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  1. Kemper Kemper says:

    “On the first day of February the coldest day of the year so far I took it as a very good omen that a woman I’d never met brought me a sandwich”This may be the smartest client that Spenser has ever had because one sure way to motivate the private detective is to offer him food It also helps if you’re hiring him to help an innocent person who got royally screwed over by powerful people because Spenser enjoys sinking his teeth into a case like that almost as much as biting into a free sandwichIn a rundown old mill town a judge has sentenced a young man to nine months in a juvenile detention facility for making fun of a school official on Twitter And if making fun of people on Twitter is a jailable offense then I’m in a lot of trouble because my mocking of former Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli would probably have been enough to get me the death penalty Spenser investigates and finds a pattern of the judge throwing every kid he can into jail for minor infractions and some digging reveals ties between the judge and the private company getting paid by the government to run the prison as well as a dangerous mobster Spenser soon finds himself threatened by both the local cops and thugs This is the fourth Spenser novel that Ace Atkins has done after being hired by the estate of Robert B Parker to carry on the series and he’s done an exceptional job of writing these in a way that feels like his own style while still being true to the character This one has scenes and dialogue that really feel reminiscent of the early Spenser and I especially like how Hawk has regained some of the rougher edges he used to have that had gotten sanded off in the later RBP booksOne of the interesting changes is that while the Atkins books are still self contained stories that he’s been leaving plot threads hanging to be addressed later and this gives the series of a sense of on going serialized continuity than it typically had before Spenser still exists in a kind of ageless limbo but there’s been changes to his world since Atkins took over that are adding layers to the stories So we’ve got all those elements along with the kind of plot in which Spenser can really shine as he takes on corrupt officials and criminals with his usual mix of tough guy stubbornness and smart ass comments That makes for a great read that any fan of the private eye genre should enjoyAlso posted at Kemper's Book Blog

  2. James Thane James Thane says:

    This may well be the best Spenser novel in a good long time including many of the last books in the series that were written by Robert B Parker himself As most fans of crime fiction know the series is now being written by Ace Atkins who currently has an excellent series of his own featuring a Mississippi sheriff named uinn Colson This book has all the familiar touchstones of a Spenser novel including the Boston setting; Hawk the very dangerous sidekick; Susan the romantic interest that so many fans of the series love to hate; Pearl the wonder dog; a lot of beer donuts and other culinary delights; and of course the irrepressible wisecracking PI Spenser himselfWhat sets this novel apart from so many of the recent books in the series is that this one tackles head on a major problem of the modern era the private prison racket that is doing so much damage to the nation's penal system and which is also corrupting the politics in so many states As the book opens a woman appears in Spenser's office asking for help Her son has been sentenced to nine months in a tough love juvenile facility that is run by a private prison company The boy's offense was to ridicule the vice principal of his high school on a fake Twitter account and it turns out that he's only one of hundreds of young people sentenced to this prison for relatively minor offenses by a judge who poses as a strict law and order guy but who has suspiciously close ties to the company that runs the juvenile facilityThe boy and his mother as well as a lot of the other young victims of this system live in a small down at the heels town near Boston Most of the people are poor; they can't afford attorneys and they don't really understand what they are doing when they agree to consign their children to the horrors of this system But once Spenser starts poking around he discovers a great deal of rot at the core of this whole mess and being Spenser he won't let go until he has thoroughly roiled the potIt's a very compelling and entertaining story that allows Spenser to shoot off his mouth with great freuency as he takes on corrupt judges venal lawyers and other powerful figures as well as any number of organized crime members There's enough action and other violence to keep things interesting and a plot that will leave any reader with a conscience seething All in all it's another great installment in the Spenser saga from an author who has made Spenser and the world he inhabits his own

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    Ace Atkins does a good job capturing the feel of Robert B Parker's Spenser books with a straightforward plot and characters that feel authentic In this 43rd book in the series Spenser looks into 'for profit' jails for juveniles The book can be read as a standaloneRobert Urich played Spenser on the vintage television seriesAs the story opens a distraught mother from Blackburn Massachusetts armed with one of Spenser's favorite sandwiches as inducement asks the PI to help her son Dillon Yates The teen has been sentenced to 9 months in a privately run juvenile lockup for the 'crime' of 'twitter pranking' his vice principal Spenser soon learns that Judge Joe Scalli who presides over youth hearings in Blackburn is notorious for sending kids to privately run jails almost always without benefit of counsel Further investigation reveals that Judge Scalli and others including another Blackburn judge a network of mobsters and a crooked attorney are part of a complex crime network that has connections to the juvie jails And the lockups whose main purpose is making money hire inept administrators and sadistic guards Scenes of Dillon and his fellow inmates in juvie prison are interspersed through the story and they're uite disturbingSpenser wants to get Dillon out of jail expose the judges and close down the corrupt prisons Since the PI has all kinds of useful acuaintances he soon rounds up people to assist him As part of Spenser's inuiries he travels to Florida with his friend Hawk one of the toughest characters in literature Of course Spenser and Hawk exchange clever uips with tough guys get in fights shoot peoplethe usual I especially like the scene where Spenser and Hawk make a surprise visit to Dillon's prison I don't think it's a spoiler to say this doesn't bode well for some bad guysSpenser also spends time with his longtime love Susan hangs out with his dog Pearl and waxes elouent about soup dumplings and lobster rolls which made me very hungry Spenser is clearly getting on in years and in this story recovering from a knee injury I'll admit the idea of Spenser's mortality makes me sad 😥The story though fictional makes a good point about private prisons which seem ripe for corruption bribery kickbacks etc I liked the book and recommend it to fans of the Spenser seriesYou can follow my reviews at

