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  • Kindle Edition
  • 300 pages
  • Saved By Her Dragon (Dragon Guards, #5)
  • Julia Mills
  • English
  • 03 April 2015

About the Author: Julia Mills

Mom of two rockin' girls Reader of everything Author of The Dragon Guards series and many surprises to comeI am a sarcasticsometimes foul mouthed not afraid to drink a beer always southern woman with of the most amazing teenage daughters a menagerie of animals and a voracious appetite for reading who recently decided to write the storied running through her brain I read my first boo.

10 thoughts on “Saved By Her Dragon (Dragon Guards, #5)

  1. Tonya Tonya says:

    5 stars does not do this book justice at all I have loved and claimed Devon since the very first book There was something about him that drew me in and made me tell everyone including Julia that he is all mine So I had very high expectations for his story I have to say I was not let down even though I not so secretly hoped Julia wrote me in to steal him away from Anya After reading his story I love him even if that's possible There isn't as much fightingaction in this book as there is in the others but it's not lacking at all Andrew is still up to his wicked ways and being a shithead Devon is the white dragon of the Clan He is a beautiful and powerful dragon The white dragons are warriors born of the sun and the moon The Universe shines favorably on all Her winged warriors but the ones born with white scales hold both the favor of the day and of the night They are a powerful sign of purity and wisdom combined with tremendous spiritual energy Their calm exterior hides the heart of the beast and allows them to take those that oppose them by surprise Loyalty and strength of will are their two greatest attributes and they use those to protect all they hold dear Love and devotion run deeper as the years pass To mate a white dragon means to accept all that they are and honor the power shared between mates Anya is an amazing character also even if I'm so completely jealous of her When Devon is having his moments of being a total alpha Neanderthal she sure knows how to put him in his place Act like a Neanderthal and throw me over your shoulder again and see what other tricks I have up my sleeve Paybacks are a bitch dragon manI love Devon and I absolutely adore Anya This book could not be better They are perfect for each other But then again The Universe Does Not Make MistakesI'm even curious about little Sydney after this book I hav my theories but I'm keeping them to myselffor now All my lovenowalwaysforeverForever will never be long enoughI'm now ready for book 6

  2. Anna Salamatin Anna Salamatin says:

    There simply aren't enough stars to do this installment justice This is Devon and Anya's story and it's gona rock your worldDevon is the powerful white dragon Not only beautiful but gets his power from both the sun and the moonHe knows that the universe has made this beautiful woman just for him He knows this before he even knows her nameAnya is under a curse unconscious and calling out with her mind for help Devon can hear her and so can Sydney I was just captivated by this story and could not put it down it is constantly one thing after another I barely had time to take in one twist before the next turn came There are some subtle clues as to future happenings if you catch them And one giant mind blowing event that just floored me So totally unprecedented that the whole Clan was enthralled But wait the very end yes it's a cliff hanger and it's a whopperI am already looking for the next installment

  3. Melanie-Smokenator Melanie-Smokenator says:

    Miss Julia Mills once again just took my heart and took me on another adventure with the Dragon GuardAt the end of for the Love of her Dragon Devon heard his mate and she is in a place he seriously does not expect a hospital in a deep comaOnce again Andrew the traitor of the Dragons caused harm unknowingly to a mate of one of the Dragon Guard Devon is the calm one of the Guard He gives advice to all the others and have a steady head in the heat of the moment This is why this book is totally different to all the others The 5th adventure of the Dragon Guard sees Devon meet his Anya in unusual circumstancesDark Magic holds her in a coma and she can't come out With the help of our Dragon Guard family Unity and our tiny white witch and Devon's mother we see miracles happenHere is magic in Anya is a very special woman and brings to our dragon world so much hope and there is to her than the eye meetsWe also learn about our previous mates dragons We also see of our blue dragon clan and Max King of the CatsCome find out what is happening and what happens to the traitor Things gets explosive and ooooh its different but you learn so much Find out get on this adventure and just fall in love with Devon and Anya I didNow I want Aaron's adventure please Julia get your fingers writing

  4. Lisa Miller Lisa Miller says:

    Holy Moses This book is the fifth in The Dragon Guard series and is by far the best one yet Devon is an Alpha male with a capital A The way he loves Anya makes me happy to my very soul He is sexy protective sweet gentle sexy funny and absolutely perfect for Anya Did I mention funny and sexy? There is just something toe curling about a white dragonI loved Anya so much She is gentle and kind too but takes no crap from Devon I love a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say so I laughed so many times at their antics worried so much that something bad was going to happen to keep them apart was shocked to my toes at the big surprise and sighed with absolute happiness at their mating Julia Mills gets better at her craft with each book and I wait with baited breath for the next one5 Huge Stars

  5. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    Devon is uite passionate when his woman makes him happy yes Devon Walsh I would be honored to be your mate uicker than her eyes could track Devon was standing with her in his arms kissing her branding her as his Anya is her own woman you are my mate and I am yours but that does not mean that you get to dictate everything I do Sioban and Kyra found a way to remove the Concealment Spell and I wanted it gone as soon as possible so we did the ritual Now you can deal with it or not I mean the girl is feisty act like a neanderthal and throw me over your shoulder again and see what other tricks I have up my sleeve Paybacks are a b dragon man I can't wait for the next book

  6. Charlene Bauer Charlene Bauer says:

    Saved by Her DragonThere is no way I can say enough good thinks about this book It is the 5th installment of her Dragon Guard series and Julia has truly outdone herselfDevon is the calmest of the dragons He's referred to as the Zen one That all goes out the window when he finds his mate Anya in a magically induced comaWith the help of his mother Kyra and Sydney Anya awakens and she and Devon begin the mating process Along the way there are many ups and downs and a secret that shocks them all Come along with this amazing couple into the wonderful world of Dragon Kin You'll love the journey

