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Subordination ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Subordination Author Katie Ashley – When Sophie Jameson first became a domme at Club 1740 it was out of financial necessity than it was for personal pleasure and sexual exploration But over the years as she rocked her leather corsets an When Sophie Jameson first became a domme at Club it was out of financial necessity than it was for personal pleasure and sexual exploration But over the years as she rocked her leather corsets and boots while wielding every crop and flogger imaginable she grew to love the thrill and adulation that her clients brought her But all along her path in life and her heart was with a different profession—one she was planning to embark on at the summer’s endAnd then he changed everything Tall dark impossibly built—William was the complete opposite of whatever image a male sub conjured up After all the subs Sophie finally felt true lust and desire Although he was the proud stallion who needed breaking he became the one to make her break all her rules and let down all her wallsBut it was just supposed to be for that one night but an accidental encounter days later outside Club ’s protected walls had the two seeing each other in a different light—as simply Sophie and William not Domme and sub While they should have parted ways they couldn’t While they should never have gone back to her place they didAnd that simple mistake has a serious price for both of them.

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  1. Jayme Jayme says:

    I decided to read it out of curiosity The same description is interesting and original But I was a little afraid that it will be too much on the edge the thing is it wasn't as I expected at allAbout the plot Sophie aka Mistress Juliette works as a Domme at the Club 1740 She decided to be a dominatrix to be able to graduate and pay bills of Ranch where live her brother and sick father She does not feel the pleasure of domination over men it was her work that she decided to take But in her last night at the club she met the man who rocked her world and broke down all her principles William works in an environment that reuires him to dominate and responsibilities so in his spare time he participates in submissive games in the club He had a very good time with Soph during their play scene However he wasn't aware that this is her last night at the club Chance had it that the two meet in the real world and he was determined to get from her another night They start something that none of them will be able to stop even when the situation complicated even Starting with the fact that she never wanted to be in Ds relationship “I don’t want just to be with you sexually again Sophie I want to see where this could go long term” Final thoughts It was not what I expected because it was even romantic and after the description and BDSM scenes involving a dominant woman and submissive man that really surprised me Although I am not able to understand uite such a relationship that was really favorable book There were different scenes not only related to BDSM so I suspect that everyone will find something for themselves When it comes to the same story and the relationship of the main characters that has captivating and surprising course of events Only at one point a little out of control which I not much enjoyed but it comes back on a good track “I don’t always have to have pain to get off It just heightens everything for me It’s like the difference in jerking off compared to coming inside a tight pussy” However this what consumed me completely is touching story of Sophie father's illness It was so emotional that I cried like a baby It gave a really sensational development of history and a good endingAfter all I don't think that it's a book for everyone There is one good sentence that proves it But if you like to test your limits and try something new it is definitely worth your attention “Some get off on words others BDSM” uick ReviewSeries Stand aloneGradeTag Tabs Erotic Romance Release Date December 17 2015Main characters Sophie Jameson twenty four years old works as a Domme at the Club 1740 to keep bills for sick father and to be able to finish studies William Foster thirty two years works in an environment that reuires him to dominate and responsibilities so in his spare time he participates in submissive games in the club Secondary characters Very touching story of the heroine's father in the background Location Atlanta and Whitfield County GeorgiaSteamy view spoiler The book has a lot of BDSM scenes Domme and sub relation hide spoiler

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Katie Ashley whips up an emotional sexy erotic BDSM romance in her latest release Subordination If you ever have read a BDSM book then readers are very familiar with a master and sub relationship but in the case of this book Ms Ashley lures her readers to the world of a Domme and her relationship with a sub The leading Mistress Juliette is not your standard Domme because this lifestyle was not by preference but out necessity In the case of Mistress Juliette better known as her real name Sophie Marie Jameson she chose to be a Domme in order to help pay for the expenses of her father and brother Being a Domme was a job and she never met anyone whom she wanted to control outside her job at a sex club until she met William Foster William was your walking sex on the stick He exudes total alpha male but in reality he was a submissive through and through He was searching for that Mistress in whom he could find that special connection and he found that in Sophie When Sophie finally submitted to her lust and sexual attraction to William a connection was formed It was indescribable It was than a mistress exerting her power and control on a sub It was an electrical charge of possibly a life altering of two hearts As Sophie finally caved into giving her connection to William a try she was in for a rude awakening when she discovered that her sub was her new boss Will Sophie be able to continue her MistressSub relationship with William after discovering he is her boss? What would happen if anyone were to discover Sophie and Williams' secret proclivities?If you are a fan of bondage flogging and the whole Mistresssub relationship then Subordination might be the book for you While this book still had the hot erotic aspect of a romantic relationship the author was still able to incorporate and weave strong emotional undertones of matters of the heart and family dynamics Although this relationship might not be your conventional love story of hearts and flowers William was still your sweet romantic hero that just happens to love submitting control to his Mistress The story and writing flowed at an excellent pace giving readers a full balance of erotica BDSM romance and raw emotions So if you are looking for a fresh sexy and emotional BDSM then I would recommend Subordination by Katie Ashley Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages

