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Off the Page ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☂ Off the Page Author Jodi Picoult – From #1 New York Times bestselling authors Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer OFF THE PAGE is a tender and appealing YA novel filled with romance humor and adventure Delilah and Oliver shouldn’t be From New York Times bestselling authors Jodi Picoult and Samantha Off the MOBI :↠ van Leer Off the Page is a tender and appealing YA novel filled with romance humor and adventure Delilah and Oliver shouldn’t be together But they are together And just as they’re getting used to the possibility that happily ever after may really truly be theirs the universe sends them a message they can’t ignore they won’t be allowed to rewrite their story Delilah and Oliver must decide how much they’re willing to risk for love and what it takes to have a happy ending in a world where the greatest adventures happen Off the Page “ Off the Page is just so sweet and magical In high school I would have given ANYTHING to crawl inside one of my favorite books to escape the real world I wish”—SARAH DESSEN New York Times bestselling author of Saint Anything.

10 thoughts on “Off the Page

  1. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    More of a 35This was a very entertaining book but that's about it If you're looking for a light and fun read this is just what you're looking for I think my favorite part of this book was reading about Oliver trying to figure out how to live in the real world It added uite a bit of humor to the story I'll be sharing of my thoughts in my June wrap up video over on youtubecomjessethereader

  2. Christine Riccio Christine Riccio says:

    This was really cute I enjoyed myself here's my full reviewbooktalk

  3. Aj the Ravenous Reader Aj the Ravenous Reader says:

    Wow I wasn’t expecting anything from this companion to Between the Lines except for a little cutesy fantasy escape which was exactly what I earned when I read the first book but Off the Page is a lot complex than I expected The two dimensional characters have become well rounded the plot complicated and the themes a lot broader It is surprisingly written very well which I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about because after all the book was written by a mother daughter power tandem I could imagine all the fun they had during the entire writing process The story is also a lot entertaining and funnier than the first book It was very enjoyable reading the POVs of the three major characters and witnessing how they struggle to adjust to the world they presently live in Wishes coming true just have to come with a price The conflicts are also very interesting and I was right along with the characters in finding a way to solve their problemsAt first I thought Between the Lines should be enough on its own but I think the companion is just as much as necessary to the entire plot It’s honestly even better than the first book and you don’t get to say that a lot about second books This duology would seriously make for a delightful movie because what do you know they all lived happily ever after Hurray I could smell a novella in the making though about Jules and Edgar Whaddaya think? ;

  4. Pinky Pinky says:

    I would rate this even than 5 stars if I could because this book was just so good I really enjoyed it and if you compare this book to Between the Lines I enjoyed this much better This is the companion book to Between the Lines and I love it so very much This takes place after Between the Lines and some people say that you don't Need to read Between the Lines to read this but I did I suggest that if you want to read this book you should read Between the Lines because everything will make sense and you will get background knowledge on all the characters Between the Lines is basically about a girl named Delilah who has a major crush on a fictional character Prince Oliver who is in the book Between the Lines One day Prince Oliver spoke to Delilah and he wants to get out of the book The whole story was about her process in getting this fictional character out of the book In the process we realize how all the characters feel for each other and stuff like that After this Off the Page is a book that takes place after the events in Between the Lines It's really interesting to see all the characters and how they all impacted each other's lives All these changes in Delilah's character because she met Oliver was just really nice This book was just so sweet and I loved how this book was fast paced I highly recommend this book if you already read Between the Lines because this book is much better and so much fun If you haven't read Between the Lines I highly recommend you read that before you read this book If you want to dive into this book without the first book it's fine but it's best to read this first book and understand everything If you are into fairy tales I highly recommend these two books I enjoyed this so much This was really fun read and I hope to reread this again very soon

  5. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    35Love and loss really do go hand in hand Like the first it is a cute story but this seuel is really a of an emotional feel to it A lot of it was really sad to read It really demonstrates the differences between fantasy and reality sometimes reality sucks I was able to really connect a lot with the characters in this book than I did in the first It was actually had some really funny moments My uick and simple overall cute and fun to read but does have some serious moments

