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  1. Alice Berry Alice Berry says:

    My introduction to Geoffrey Wood’s novels was with his first entitled Leaper That book made me laugh out loud than any other I can remember So I was excited to see he finally had another book out And this one did not disappoint Very funny again Twice I was embarrassed chuckling loudly to myself IN PUBLIC as I read it But this book is also uite thought provoking Numerous times I found myself writing down bits so I could remember them later Just lines here and there that seem so simple at first but when you stop to think them through suddenly you see things in a brand new way That’s one of the main reasons I liked it I felt like someone was sneaking little bits of wisdom to me in between the laughs If you’re a Christian I don’t see how you could read this book and NOT come away with some pretty useful thoughts So for anybody who hasn’t read one of Mr Wood’s novels before this is a good place to start

  2. Ryan Sidhom Ryan Sidhom says:

    Geoffrey Wood’s Grimrack is both a delightful and diabolical read A critiue of modern American society as seen from those demons charged with corrupting and ultimately damning the Americans assigned to them The book is also very funny Several times I caught myself laughing aloud and repeating a line to myself over and over again If you’re interested in people’s motivations and the supernatural world that surrounds them then this is a must read And although I love The Screwtape Letters I found the topics discussed in this book applicable to my own Overall I highly recommend this book to anyone who liked The Screwtape Letters Worth reading a second and third time

  3. Curt Bicknell Curt Bicknell says:

    So what to think of this book —a self proclaimed “riff” on a Christian classic Screwtape Letters— one that borrows C S Lewis’ basic idea that of demonic correspondences but that is freshly tailored for 21st century Americans? Well as a long time devotee of Lewis’ writings I had my misgivings going in But in the preface I uickly discovered that every one of my doubts was shared by the author himself How could anyone be so impudent as to step onto Lewis’ own turf? Wouldn’t such a person suffer greatly from the comparison? And what would those fans who adore Lewis think of such an attempt? But despite initial worries Wood goes on to pay his due respect to the one and only Lewis and suggests that though such a great writer could never be replicated or replaced there is a place for new writers to pick up where he left off and make an effort to “engage our society as deeply and imaginatively as Lewis did his own” So I read on and was greatly surprised and pleased at what I found The writing itself is good uite good not to say eual to Lewis’ of course but often with the same kind of thoughtfulness and precision that is the hallmark of Lewis’ style Oh and wit Despite the malevolent intent of the correspondences this book is genuinely funny which is a hallmark of Wood’s earlier novels full of delightful humor throughout although admittedly of a sinister uality specializing in a juicy wicked line here and a hilarious satirical uip there Not only does Wood effectively use Lewis’ imaginary set up he also often succeeds in producing the same kind of insights Screwtape is so full of Indeed there are times when the demon professor hits home a little too close for comfort While reading this book I found myself at times having just the sort of “Aha” moments that I’ve had and love having during my reading and re readings of Screwtape Moments where an author says a thing in just such a way and I think”Of course Why I’ve always known that to be the truth Just never heard it stated that way put so clearly and succinctly into words” Truthfully besides Lewis there are very very few authors who do that for me But I’m happy to report that now I know of one to add to that list Is it possible for a book to venture out on a riff on one of the greatest Christian writers of all time while also being new and original? Well Grimrack does both Geoffrey Wood’s latest is definitely a tough trick shot but one that he pulls off and in my opinion not unlike Lewis’ himself might have done were he alive in contemporary America

  4. Brad Aldridge Brad Aldridge says:

    First off let me say that I am a huge CS Lewis fan The guy had a way of taking complex ideas and making them so elouently simple that you constantly found yourself wondering “Why didn’t I think of that before”Over the years there have been occasional attempts by well meaning authors to play off of the Screwtape Letters concept None of them have been taken seriously before now I must admit I was somewhat skeptical at first of Mr Wood’s attemptHowever after reading the introduction where he lays out his great respect for Lewis and considers this work a way of honoring him I was placated enough to read furtherWhat I found was nothing short of extraordinaryTo translate Lewis into modern American vernacular might have been useful but Geoffrey Wood has gone way beyond mere translation He has taken the torch and run a new raceHis choice of topics for the Professor Demon to cover reveal an understanding of Lewis’ rhythm and form while adding entire new layers of insight to the pieceIn one email regarding gratitude Wood puts the words in the demon’s mouth“Never let them try out this gratitude for they would immediately discover that it supplies the first and most important component to happiness contentment Luckily Americans aren’t really looking for that They want elation not contentment With happiness they stress one end of its meaning and forget the other”As a Seminary student I often found myself agreeing wholeheartedly whilst also feeling a tinge of conviction at the same time This book is well worth the read for anyone who has read Lewis and wishes to continue the journeyMay there be a 100 like Mr Woods who have the courage and the chops to pick up the gauntlet Lewis laid down and present us with the gift of well written insight and wisdom

  5. John Kallaher John Kallaher says:

    So I’m a big fan of all things C S Lewis Have been most of my life And Screwtape is one of my favorites So that said I didn’t go into this book with very high expectations Figured it’d just be some knockoff that payed lip service to the former but that failed to catch any of its charm and depth And I must say I was very surprised Not only does the author use Lewis’ “infernal epistolary” effectively I’d go so far as to say that his book comes off as uite original Wood does than merely mimic Lewis’ book he makes this book his own his voice and insights and with a brasher snide chief devil to boot So to review would I say it’s as good as Screwtape? No nor do I think that kind of competition was the author’s point or goal But I would I say this is a fine well written book and an entertaining insightful read worthy in its own right and that is something which it definitely has in common with Screwtape Try it out for yourself I think you’ll be surprised too

  6. Amanda Morris Amanda Morris says:

    In his Screwtape Letters C S Lewis reveals many of the convoluted ways we humans talk ourselves into doing what we know is wrong In Grimrack we find something similar —a professor devil writing emails to the demons enrolled in his class specializing on techniues for tempting today’s American souls I have read both and though Screwtape Letters is still my favorite this one is very good and just as insightful In fact some of the issues that Grimrack discusses were ones that I myself have struggled with at times As a Christian we’re not always aware of what goes on inside us when we make our day to day decisions We may think we’re doing things for one reason when really it’s because of selfishness or pride or envy This book helped me see things I hadn’t seen before and understand myself in ways I never have before It is definitely worth a read especially if you’re a fan of Screwtape Letters

  7. Alicia Alicia says:

    Grimrack is a wonderful book very much so applying to real life The psychological aspects of people are spot on and the book is extremely thought provoking It is inspiring and really opens the eyes to be aware of God and Satan's works I enjoyed The Screwtape Letters greatly and have a special appreciation for Grimrack both warning us of dangers unseen in the world and how God is always ready and eager to help us I truly adore this modern Screwtape

  8. R R says:

    An excellent riff on the Screwtape Letters

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Grimrack ❴KINDLE❵ ❅ Grimrack Author Geoffrey Wood – In a riff on C S Lewis' THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS Geoffrey Wood's GRIMRACK is a collection of correspondences emails this time between demons With dark humor and biting wit Professor Grimrack doles out de In a riff on C S Lewis' THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS Geoffrey Wood's Grimrack is a collection of correspondences emails this time between demons With dark humor and biting wit Professor Grimrack doles out devilish insights to the three tempter demons enrolled in his graduate seminar on the American Experiment.