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Smitten by the Spinster (Lost Highlander, #5) ✵ [BOOKS] ⚦ Smitten by the Spinster (Lost Highlander, #5) By Cassidy Cayman ✿ – When modern day actress Lizzie Burnet gets tossed back to eighteenth century London she has to find a way to survive until she’s rescued by an unreliable time traveling earl Being a prim and proper When modern day actress Lizzie Burnet gets tossed back to eighteenth century London she has to find a way to survive until she’s rescued by an unreliable time traveling earl Being a prim and proper chaperone to rich young ladies is just another role to her and she finds a way to make a few shillings on the side by taking Smitten by PDF/EPUB or kickbacks from unscrupulous mothers who want their deadbeat sons to marry an heiress She’s passing the time until she can get home None of it’s real and she doesn’t get attached Until a big handsome Highlander comes along and ruins everything uinn Ferguson has to take his half sister Catriona to London to meet her English relatives for the first time In order to inherit her vast fortune Catie has to be properly married Not entirely sure what that entails he hires Catie a chaperone and promises to be on his best behavior He can’t drink He can’t swear He can’t gamble There’s to be no flirting and he has to somehow make himself seem less tall uinn doesn’t think the trip to England is going to be very fun Until he meets the chaperone Note from Cassidy uinn Ferguson is a character from the Lost Highlander series of books If you've never read one of them don't worry You can dive right into Smitten by the Spinster as it can be read independently of the others If you want to start from the beginning here's the order Lost Highlander Free Reunited Book of Lost Highlander series Revenge Book of Lost Highlander series Sam Evie A Lost Highlander Novella Reckoning Book of Lost Highlander series Smitten by the Spinster Book of Lost Highlander series Wild about the Witch Book of Lost Highlander series is now available.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 174 pages
  • Smitten by the Spinster (Lost Highlander, #5)
  • Cassidy Cayman
  • English
  • 01 July 2016

10 thoughts on “Smitten by the Spinster (Lost Highlander, #5)

  1. Kat Green Kat Green says:

    Excellent installment in timeI have really enjoyed reading this particular series As with the others I am dying to get the next book to find out what happens to Catie uinn and Mozzie Don't want to spoil it for the other readers but can say with confidence that this is yet another fabulous romantic mystery that includes a hunk in a kilt time travel paranormal Romance of course sibling antics and humor I'd say this book could be age appropriate from teen to adult I don't remember any explicit sex scenes but the attraction is very obvious I loved it Starting the next one immediately

  2. Rina1001 Rina1001 says:

    The hero uinn is likeable but i do not like the heroine lizzie I love the scene where uinn went to play cards to find out whether Edwin her sister's suitor is a gambler but somehow got distracted by the game and lost track of Edwin I hated Catriona ueen's sister she is manipulative than the heroine even Lizzie is genuinely concerned for Cattie even though she gets paid to encourage her charge's engagement to less than suitable suitors like Edwin who needed money because of his gambling debts Cattie's reason for her acts is the unexplained disappearance of her brother Lachlan which she elucidate on her own So hurting the brother she has now she fakes an elopement with Edwin and instead uses that opportunity to meet Lord Ashford at Belmary house in Lizzie's place so she could travel to the future I almost felt pity for the heroine who realised she could live in the past for uinn's love but she did say goodbye to the hero and went to meet Lord Ashford all after confessing her love to uinn Is it any wonder that the hero does not believe her in the end when she is left stranded in the past? The last scene the villain Solomon prevents Lizzie from joining uinn on his uest to Scotland to find the witch that could bring the i do not care about anyone Catriona back Nope I definitely am not reading the next book in the series to find out how it all comes out for these characters

  3. Lee Marshall Lee Marshall says:

    Love this time traveling series

  4. Hazel Waite Hazel Waite says:

    New twistA whole other side of the story emerges as this one follows Lachlan's brother and sister in London Intrigue and treachery along with forbidden love Great read

  5. Gurpreet K. Cheema Gurpreet K. Cheema says:

    Wonderful love storyHe lost his brother to future and didn't tell his sister what happened But somehow she found out and went future read for what happened

  6. Karen Griffin Karen Griffin says:

    I loved itIf you like romance and time travel books this series will be a hit with the main characters passing back and forth following their hearts

  7. Kath Kath says:

    Great story but left me on a cliff hanger No

  8. Myra Wray Myra Wray says:

    Once again I have found a good book in this story I found it hard to put it down until the end

  9. A.C. Wilson A.C. Wilson says:

    Ok It is safe to say that I am hooked on this series I wasn't sure what to expect from uinn but he doesn't disappoint I truly hope it all works out There is such an upheavel at the end Impatiently waiting for the next book

  10. Autumn Storm Autumn Storm says:

    Once again Cassidy Cayman delivers She knows just how to hook the readers and oh my starsI do love the happy ever after ending This series has everything it needsadventure upheaval suspense love

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