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Horse Sense The Dunbarton Mysteries Series #2 ❰Reading❯ ➼ Horse Sense The Dunbarton Mysteries Series #2 Author Valerie Tate – “The colt is grey” Words that will lead Chris and Alicia Mallory once again into mystery and murder “What exactly did she say” Chris asked for the umpteenth time “I told you She said ‘The “The colt is grey” Words The Dunbarton ePUB ´ that will lead Chris and Alicia Mallory once again into mystery and murder “What exactly did she say” Chris asked for the umpteenth time “I told you She said ‘The Horse Sense eBook ç colt is grey’” Chris shook his head in exasperation “Is that code for something” “I haven’t a clue” “Well then what does it mean” “It means as the great Sherlock Holmes would say ‘the game’s afoot Sense The Dunbarton PDF/EPUB ¾ my dear Watson’” she replied and then gave him the brilliant smile that always meant trouble When Olympic Dressage Rider Alex Craig discovers that she has been the victim of fraud and theft she calls on Sense The Dunbarton Mysteries Series PDF or her best friends Alicia and Chris Mallory to discover who has stolen her dream of a foal by the world’s top dressage stallion Their uest to discover what happened to the straw of frozen semen takes them into the world of Olympic level dressage and international horse breeding When people start dying Chris and Alicia must race to unmask the murderer before he or she strikes again This is the second in the Dunbarton Series of mysteries Sense The Dunbarton Mysteries Series PDF or that began with CATNIP.

10 thoughts on “Horse Sense The Dunbarton Mysteries Series #2

  1. Mary Enck Mary Enck says:

    Horse Sense is one of the best mysteries I have read I love what the author Valerie Tate does with her characters They are a mixture of loveable funny tenacious and that's just the good guys The adversaries are a mixture of deceitful and covert crime infested masueraders who would have you believe they are in the right They are those you love to hate and just a disagreeable lot When they all clash together it's off and running and the intrigue thickens as you goThere was obviously a meticulous amount of research done for this novel that went into the settings the activities of the characters and the process of horse related breeding and competitions I know nothing about that myself but I felt as if I got a good glimpse of what it is like That coupled with the egos of the characters involved you have a mix for a cocktail of the kind of clashes that are brought on by any sort of competition The one upsmanship of this particular game is surely afoot and really delightful to readIn the end as any great mystery should be there is a satisfying reveal of all the puzzles that played around with the reader during the meat of the story I really enjoyed this novel and hope many who join me in becoming entertained by it will agree

  2. Margaret Stevens Margaret Stevens says:

    I did not realize that this was book #2 of a series but once I started reading it didn't matter The author is obviously a horse person so she was writing about a familiar subject As a young teen I was horse crazy and I guess I never outgrew it Alicia gets a call from her best friend Alex and hears that the colt is grey This is cryptic enough that Alicia and her husband Chris pull up stakes and go visit Alex and her mother Julie When they arrive at the beautiful horse farm in Ontario they learn about the foal that was born there and who turned grey and we the readers are treated to a complete explanation of the genetics of dressage horses and why this is so important We find out about a breeding farm and how it works Then the murder happens and all sorts of things happen because of it A fire in a hay barn cut breaks on a truck strange messages delivered with the morning mail and many other things The final reveal surprised me I enjoyed reading this book and I think you will too

  3. Ellen White Ellen White says:

    I love the dialog that goes on between Chris and Alicia The new phone he had to have the latest model which no one else had and he couldn’t figure it out Of which she mention the 12 year old boy probably could show him Good mystery with Alex Alicia friend and they investigateThe information about horse breeding and the Dressage was well done The plot kept you to the end figuring who was so greedy to do something like this Good series

  4. M.A. McRae M.A. McRae says:

    A mysterydetective book with an element of thriller all seasoned with a wonderful dose of horsinessI especially liked the so very human touches like the new phone that needed a 12 year old to figure outWell written and presented a very worthwhile buy

  5. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    HORSE SENSEWhat a twister I really enjoyed reading this horse adventure with all its suspects and proving each could not have done ituntil it could only be onebut it wasn'tTHANK YOU for a wonderful read 🐼

  6. Sandy Sandy says:

    Horse SenseVery entertaining storyline about the horse industry and the people involved in raising and showing expensive horses How far will someone go to be successful competitors and to make money ? A suspicious death follows the discovery of the theft of frozen semen

  7. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Liked characters Mostly decent investigation Would like it polished a little

  8. cyndi cyndi says:

    Cj pickKept my interest Nice clean reading without the cursing and sex that too many authors seem to think is necessary I can't wait to read in thus series


    Great bookThis is an amazing intense book I did not want to stop reading it It kept me in suspense the whole time Excellent book

  10. Judith Furbeck Judith Furbeck says:

    Horses and criminalsA very enjoyable read for anyone Alex and Alicia are at it again They think they can do than the police and find themselves in trouble again

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