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The Joy of Killing ✻ [EPUB] ✰ The Joy of Killing By Harry N. MacLean ❅ – In his classic works of true crime Harry MacLean examined the dark side of America and its fascination with violence In The Joy of Killing he builds upon this expert knowledge to create a page turning In his classic works of true crime Harry MacLean examined the dark The Joy MOBI :↠ side of America and its fascination with violence In The Joy of Killing he builds upon this expert knowledge to create a page turning literary thriller — an exciting combination of love story mystery psychological suspense and meditation on human nature and the origins of violenceThis fever dream begins on a stormy fall night at a lake house in the north woods of Minnesota where we are introduced to a college professor who a few years earlier had written a novel in which he justified a gruesome campus murder under the nihilistic theory that there is no right or wrong no moral center to man’s activity The writer returns to the lake house where he had spent his childhood summers and locks himself in the attic intent on writing the final story of his life Playing on a continuous loop in his mind are key moments in his past his childhood in small town Iowa where he and his best friend befriended a local drifter; his childhood on the lake where one summer a local boy drowned in a storm; and the central fixation of his erotic meeting with a girl on a train bound for Chicago when he was just fifteen All of these threads weave together as the writer tries to piece together the multitude of secrets and acts of violence that make up one human lifeReminiscent of the work of noir master Derek Raymond and John Banville’s The Sea with a touch of David Lynch The Joy of Killing with its haunting language and vivid images is both a fascinating look into the fugue state of one man’s mind as well as a searing philosophical look at violence and its impact on our human condition With its elegant structure multiple storylines and edge of your seat suspense the novel is the tour de force fiction debut by one of America’s premier writers of true crime.

  • Hardcover
  • 242 pages
  • The Joy of Killing
  • Harry N. MacLean
  • English
  • 22 June 2014
  • 9781619025363

About the Author: Harry N. MacLean

Harry MacLean an Edgar Award winning true crime writer In Broad Daylight The Joy MOBI :↠ has changed genre's with his new novel The Joy of Killing Variously described as a literary thriller a psychological thriller or philosophical thriller the book earned a rave review from Kirkus MacLean’s writing is lyrical ebbing and flowing like a deep riptide that conceals the danger beneath; there is something.

10 thoughts on “The Joy of Killing

  1. Joshua Joshua says:

    I finished this book a few days ago but I needed the weekend to determine what exactly I had gleaned from it After careful consideration and reviewing the text tirelessly here it is this book is a dark chilling look into what I believe to be the long term effects of obsession and psychosis on a highly vulnerable mindAn unnamed and highly unreliable narrator a college professor and also the author of his own controversial novel The Professor retreats to his familial summer house in Minnesota to reflect on his life a youthful tryst a childhood trauma and repressed memories He aims to write his memoir the final look into his life before it ends In that respect the way that Harry Maclean sprawls through details in a non linear fashion is punchy and refreshing We are steeped in one segment of the story just long enough to have some semblance of what is going on then Maclean shifts gears either to the narrator's present day another story entirely or the mindless ramblings of a deranged mind all of which seem to bleed together in the final third of the novel As one story tumbles into another we come to understand the damage done to the narrator's mind the comparisons drawn between the unnamed narrator and the subject of his own novel another professor who was on trial for the murder of his wife become salient as of the narrator's life is revealed to the reader The uestion lingers unanswered is the accused professor a parallel to the narrator? are they the same individual in some Palahniuk esue twist of fate? Nothing reported can be taken for granted and details are twisted to fit a given narrative regardless of the conditions of their truth Inevitably the lives of the narrator and the accused professor are remarkably similar and as time lapses the narrator begins to both come to terms with and adapt the professor's viewpoint of morality everything is grey highly dependent on the surrounding circumstances rather than set in absolute stone Even murder is justifiable on morally neutral grounds should the joy of the act counterbalance the guilt and remorse involved in the act itselfOften meandering into the surreal The Joy of Killing is a harrowing look at the effect of personal history on the future The novel often creates a sense of paranoia and dread that is mirrored in the narrator's hurried attempt to lay out his story before dawn and that extends to the reader as one attempts to tease out what exactly is the source of the narrator's paranoia Is he deranged? Is he grandiose? Is he psychotic? All of these seem to be somewhat correct The narrator is convinced that the world was created to fit his constructed image of perfection and his illusions of grandeur flood the novel's pages from the first word to the very lastI truly believe upon reflection that I have read one of the modern classics of literature Maclean deftly and effortlessly crafts both characters and a story that while the details are murky or inconsistent do than merely push the plot forward Names and descriptions are not necessary to flesh out this story and this lack of cohesion in detail allows the reader's mind to run wild creating their own descriptions scenes interactions and ultimately the truth unencumbered by rigid storytelling I loved this novel and the way it handled what could have easily be a very trying inconsistent and incoherent attempt at piecing a plot together Every thread that is tugged on is resolved leaving no stone unturned by the end of the novel; however this does not mean that uestions are not posed The final words are thought provoking in a way that invites the reader to read the novel over again pouring over details to find something anything that can resolve what is left outstanding I can confidently conclude that Maclean does not suffer from a loss of direction and purpose throughout this novel and the non linear structure and unreliable narrator truly make this a great work of fiction The Joy of Killing is a definite winner from Harry Maclean and it receives the highest recommendation that I can give

