leading chapter some bits I had to skip because they were too difficult read too sad to readYet as a feminist this book is defently worth a read

  7. Heather Heather says:

    Every day all over the world women are making a positive difference to their lives and the lives of the people in their communities These women are proving to themselves and to the world that a powerful force for change can sometimes start with a single brave action Caroline Criado Perez's Do It Like A Woman is an excellent book though I feel like I should first briefly address the only other review I'd read of it one that celebrated it and its need but saying it's no than a fuel to feminists as no one else would likely pick it upI disagree I feel like yes the first influx will be feminists those who followed Criado Perez's story on getting women represented on banknotes and the subseuent backlash But I can tell you this brand spanking new copy is going to become well worn because I'll be recommending it to everyone I know Because it's importantIt does have a place as it highlights the discrepancies in areas of perceived euality and the real horrors in areas where we already know that euality isn't a given Even the design of fighter pilot uniforms is male leaning through ignorance than intention and it's these little details that add to the sweeping nature of how much of the world elements you wouldn't even consider aren't naturally built for womenIt apparently comes as no surprise but I was completely stunned by how poorly the UK operates and treats people and the statistics and legal treatment laid out in black and white shines a spotlight on how poorly women many of those fleeing countries in fear of their lives are treated Stories range from Pussy Riot Laura Bates and Criado Perez's own experience to truly harrowing tales of immigrants and rape victims in every day life the sex industry and the military It's a far reaching attempt to tell the stories in a singular workBut while it is eye opening in its horror there's a celebration in it too many of the women featured aren't names anyone would know but they're truly trailblazing for their cause in one way or another There's an attempt to be universal and inclusive to distinguish between what is outright misogyny or just ignorance in a male dominated construct and let these women tell their stories of their uest for change Technically I'm the perceived target audience so it does fuel the fire so to speak but I still think it's a book that people should read I think there is scope for branching out into other issues of gender beyond this and giving a little context to people and companies mentioned as it might not be readily known to people At the very least it's a starting pointIt's hard to curtail this into a conclusion because there's so much that could and probably should be addressed here but I'll tryThis in itself is not a definitive work but a snapshot of incredible women and their stories right now and what should hopefully be a starting point for many in joining these much needed conversationsI have to make myself stop typing I'll start a switch off countdown There's something incredible to see someone say I thought about giving up but I'll be damned if a little girl wants to do this and sees me uit because it's easier and it happens on many occasions often in the face of life threatening opposition I think I'll stick with 'a snapshot of incredible women and their stories' and a must read3 2 1

  8. Kate Walton Kate Walton says:

    Chock full of inspiring women all of whose stories are well toldI felt like something was missing though or perhaps I wasn't the intended audience maybe younger readers or readers new to feminism might find it useful But for me it seemed to be lacking something some sort of overall framework or structure that pulled it all together and told us why we should get out there and be like these womenStill an excellent book regardless

  9. Hélène Hélène says:

    An excellent book that every woman and man should read in order to understand why there is still a long way to go Inspiring stories by real women from many countries who have excelled in a number of fields and defied all limits imposed by society Some stories where shocking some were impressive All of them are true and all of them make you think This is why you like me will never be the same after reading this book

  10. Sacha Sacha says:

    this covered such a wide range of women from all across the world and it was presented in a way that tied everything together very coherently and kept me interested all the way through i really liked the interview feel of it i looked up most of these women as i was reading about them and they're amazing and i would really like to read books in this style

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