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Avalon [Reading] ➺ Avalon ➰ Valerie Howard – Alternate Cover edition ASIN B00GAMSVIKTreasonous young Mara has been sentenced to hard labor in the slave yard before her certain death by lashings Hatred for King Aldus of Avalon drives her every ac Alternate Cover edition ASIN BGAMSVIKTreasonous young Mara has been sentenced to hard labor in the slave yard before her certain death by lashings Hatred for King Aldus of Avalon drives her every action until one day when Prince Justinius personally offers her an ultimatum Will Mara chose to befriend her sworn enemies to spare her life Or will she side with the rebels and die in her fierce pride.

10 thoughts on “Avalon

  1. Faith Faith says:

    How does one describe or review a book like Avalon? The description didn't really tell me much about the story so I had absolutely no idea what to expect What I read was completely unexpected Valerie Howard wrote a fantastic allegoryparablestory picture of Christ's love and care for His Bride It was written in such careful detail that I could almost feel touch taste and think the same things that Mara did Writing StyleThough the book is in what I believe to be the fantasy genre the writing style speaking and setting seems very medieval like The style is almost poetic at times and very well done I read this book in two or three sittings and would have read it in one if I hadn't had other urgent things to doRating 55General WritingThe writing in general was very good There only a very few typos that I noticed and the sentence structure was well done There were a few times when the writing got a little confusing and I wasn't exactly sure what had just been described but nothing that pulled me away from the storyRating 45MoralityReligious viewsThis book described Christ's free gift of salvation in a very uniue and captivating way The allegorical imagery makes the Bible seem alive and vivid than it ever had before Rating 55Overall rating 55

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    This was a beautiful allegory of the love of Christ and His redeeming work in our lives It was a clear allegory but done well It didn't feel forced like some allegories do I highly recommend it

  3. Katja Katja says:

    5 stars 510 hearts WOW This was an amazing read The allegory was SO well done I was almost moved to tears by contemplating again how much Jesus suffered for us And oh the message of trusting always no matter what you see or don’t see I needed that The only thing that bothered me in this story was one place Justinius removed his shirt And there was one hug but otherwise the romance was very pure And oh my I can’t get over how good the allegory was Sometimes we just need to remember how amazing our salvation is Highly recommend this bookA Favourite uote “‘Let me tend to your wound Princess I know this is difficult for you to understand but I can't tell you why you needed to go through this right now In time you'll understand Trust me with your pain if nothing else You aren't hurting me by letting your wound fester You're only hurting yourself’”A Favourite Beautiful uote “Peace bloomed in her heart where doubt had sprouted hours before”A Favourite Humorous uote “So far the trip to the dark Death valley threatened her with nothing but boredom ​Perhaps everyone becomes bored to death in the valley Maybe that's how it got its name”

  4. Denise Lilly Denise Lilly says:

    Well written uick read I love allegory and this is well done

  5. Emily Emily says:

    Avalon is a Christian allegory The main character is a young woman She is imprisoned in a horrible labor camp and awaiting the day when the King will come to execute her from her crimes Then the Prince comes and offers her complete forgiveness for her crimes as well as adoption as the King’s daughter and an engagement to the Prince It seems too good to be true but she accepts and begins a long dangerous journey with the Prince to the royal city The book was short but it was rich with depth and meaning It was most definitely a Christian allegory showing the deplorable condition of our souls before believing in Christ the utter amazingness of what Christ’s death and resurrection did for us and the continuing journey with Christ through life after salvation The allegory of this book was well done It provided wonderful reminders to me of the sins or struggles I often fall into even though I’m trying to follow Christ — legalism and pride materialism and distraction unbelief and fear and others Each one was vividly demonstrated in allegorical fashion and as I said they were great reminders to me not to fall into those lies but to believe the truth of Christ The book was short and sweet I think it could have benefited from going into a little depth with the various struggles but as it was the book was well done I think I will go back and listen to it again sometimes when I need reminders Speaking of which I listened to it as an audiobook The voice actor did a good job and it was an enjoyable listen I really enjoyed it as an audiobook even than if I had read it I would recommend it to teens because it was written with easy language but though it would be readable to preteens I would caution parents that there are some difficult things dealt with for example persecution I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook from the author I received no compensation for posting it and was not obligated to do so All opinions are my own

  6. Maria Chapman Maria Chapman says:

    I am reviewing the audio version of this bookThis was a lovely story and a great allegoryMara’s story illustrated the story of Jesus and how he loved us even when we were sinnersIt showed the love of Jesus and how anyone can be restored if only they would put their trust in himThe narration was very good I thought the narrator had a nice interesting accent I would highly recommend this bookI was given this free review copy audio book at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review

  7. Patrice Doten Patrice Doten says:

    I’ve had this book on my kindle for years and just decided on a whim tonight to read it While the allegory was very direct and a bit heavy handed at times from a fiction storytelling perspective it’s well written and full of such beautiful truth it had me in tears than once I read it straight through in one sitting

  8. Dawnita Fogleman Dawnita Fogleman says:

    LovelyTruly the greatest story ever told This is a wonderful rendition of the good news and message of the Bible Every girl lady woman has a chance to be a Princess to the King of Kings

  9. S.G. Willoughby S.G. Willoughby says:

    The cover was what drew me in the blue one with the crown on the front And then I saw the raving reviews This allegory was simple but well written It reminded me some of the Kingdom series by Chuck Black

  10. Ellen White Ellen White says:

    Well done allegory parable of Christ’s love The feel the author gave was good taking us to medieval times Well done and enjoyableGiven ARC audio for my voluntary review and my honest opinion

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