  3. Dali Dali says:

    Holy smoking submissiveness A story about two secret alter egos who thought would have a single night of pleasure together When they meet each other in the real world though their encounter doesn’t just explode with sultry fireworks but also with jarring life altering results Between her educational debts and her father’s deteriorating health Sophie Jameson faced a financial uphill struggle Deciding to become a domme at Club 1740 was not to seek personal pleasure but out of economic need As Mistress Juliette Sophie has grown to care for her clients over the years She’s never been interested in one or taken pleasure from them much less wanted explore a relationship outside the confines of the club She has her own path and heart set in becoming a teacher once she finishes her studiesOn her last night as a professional domme she runs into the most handsome and attractive man she’s ever seen whose air of authority could easily be mistaken for a dominant alpha male and after years of celibacy he sparks true desire and want in Sophie Breaking down her walls they indulge in each other for one night But a chance run in outside of the club gives them a chance to get to know one another better Little did they know that their lives would further cross as William is to be her boss which has them rethinking a future together But what would happen if their secret got out? Although I tend to go for alpha male heroes the way Katie Ashley portrays William’s character was an incredibly sexy turn on He’s a strong secure in himself caring man who likes to put his partner’s needs ahead of himself and let go of his control in the bedroom Basically an old fashioned gentleman with added kink And while Sophie is outspoken and can wield a crop and hog tie anyone like no other she’s a kind person and a caring daughter and sisterTheir attraction was immediate but the bond grew as they got to know each other I really enjoyed Sophie and William’s witty sexylicious banter smoking hot chemistry and how well they fit together outside the bedroom The first half of their story was laden with eroticism but it’s secondary to their relationship and all the roadblocks they encounter because of their lifestyle choices and job positions during the second half Some because of outside interference some because of Sophie’s hesitancy But as they battle to overcome said setbacks we also get to see how much Sophie’s family lovingly appreciates all her efforts and is supportive of them Subordination reuired I have a tall cold glass of water at my side It made me fan myself and smile and as Sophie and William’s story comes to a somewhat predictable end I was misty eyed and happy for their happy and left with a very satisfying read Subordination Chronicles of a Domme by Katie Ashley is a standalone novel It is told from the heroine’s point of view and has a happy ending I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via The Rock Stars of Romance The excerpts are from that copy More reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers

  4. Elle aka Leftie aka Shoebelle Elle aka Leftie aka Shoebelle says:

    ARC received from authorpublisher for blog tourAs a first Katie read hmmm I’d say I like it As a first domme read hmmm I guess it’s ok Sophie is a professional domme who met William on her last day at work and ended up running into him outside of work There’s a connection there than meets the eye and just as they’re starting to explore that thing between them turns out it’s a small world after all for them In my head I think it’s making a difference that being a domme is just a job for her Did that translate well in her life? I don’t know She doesn’t even know herself and never really had to think about it until William came into the picture William on the other hand is into the lifestyle He knows what floats his boat So I suppose in a way it’s interesting to see how they managed the dynamics between them For a BDSM themed story I expected depth It almost felt a vanilla ized version and this is coming from someone who has a low threshold for this theme And it also felt that the other events that took place subjugated that aspect of their relationship Had this been a character study focusing only on their feelings towards each other and what it means to be in that relationship it would’ve worked better in my head Seeing that this is all Sophie’s POV I was actually curious to delve into William’s mind After all there’re not as many stories out there about a male sub Now while that whole aspect on BDSM didn’t uite meet my expectations the romance of it all and the story as a whole certainly did I finished it uickly which meant it was an easy read for me Sophie’s struggles outside the bedroom are relatable She’s straightforward kind and caring William is a gentleman and uite adorable There’s just enough angst and conflict to move the story decent side characters and yes smokin’ times under the sheet as you might say Overall it’s probably just as well that this is my first domme read it was a gentle way of breaking me into it It’s def a good intro to the writing of Katie Hope that makes sense

