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Where Triplets Go Trouble Follows ❴Download❵ ➵ Where Triplets Go Trouble Follows Author Michelle Poploff – Thomashillier.co.uk Violet Daisy and Lily couldnt be different in some respects Violet loves being the center of attention Daisy cares mostly about sports and Lily likes to hide away in her books However the one thing al Violet Daisy Go Trouble ePUB ☆ and Lily couldnt be different in some respects Violet loves Where Triplets ePUB ½ being the center of attention Daisy cares mostly about sports and Lily likes Triplets Go Trouble MOBI ñ to hide away in her books However the one thing all three have in common is that they are triplets in the fun and surprise filled Devine family In this short novel each girl has a moment to shine as Violet triumphs at the science fair; Daisy gets glasses and recovers her baseball moxie now that she can see; and Lily enters a writing contest and wins dog training lessons for their new Sheltie Trouble Girls take charge in this energetic chapter book about the trials and triumphs of three sisters who are fraternal triplets.

  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • Where Triplets Go Trouble Follows
  • Michelle Poploff
  • 21 October 2015
  • 9780823432899

8 thoughts on “Where Triplets Go Trouble Follows

  1. Clare Rossetter Clare Rossetter says:

    Great book for Michelle Poploff who has written several children's books in the past that were charming and easy to read with good characters The triplets were not at all alike each one had different strengths and weaknesses that make for three sisters who support each other in all they do The addition of a puppy by the named Trouble to the family forces Lily who likes to write to read her poem about Trouble in public in order to win the prize of five dog training sessionsThis is a chapter book with minimal illustrations They are done in black and white and add to the text by supporting the words and making them pop all the off the pageGood book for young chapter book readers

  2. Helen Helen says:

    This is a very short and simple realistic fiction chapter book I got from the shelves at our WAW meeting in Emporia I think it is just too light and simple to earn a nomination for next year's list It was about three sisters that are not identical triplets They each have different interests and Lilly is having trouble coming up with a science fair project She eventually decides to do her project on the genes related to her family The girls think their two grandparents are getting romantically involved but then find out they went together to give the girls a new puppy which they name Trouble This is a no vote for me

  3. Teresa Bateman Teresa Bateman says:

    Violet Daisy and Lily are triplets but they aren't alike They don't look alike they don't dress alike and they certainly each have uniue personalities In this easy chapter book with occasional black and white illustrations there are new glasses science fair projects a sundae catastrophe a romantic misunderstanding and a new puppy Each girl gets a chance to shine While the story doesn't always flow perfectly and the characters are a little two dimensional this is still a fun book that should appeal to girls who have recently transitioned to chapter books

  4. Mary Mary says:

    An enjoyable first book about three amiable sisters This story primarily focuses on introducing the family with episodic chapters demonstrating how the triplets are not one unit but three separate individuals However there isn't much of a plot and the novel ends abruptly Now that we have gotten to know these girls I hope there are stories about them

  5. Nancy Kotkin Nancy Kotkin says:

    Story lacks a central conflict and is episodic with each triplet spending some time as the focal point Humor is corny Sporadic illustrations are mainly fun and don't provide much visual support for the textMessage is that even fraternal triplets are uniue sharing some traits and interests but not others Shows solid family support This chapter book will appeal to girls

  6. Andréa Andréa says:

    Victoria Jamieson's illustrations are the highlight of this chapter book about triplets Note I received an ARC from the publisher

  7. Carol Carol says:

    A cute set of triplets deal with typical little girl issues such as school projects friendships pets and getting along with each other A cute story that is a little too cliche and sweet Will still likely be enjoyed by 1st and 2nd grade girls

  8. Vykki Vykki says:

    This was a really cute book an enjoyable read The characters were really wonderful I won this book on good reads

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