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Beautiful Salvation (Blood Prince, #5) ➻ [Download] ➸ Beautiful Salvation (Blood Prince, #5) By Jennifer Blackstream ➺ – Aiyana is a princess with a darkness inside her that won’t remain silent for much longer Her dreams are filled with blood and death her waking hours plagued by phantom cries for blood that seem to c Aiyana is a princess with a darkness inside her that won’t remain silent for much longer Her dreams are filled with blood and death her waking hours plagued by phantom cries for blood that seem to come from the earth itself Fearing that she’s becoming a danger to her people Aiyana determines to risk a bargain with a fairy to get rid of the frightening power inside her If she can find the fairy If she can get past the god she meets in the woods If there wasn’t something about him that felt sofamiliar Saamal is a god reduced a deity who’s gone from being all powerful to being forced to watch his land die His only chance to save his kingdom is a marriage bond with the princess prophesied to return him to glory The only obstacle The princess has been cursed trapped in a death like state When he is given a way to communicate with her he has hope for the first time in decades Unfortunately the princess is horrified by his very nature and the future she envisions if she believes what he claims The once all powerful god must now do something he’s never had to do beforeask When your real world is the Dream World it’s difficult to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying A princess under a curse A god stripped of half his power The longer the land goes without the power it needs the it will take to awaken the kingdom’sBeautiful Salvation.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 282 pages
  • Beautiful Salvation (Blood Prince, #5)
  • Jennifer Blackstream
  • English
  • 21 September 2016

About the Author: Jennifer Blackstream

Jennifer Blackstream is a USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance She is amazed and grateful to have made a writing career out of a Master’s degree in Psychology hours of couch detecting watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and endless research into mythology and fairy tales She firmly believes that whether it’s a village witch deciding she wants to be a private.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Salvation (Blood Prince, #5)

  1. Douglas Meeks Douglas Meeks says:

    I have read everyone of these books and as with any series some were better than others but they all had great stories and complex characters Throw in plots that never seemed to go exactly where you thought they were going makes for one of the best short series I have read the fact that the author was able to make each book a retelling of a beloved fairy tale the word retelling does NOT mean it goes the same way as the fairy tale I can promiseThis last book not only tells the story of the last prince and his promised mate but also puts all the pieces of the overarching plot together for an exceptional ending that moves this series as a whole into my All Time Top 10 for entertainmentI STRONGLY recommend this series and eually strongly recommend that you read them in order or you will lose the continuity and the overarching storyline 5 Stars for this book and the series as a whole loved it and can't wait to see the promised spin off series

  2. Paraphrodite Paraphrodite says:

    4 starsThe final prince story is a re imagining of Sleeping Beauty It has uite an epic final battle scene and with all five princes now married off and the emergence of a new world it's interesting that there are additional books to the series I can't rightly say that there are memorable secondary characters that I'm hankering for their bookAs for this book Sammal is an ancient death god so he's done some pretty nasty things and made a lot of enemies I liked that the other princes come to his aid especially the vampire prince Kirill who he seem to have a particularly acrimonious relationship It's also nice to see all the heroines coming together to save the day All in all a solid ending to the story arc

  3. BigComfyChairBookReviews BigComfyChairBookReviews says:

    This was a good ending to this fantastic series This one had a uniue “world” than the other 4 that reuired a little explanation than the others I found it really interesting My biggest complaint was how little time the Hh had to get to know each other They have like 3 hours together That whole time Samaal is pressuring Aiyana to trust him when her whole life she has been warned against him Blackstream typically moves her romances uickly but this one is really pushing it I however found it intriguing and a worthwhile read I have read the entire Blood Prince series twice and will read them again in the future They can all be read as standalones if you skip the prologues and epilogues which I honestly skim through anyways I really couldn’t care less about the whole “World Tree” plot WARNING there is sex in this book it is not erotica but enough to be a steamy hot adult romance Blackstream usually sticks to just 1 scene towards the end of each book Please do not read if you are looking for something PG Romance 45 Steaminess 25 Explicitness 35

  4. T.M. Davis T.M. Davis says:

    Amazing endingJust wow A very powerful ending to the series but i hope she writes Like seriously after reading about the five princes I'm invested into this new kingdom