  5. Lina& Lina& says:

    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest reviewI have to admit that I had great expectations for this book The blurb had me intrigued and excitedEven though I love the genre something in this book did not click for me I don't think it was the fact that we had a Domme instead of a Dom; that had me very interested I think what went a bit wrong for me was the fact that I couldn't connect with the heroine Sophie is a professional Domme and not a lifestyle Domme She slipped a little too uickly into the skin of a Dominant and that had me wondering how since the lifestyle did not touch her outside of her job William is a lifestyle Sub and a very sweet character but I just couldn't really get into their story Their sexual encounters were strong and sizzling and I have to admit that the author did a great job with their chemistry The writing was great but emotionally I was left abit unchallenged It was not for me but it might be for you Give it a shot35 STARS

  6. Talltree Talltree says:

    This was a dommesub story with very likeable easy to relate MCs they have been through trials in life nothing to do with romance and it has made them a better stronger human being The romance starts first in a bdsm club then moves to a small town settingBut I couldn't believe the author went the predictable vindictive expublic exposure route for the climaxwhat was the message she meant to convey that people working in education should suppress their kinky instincts if any even in their private life? Or that competent responsible decent people who are into bdsm should never try to get into education? The second half of the book really disappointed me it was so cliche and OTT wish the author had chosen another less predictable path to the HEA I understood why the h pushed H away but really she was too headstrong for the wrong reasons I wanted to smack her at times The H was seriously too good375 stars

  7. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) says:

    Perfectly flawedI am a Katie Ashley fan so of course I was curious to see how she would spin a tale about the BDSM lifestyle I was pleased with the view she gave me into the world of a professional domme I especially enjoyed the softer side of the lifestyle she teased me with It was very well written and gave me a perspective I had not explored previously And it was pretty damn sexy too I have a new appreciation for the services a male sub can provide wink winkMistress Juliette was very good at her job and had uite a clientele Her services were appreciated and her secret job saved her from the debt that threatened her education and her family home Who'd a thunk she was capable of bringing men to their knees? Who'd a thunk she could learn the skills necessary to be successful at something she had never even considered participating in before she was recruited to Club 1740? While it wasn't her first choice for a career path it was a life saver While she enjoyed her clients she was never tempted to have a sexual relationship with any of themuntil him He was the first and only man to tempt her She had never considered spending time in the club for her own pleasureuntil himHe had been coming to the club for years He chose to explore that side of himself in the safety of an exclusive club that would protect his identity and his professional reputation When he saw her he knew she was special He felt a connection that was so well written that I felt it too I knew he wanted her and I shared his disappointment when she denied him I was cheering from the sidelines as the sexual tension built between them I hoped that he could persuade her to let go and take a chance on what could be very satisfying for themand me The anticipation was delicious Their witty banter was entertaining And the fall was a nail biting experience that had me on the edge of my seat as I became their unsolicited counselor The aftershock had me frustrated determined to turn the pages faster hoping that the next paragraph would ease my unrest and satisfy my yearning Yes I'm guilty of insubordination I expressed my dissatisfaction with vigor and animated gestures I'm always trying to bend the characters to my will And as always they never listen It's all part of the process that excitement that comes from a situation that seems hopeless and yet you retain your hope until the very end never giving up But the uestion is will he give up on her? Will he accept her 'no' or will he be able to turn it into a 'yes'? Inuiring minds want to know but there's only one way to find outclick