  6. Rachel Remeny Rachel Remeny says:

    This was soooooo goodI would say but it's almost 3am and I need to sleep

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    My feelings hurtCan I just start by saying how I appreciate Frump so much as a character in this one? Then they go and do that and I'm reduced to tear Yup it was sadJules and Edgar I just can't deal with I much I ship it Based on the problem taking Edgar's mom and Edgar away was a smart plot point There was even depth to Seriphina I loved her face off with Allie in the mallOliver and Delilah might be my OTP They are just so perfect for each other A bit hormonal but still really great Oliver in the real world had some very interesting interactions Figures he would be the popular one The book changing back made little sense but I'm willing to over look that because the rest was so good You don't HAVE to read Between The Lines first but I strongly encourage you do as it'll help you relate with the characters better that way# pagesplosion

  8. Stephanie (Bookfever) Stephanie (Bookfever) says:

    First of all Off the Page can be read as a standalone book but I would highly recommend reading Between the Lines first because it involves the same characters and all Second I have to admit that I liked Off the Page a little less than Between the Lines but it was still a really good readThis book really is a peek into what happens after Happily Ever After and it's not all that great Delilah and Oliver still love each other dearly but now that Oliver is in the real world and high school Delilah realizes she has to share him with others too Meanwhile Oliver is doing his best to fit in though it's not always that easyAlong with chapters in Delilah and Oliver's points of view there's also a new one Edgar These were my favorite Why? Because most of them were featured in the fairy tale book What can I say? I still love fantasy than contemporary But it isn't long before things start going wrong for Edgar also Being the hero also isn't all that it's cracked up to beSo I mentioned before that I liked the first book than this one It was mostly the start of the book that I had a hard time getting into at first I was a bit annoyed by both Delilah and Oliver with the way they were acting As I got closer and closer towards the end it was when I started liking it as much as Between the Lines I also just want to say that I feel really sorry for Edgar and Jules They had just found each other only to lose each other again It was for a really good reason but I was shipping them so hard I can only hope that if there will be another book in this world that they will get to be together somehow And I was so very sad about this one character dying Not going to say who but why did this have to happen?With that said I also should say that sure this book is still fun and lighthearted but there were also some hard topics like death in it Also a lot kissing This however was very niceAll in all Off the Page wasn't as good as its predecessor but I still enjoyed it immensely It's a lovely book for teenagers I think and even for adults if they're looking for something lighter The writing was beautiful at times as well and the illustrations by Yvonne Gilbert were simply gorgeous I loved them So I would definitely recommend this book

  9. RitaSkeeter RitaSkeeter says:

    Just because you've picked up this book you know doesn't mean it belongs to yo uite a lot went on before you even arrived There was a spark of an idea one day which ignited into a fire of imagination Each lick of flame burned a line of text spreading from chapter to chapter And where were you? Probably in some other book not even aware that this was happening someplace in the universe I've seen this referred to as a companion novel to BETWEEN THE LINES but I beg to differ This is a seuel and I wouldn't recommend reading this book without reading book 1 first I think you'd get the gist of the book well enough particularly given there is a rather heavy handed plot summary of the first book at the start of this book; but I just don't think you are going to care about these characters without the background for how they got to the places they're in nowSo where are they? Edgar is still living in the book; albeit re written with a sci fi flavour and Delilah and Oliver are happily engaging in regular PDAs in the 'real' world But of course true love never runs smooth so Delilah and Oliver face some challenges not least of which is Oliver needing to return to the bookI enjoyed the first book; it was a fun and light read I also enjoyed this book though perhaps not uite as much There were some very humorous moments the smack down between Seraphima and a classic high school mean girl was the highlight of the book for me Those who enjoyed the first book are likely to enjoy this one also It has the same uirky slightly nerdy charm The authors have left the door slightly ajar for another book but I'm happy to leave this series here So you see it's uite difficult to know who owns a story Is it the writer who crafted it? The characters who carry the plot forward? Or you the reader who breathes life into them?

  10. Teresa Teresa says:

    Does it matter in this which book I read in this doulogy? Because I only own this book off the page and I don't know if I can read this book without reading the other

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