  2. Katie Katie says:

    I made it through about 50 pages and couldn't keep reading I liked the premise but didn't like the style of writing I very very rarely uit reading books because I always hope the book will redeem itself eventually For me The Joy of Killing book felt weighted down in superfluous description It rocketed back and forth between scenes filled with incredible tension memories to scenes that were slow and full of the protagonist's current internal thoughts It felt full of overly worked descriptions of things of the moon for example The plot is interesting but the writing wasn't something I could get past

  3. Becky Dorf Becky Dorf says:

    Love it when you don't know where the story is going and whether or not you can trust your narrator Gives one much to think about as far as memory and morals Good read

  4. Stefan Stefan says:

    Firstly I have to say only read this book when you have the time and concentration to read In my opinion was it a well but difficult written story You need to read some pieces again to understand what happened I really liked the writing style but I understand why people don’t like it Really nice how the different stories came together during the book Like other people said the book shows the impact of someone’s childhood on the future which makes people think me in any case If you want to read a psychological book which is written in another style as most books are you should read the joy of killing

  5. Patricia Hawkins Patricia Hawkins says:

    Haunting and artfully written The Joy of Killing kept me up late into the night a rainy night which seemed perfectly fitting Reminiscent of all the great Gothic novels The Joy of Killing is cloaked in mystery and suspense You'll certainly find yourself aching for answers When those answers do arrive you'll at once feel relief to have them yet all the while struck with a sense of overwhelming sadness the story has ended Sexually charged and filled with intrigue the story weaves back and forth from the past to present The voice of MacLean's narrator will linger with you long after you've read the last page Modernized beyond any comparison to Poe The Joy of Killing weaves the story of the protagonist's youthful encounter on a train together with memories of a somewhat troubled youth In the end it presents how the failings and cruelties in life impact the adult beyond all else It's a novel which tells the tale of those times which shape lives and in the shaping has the potential to destroy them It casts light on the fact no matter how we may try to change our memories of the past the truth is always with us the good and certainly the bad Within us lies the truth no matter how we may wish to shape it As Robert Browning wrote Truth lies within ourselves it takes no rise from outward things whatever you may believe There is an inmost center in us all where truth abides in fullness For his fiction debut Harry MacLean has given us a winner I can't wait to see a movie adaptation of this one

  6. Haley Haley says:

    I thought this book would be very much like American Psycho but it was not Lets not even discuss the mess that is the first half of the book Without spoilers it just repeats the same situation but in different ways for at least one third of the book I loved the idea of this book just not the way it was written This book has great potential and I will than likely re read it in the future just to give it one shot

  7. Patrick Thomas Patrick Thomas says:

    I don't know if I loved or hated this book the story is totally bizarre It is a short confusing read that does kind of come together at the end I will have to think about this book for a while and possibly write a different review It was just Bizarre

  8. Snem Snem says:

    I'm not even sure how to review this book but here's an attempt I liked the way the three sections of the story folded into each other I thought the narrator was great character wise and uite complex It was creative and it kept me in suspense kinda haunting There is a dreamlike uality to the tone which was interesting but also made me feel like I never had a firm grasp on what was actually happening I'm not sure any of this book even made sense People who don't like uick timestory jumps won't like this Do I recommend this book? I think there's definitely an audience that likes dark surrealism and they might enjoy this I think those who want a straightforward mystery plot probably should skip it Also avoid if you don't like some graphic sexiness Read a few better reviews before picking this one up

  9. Vegantrav Vegantrav says:

    If you don't like unreliable narrators you should steer well clear of this short novelThe unnamed first person narrator gives us an account of some of the most important events in his life but we are never uite sure what to believe as the narrator himself can't always seem to remember what happened and often changes the details of events he has previously narratedThere's a twist at the end that will probably annoy a lot of readers On the whole I didn't like or dislike this novel enough to really care about the twistThis was an average story interesting but not enough that I would recommend it to anyone else

  10. Susan Susan says:

    HorribleThe worst book I have ever read It took me awhile to understand the story I almost gave up reading it but its a short book so I decided to keep readingWhen this book was released the price was 1699 I got it on sale What makes me mad it is not worth a penny I am not a person who is bothered by language or sexual content but this book is disgusting The only think I got out of it was the boy was molested and was messed up from it I am not sure what was real and not real Do not waste your time There are much better books to use your time reading

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