  7. Angela Cruz Angela Cruz says:

    This is a paranormal romance with a touch of mystery This is the fifth book in the Dragon Guard series This book does pick up from the last book but could be read as a stand alone This book has so many unexpected outcomes it was an exciting story I recommend this for adults only being there is some steamy scenes Another book with a hunk of a dragon Devon He has a good heart and a powerful soul Anya is a mysterious woman who soon realizes her life is full of unexpected surprises Together these two are a powerful combination I can not wait for Julia Mills This is the story about Devon Walsh who is a dragon guardsman His mother is a powerful healer and his father was a strong guardsman He is usually the calm one in the group well until he found his mate Devon was in a state when he didn't know anything about his mate she was in a coma and he stayed by her side Devon believes the Universe does not make mistakes he will bide his time and wait for her to reveal all that is in store for him and his mate And the Universe has a huge surprise in for them both Anya Sloane is a head strong independent woman whom has been through hell recently She was left for dead at a hospital in a coma She has a fight in store but she needs to see the man whom invades her thoughts With the help of the sexy man Devon she awakens but she doesn't remember much about her life With a little help from her new found friends she unravels her past The Universe makes no mistakes Anya is right where she is supposed to be Favorite passagesHis mate soft and warm to the touch was absolutely captivatingHis mouth watered to taste the very spot is fingers caressedI didn't want to want to mention it but you're looking like Grizzly Adams there broThank you to the Heavens above below and all around for providing us with the proof of yesterday the reality of today and the hope of tomorrowWarm hands rubbed up down her spine and for the first time in her life she understood why cats purredThis man with the compassionate eyes and soothing voice was like a drugThat man is lethalGood night my treasureMine to love mine to shield and mine to cherish for all timeYou Anya mo chroi' are the realization of every dream I've ever dreamt every wish I've ever made and every hope I ever had 3The only difference was her knight was also the dragon and that plot twist was just fine with herYou makes a pretty dragonThe bell on the beautiful necklace he placed around her neck jingled at the movement

  8. Angela (Angel& Angela (Angel& says:

    4 Her Dragon Stars   ARC Saved by Her Dragon Saved by Her Dragon is book five in the Dragon Guards series by Julia Mills I have only read Her Dragon To Slay #1 and Her Dragon’s Fire #2; before I picked this one up for review this book can be read as a stand alone but best read in order I felt like I was missing some things reading this one out of order and was a little lost at the beginning even with reading the first two books so I will be going back and reading the others to get a full feel of the Dragon Guards worldDevon is the white dragon of the Clan Anya is something special I enjoyed both these characters  Saved by Her Dragon does not have as much fighting and action in this book as the others Andrew is still their and up to his wicked ways planning vengeance towards his brethren and all who helped them I was intrigued in how the author developed Devon and Anya’s relationship These two where perfectly matched for each other It was different to read about them not having sex until their matting ceremony which was new and I liked how the author portrayed their mating as being much then just a normal mating in that it has a significant impact for everyone Ms Mills also added some surprise developmenttwist and I’m very curious to see how this plays out and to learn I loved the little girl Sydney I really need to read the book where she comes into play because she was just adorable and I’m so curious about her and her abilities  I enjoyed this story seeing how Devon and Anya came together and finding out how special Anya truly is This is a fun adventure If you enjoy reading about dragons I recommend giving this series a try We have some very sexy dragon shifters interesting plot characters and world that keep us entertained Disclaimer ARC provided by author via We Love Kink Book Blog We Love Kink Book Promotions with the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my own

  9. Heather Way Heather Way says:

    This book started off confusing for me Probably because I hadn't had the pleasure of reading the first 4 books It started off with Devon at the hospital Devon felt Anya calling out to him Finally he finds her And he is waiting for her to wake up from the coma she has been in the past month Devon's mother finds out he was keeping Anya a secret and she comes to the hospital to help Her and another family member Decide they need to find out what is keeping her in this coma Anya was finally was waken from her coma Anya is amazing because she draws people to her Without them even knowing who she is the beauty of her is what draws them This book is amazing there is tons of Suspense Its even a thriller to much action packed but such a fantastic read For me after I was able to understand what was going on It was truly a amazing read I was wrapped in a world of Make believe and wishing I was there with them Anya and Devon's story and chemistry makes you want to believe anything is possible Plus if you want your e reader to cause its own steam this book will make sure it fogs to the point of getting something to wipe it down with I do think this book was worth going out and picking up Honestly Since I haven't read the other books I will have to get book 1 4 to catch myself up So If you Love the paranormal dragon super hot shifters Then this is the book for you Julia will hook you and make you Love every book she writes At least that is the way It happened for me

  10. Book Junky Girls Book Junky Girls says:

    Devon is determined to do whatever it takes to get his mate out of the coma he found her in He thought is was a simple human accident until his mother comes in and tells him otherwise As they work to bring her back to consciousness they find and intreaguing things locked within herAnya has faught to find her way out of the black fog and now that she's awake she finds there's to her than she ever knew and it's up to her to trust her newfound friends and mate to help her uncover the secrets surrounding herDevon is the Zen master of the guys but when it comes to Anya he goes caveman and will do anything to keep her safe But going caveman on a woman who's very indipendant causes some very fun friction when it come to the dragonAnya is a spitfire she goes with the flow but won't let herself get trampled on in the process She's sweet and caring and has only ever wanted a family and now she's having fun getting than she ever bargined for in that departmentI enjoyed the story and seeing how they each worked through the problems of their new mating The storyline also keeps you on edge wondering what Andrew will be up to next Fun adventure filled series

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