  5. Coral Coral says:

    Plot 55Characterisation 55Prose 35How much I enjoyed it 55Epic ending

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    This was definitely the most twisted of the fairy tales and the most confusing in following what was happening in the story I liked the author's creative spin on making Sleeping Beauty her own but it was difficult to understand exactly what was going on A lot of the time I found myself saying I don't get it Early on I just stopped uestioning or trying to figure things out and went with it moving on to the next scene This contributed to me not enjoying the book as much as I probably should have As for the characters themselves I didn't care for Saamal or Aiyana I couldn't click with them and found it easier to just focus on finishing the story They weren't bad people and I'll admit that I couldn't separate my own personal beliefs from reading this fictional book I didn't agree with Saamal's way of living and ruling in the kingdom and although his example with animals in defending his pact was completely accurate and a great point I still can't bring myself to support his actions It's not right and meaningless to ask people to sacrifice themselves when they haven't led a full life What was the whole point of being born if their life is meant to be short and their last memory of life was having their heart torn out of their chest? They didn't ask to be born to serve the land they didn't ask to sacrifice themselves for a pact made by the king where his life and his family's lives are automatically protected they didn't ask for the creation of the land that they owe a debt to None of the other kingdoms have such barbaric customs because the land was already provided for them as a gift from the gods It was a gift no strings attached meant for the people inhabiting it The same people that the gods or whatever higher being created them for so they could bring about life to create a new race a new world The creators made the choice to create humans different races and a physical land of their own to live in The new races didn't demand it the creators willed it as an offering not a loan to be paid back in blood Aiyana's new solution was better than what they were doing but it still shouldn't be expected from the people They didn't ask for it any of it They were simply born and that's not a crime or something that you should feel indebted to in giving up blood or your life for land that was always meant to be there anyway I can honestly say the only enjoyable part of this book for me was the ending Seeing them come together and fight on the same side was a nice reward and demonstrated how far they've come from their first time at the World Tree where they all bickered amongst each other Seeing the women make a surprise appearance during the fight was a bonus even though it was very short Their final meeting at the tree with Eurydice was such a great moment to witness It was beautiful and sad to hear what had happened but I'm glad that Eurydice was given a second chance and succeeded in her mission She was brave and worked her butt off to get her own happiness as well as the princes who needed guidance in finding the women meant to bring out the best in them I didn't have much success with this series but I will be reading the spinoff series and hope that it will appeal to me I liked some parts in these books so it's not a total loss but I'm not planning on reading them again

  7. Angi Naerebout Angi Naerebout says:

    What a finale It was so packed full of so much This was the most creative version of sleeping beauty It was so good These books are so creative and packed full of drama action different relationships love lightness darkness just so many ingredients to make something spectacular They deal with several aspects of fantasy vampires werewolves demons angels mermaids shifters gods magic So much fun I'm not ready to be done with all of them

  8. Flora Flora says:

    Sleeping Beauty Gets The Blackstream Treatment in This Gripping FinaleI am already a fan of Ms Blackstream's writing style; I love the way mixes mythology and beloved fairytales and gives them a new perspectiveI downloaded the narration of this book too Once again Matt Addis' performance was amazing The pace he read transported me into the scenes and his tonal variations brought each character to life He is a talented voice actor and I would happily buy books narrated by him in the futureI loved the moral uestion of perspective that this story highlighted; what is good and right to one may seem evil and intrinsically wrong to another Both our main characters had to reassess their views in this taleThe background story arc that played out in the prologues and epilogues throughout this series has been completed in this book however there are a couple of bonus stories that are part of the Blood Prince series which I can't wait to read too The Pirate's Witch #6 and Dead To Begin With #7

  9. Sandra Aaron Sandra Aaron says:

    Didn't like this oneI just did not like this book It was too dark and evil and all talk of human sacrifice and blood was just disgusting I get that the author based Saamal and his story on the gods and beliefs if the ancient native americans which is why it includes human sacrifice but I just can't accept that anyone would willingly worship a god that had ever expected human sacrifices And I certainly cannot believe that any woman would fall in love with him I also understood that he had changed and wasn't as bloodthirsty as he had been but he never agreed that human sacrifices were wrong at all That alone was enough for me to despise him even without all the other bad things he had doneI did like the epilogue as it gave the ending to Eurydice's story and that was nice

  10. Ilona Nurmela Ilona Nurmela says:

    Aztecs meet MoanaI uite enjoed the ending of this book and the 5 book series even if the Aztec world and gore was for most part not my cup of tea This was an interesting retelling of Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose Those who love the battle scenes in LOTR will love the epic battle in the end especially loved the surprise twists yes multiple and the reason for Kirill’s departure straight after the battle made me chuckle I loved how the author gradually built the princes’ friendships and the transition from hate to love between Saamal and Aiyana Recommend for lovers of philosophical versions of fairytales and Sleeping Beauty in particular

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