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Halloween Humiliation [Reading] ➺ Halloween Humiliation Author Kylie Gable – Since taking a job at Merriwell and Associates Andrea has never felt accepted It doesn't help that the two other guys in the sales department have alienated the whole office with their boorish behavio Since taking a job at Merriwell and Associates Andrea has never felt accepted It doesn't help that the two other guys in the sales department have alienated the whole office with their boorish behavior and overbearing personalitiesWhen Andrea discovers that Tracy and Kelly have begun feminizing one of the loudmouthed salesmen she decides to give the other one the same treatment Using trickery seduction blackmail bondage and an old fashioned ass kicking Andrea forcibly feminizes her coworker just in time for the office Halloween partyWill the women of the office finally put these two arrogant males in their place or will the salesmen avoid the ultimate Halloween HumiliationThis word short story features the feminization and humiliation of two sissies in an office setting The story contains female domination forced feminization humiliation bondage forced bisexuality and an attractive woman thoroughly defeating her male coworker in a fight.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 28 pages
  • Halloween Humiliation
  • Kylie Gable
  • English
  • 07 December 2016

About the Author: Kylie Gable

I have been fortunate than most When I was in college I had a life changing experience that I'm only coming to terms with years later I was forcibly feminized by one amazing girl and her friends There are a lot of legitimate uestions of any writer in the genre of forced feminization but even so for someone like me who purports to tell a true storyThe Welcome to College series is m.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Humiliation

  1. Anne Mouse Anne Mouse says:

    When better to teach to teach two obnoxious guys a little lesson than at a Halloween party I held back reading this until the time was right and it was fun

  2. CagedMitch CagedMitch says:

    Andrea Bernal has never been particularly happy at Merriwell and Associates She has a couple of really obnoxious male coworkers in the Sales Department to contend with and the women in the office have never uite warmed to her When one of her male coworkers Sam starts bringing her coffee and behaving uncharacteristically polite she notices that his slacks top and shoes are actually women's clothes and that two of the office women Tracy and Kelly are watching him closely She is intrigued even though Tracy and Kelly deny that anything unusual is going on When she sees Sam at the mall at a shop called the Catwalk holding up dresses next to himself see follows him and confronts him He confesses to her that Tracy and Kelly have been blackmailing him and forcing him to buy and wear articles of women's clothingAndrea decides to adopt this techniue with Alex Ford a loudmouthed bully She apologizes to him for what he sees as poaching a client and offers to treat him to wings and beer at PT Fryers She flirts with him shamelessly and convinces him to play pool with her intentionally losing three games to him She begs him to play a fourth and tells him that whether she wins or loses she'll take off her bra and panties but if he loses he'll have to wear them He agrees and he loses Alex asks for another game double or nothing If he loses he'll also need to wear them to work tomorrowThat's how Andrea begins the feminization of Alex and by the end of the story both Sam and Alex will be so completely humiliated that they'll never again be able to assert their manhood at work and Andrea will have found a way to finally break the ice with the other women in the officeI really liked this story a lot While Alex is eventually blackmailed into complying with Andrea's demands she starts by seducing him into frilly things At one point when Alex is no longer willing to comply with her directions and tries to get physical with her she handily overpowers him ties him up and feminizes him anyway She also makes clever use a female friend in law enforcement to get Alex to go where she wants him which is to the office Halloween PartyThe story is told from Andrea's point of view which is a plus It features feminization femdom huniliation forced bi bondage and a bit of sph Stick around for the ending where Sam and Alex's fragile male egos get crushed like an egg under a stiletto heel Highly recommended

  3. Sally Sally says:

    Halloween Humiliation is the latest forced feminization humiliation tale from Kylie Gable a read that certainly takes advantage of the season but which isn't strictly a Halloween taleThe whole story revolves around a woman by the name of Andrea a newcomer to the real estate firm of Merriwell and Associates who feels marginalized by the men in sales and who has never been accepted by the women around her When she notices that one of those arrogant pompous sexist men is beginning to show a softer side women's shoes and slacks she discovers a whole new side of the companyThis is a uick story that moves along from scene to scene without really pausing to develop any kind of backstory or history It's also a story that's light on the actual feminization detail which may disappoint some readers However it's just as well told and carefully crafted as any of Kylie's other tales and the slow subtle careful plotting of the ultimate humiliation is exciting to behold Rather than relying exclusively on blackmail or threats the story Andrea takes a seductive approach challenging her nemesis and getting under his skin before completely turning the tablesA fun read Halloween Humiliation keeps things realistic but fulfils all of our fantasies As published on Bending the Bookshelf

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