  8. Denise - Shh Mom& Denise - Shh Mom& says:

    I loved Subordination Chronicles of Domme from almost the moment I opened it I was almost immediately pulled right in and wished I could sit all day with this one As the blurb states Sophie Jameson became a Domme at Club 1740 out of financial necessity for her it was not personal pleasure and sexual exploration Mistress Juliette is well crafted and the acts she engages are about business that is something the reader can feel from the instant we meet her She is alter ego of sorts a facade Sophie puts on to provide for her family William Foster is mystery when Sophie and the reader meet him and the how we learn who he is was so well played From their first encounter it is clear Sophie is facing something very new to her “Look at me” He jerked his gaze from my boots to meet mine “Are you looking to play tonight?” “Yes I am And if it pleases you Mistress I would be honored if you chose me” Sophie and William second meeting was well played and his desire to want from her his desire to explore the connection between the two of them had me loving him and With true literary grace Ms Ashley paints William as a true gentleman his desire to please and to want to be sub doesn’t turn him into a doormat After just a few character I think many readers will be wishing William wanted to “serve” them What happens when William wants Sophie and the facade made this read engaging Ms Ashley did a wonderful job using secondary characters to build this story I loved Sophie’s brother Ansel and her father Michael; I was so touched by Michael even when things got tough his reaction was that of pure love and gratitude This book’s theme of you don’t know what you would do for family will speak to many readers I loved how this book and these characters faced real life struggles what happens when professional and private lives collide; what happens when jealously threatens to ruin it all and what happens what deep heartache comes bearing down in your lifeYes all these have events in the plot no I am not going to tell you what they are read the bookAs this tale unravels I was teary eyed and yes life comes with deep heartache heartache that can be softened if you open your heart to the love and care of one who want to comfort youThe epilogue has an adorable twist that turned those teary eyes into a big smile

  9. Maïwenn B Maïwenn B says:

    Generally I tend to avoid the dominant pattern subject you know it feels so déjà vuThis is the first time I read a book about a Domme and submissiveA woman demanding the submission of her lover and the latter desperate to satisfy the desires and needs of his mistress Wow I was immediately captivated by this bookAs much I fell in love with William with his determination and endearing side the heroine got on my nerves I felt like she was too whiny her fear of being abandoned not enough founded to my taste When a man puts as much passion to swoon you to tell you he wants you for what you are he wants to and will make sacrifices to be with you you do not answer him that your relationship is doomed to failure lowering your arms without a fightThe originality of the subject matter and the character of William are worth a good 4 star however the whiny side of the heroine prevents me from giving themThis will be a good 35 stars

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 121317 Katie Ashley has re branded and re named SubordinationIt is now BOUND TO ME She has re written some of the content so I am reading an ARC of it and will leave a new review once I finish the bookSo I have finished this book for the second time and I LOVED this just as much as I did the first time around What I loved was that it felt like the first time I read the book It has been 2 years since I first read this story and reading it now felt new I felt just as much emotion this time around as I did the last timeI know I said that Katie is re releasing this book and that she reworked some of the content but truthfully I can't see where the changes were I still stick to my first review on this book Yes this book is written in the BDSM world and we get to see the DOMME side of things but this book is SO MUCH MORE The love story in this book is beyond amazing and I love the characters were are given in this storyIf you aren't a huge fan of the BDSM story please don't let that scare you away from this book Everything is tasteful and mild compared to others This book is truly all about the love between Sophie and WilliamI would recommend this book again A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour 5 Domme Stars I had been looking forward to reading this book since the day Katie announced it and I am happy to say I was not disappointed at all I LOVED this bookI am such a huge fan of Katie's that she is an auto read for me Her books suck me in right from the beginning and always hold on tight until the very end Subordination was no different I was drawn to Sophie and William right from the startThis was a pretty fast paced book but nothing felt rushed I thought the writing was fabulous and flowed perfectly What I loved most about this book was that it took on a different look to the BDSM world We get the Domme's POV in this story Every other book in this genre is usually from the Dom's POV I learned so many new things while reading this story I will say that this book was so much than just a BDSM story it was an amazing love story as well Katie tapped into all my emotions while I was reading this book I laughed cried blushed and wanted to tear someone's hair out Calla When you can feel all those emotions how can you not give it a 5 star ratingIn this story we meet Sophie Jameson who is a Domme at the club 1740 She does this as a job only to help pay for her ailing father's medical bills and to finish college Once she graduates she lands a teaching job so she leaves 1740 On her last day at the club she meets a submissive William Instantly they are drawn to each other and decide to play Let me tell you Ms Ashley knows how to write steamy scene that is both HOT and tasteful From here we follow William and Sophie on their journey towards love I loved these two characters and I felt they had amazing chemistry You will definitely want to meet themI also loved the secondary characters Anzel Sophie's brother and Sophie's dad I really enjoyed the bond these three had and how they stood behind Sophie no matter what was happeningLet me just finish by saying that I think everyone should read this wonderful book It isn't your normal BDSM type story so please don't let that scare you away from this storyFollow Us at Book Bitches Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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