  4. Mark Rubinstein Mark Rubinstein says:

    Ace Atkins definitely continues carrying the torch for Robert B Parker If you're a Spenser fan you'll find Kickback to be the uintessential hard boiled Boston noir for which Robert B Parker was known In Kickback juvenile offenders in a town called Blackburn are being handed harsh sentences for minor infractions and Spenser knows something malevolent is afoot Greed corruption and unsavory connections work in subversive ways and Spencer must get to the bottom of this snake pit Most amazing is Ace Atkins's ability to keep the voice of Spencer very much alive because if you read Ace's uinn Colson series you'll see he uses a very different Southern voice in telling those tales But Boston and Spenser live on in this exciting series Five well deserved starsMark Rubinstein

  5. Mike French Mike French says:

    Ace Atkins has a great job of filling huge shoes of Robert B Parker in the Spenser series Very entertaining from the get go If you have liked the other 42 books in this series you will enjoy this one

  6. Steve Steve says:

    “Kickback” is TripeIt is time for the estate of Robert B Parker to give up its pursuit of the almighty dollar and let the poor man rest in peaceI have read and enjoyed every Spenser novel and a couple of the earlier copycat books were passable but not this one Spenser rarely sounds like Spenser Susan never sounds like Susan Hawk never sounds like Hawk The plot is confused and confusingAtkins includes scatological humor torture of children gore filled descriptionsnone of which Parker ever did The publisher has given up using the think uality paper that the last 10 or so novels by Parker were printed on and gone back to thin paper and small type And evidently didn’t even pay for a proofreader since there are typos in this than any novel I have seen in many a year I am not even sure an editor looked at it At one point Spenser says to a couple of bad guys who are tailing him “You guys are even dumber than your replacements” He is referring to the people who had the job of tailing Spenser before these two bad guysIf it didn’t have Parker’s name on it I doubt it would have ever been publishedRead the books actually written by Parker and forget the stuff by hacks hired by the greedy family of a talented writer

  7. Nancy Nancy says:

    I think I'm in the camp with the other reviewers who were unhappy with Ace Atkins' most recent take on Spenser Boston private eye I agree that the Parker voice seems pretty faint and the Spenser character of timelesssolid integrity wasn't as apparent not that he was anything but 100% for right justice and wise cracks He just seemed thin and going through the motionsI also thought Atkins' depiction of Hawk was a bit tone deaf having Hawk who was always a man of few words and extraordinary economy of motion talk too much and be too obvious in his pursuit of a passing pleasure while the duo were detecting in Miami There were other wrong notes of this sortThe story about a crooked pair of suburban judges and their mob cronies who were milking the Commonwealth's system for juvenile miscreant rehabilitation was in the now typical Parker vein of grim grimmer and nigh unto hopeless But Atkins' attempt to revive the ghosts of bad guys way past their sell by date Joe Broz Gino Fish and others from decades past in the Spenser pantheon rather clunksThen again if one has been a faithful reader of Parker's Spenser series since the beginning one knows that Spenser served in KOREA which would make him into his 80s if there were adherence to the entire story arc and the calendarThe series has gotten tired and Robert Parker's been dead for over five years I think Spenser needs to be put out to pasture or else he needs a better inheritor of Mr Parker's singular mantle

  8. Robert Robert says:

    I liked the previous three by Ace Atkins but this one was terrible For example view spoiler what was the point of not giving a name to the boy who gets rescued at the very end? Half the book is about him and the dialogue contorts itself to avoid naming him Leaving him nameless was clearly a deliberate creative choice and in my opinion a really bad one It was as if the author was thinking I want this boy to be the personification of endurance and perseverance and never giving in and by not naming him I elevate him to a pure symbolic essence And Spenser coming to his rescue is Spenser rescuing the spirit of perseverance? It just felt confused and kitsch artsy for the sake of being artsy It was completely out of place in a Spenser novel I get this book itself was a metaphor for Atkins wanting to reinvent the Spenser series The whole I got some new parts but I just keep getting better and all that Which would be fine by me if the books were getting better But that wasn't the case with this one hide spoiler

  9. Jodi Jodi says:

    Ace Atkins is in fine form as Spenser takes on a corrupt judge and a prison for profit in the town of Blackburn If you are a minor and you step out of line in Blackburn you will be sent to a prison that promises rehabilitation but is a study in misery and punitive punishments Parents are forced to sign away their rights When a single mother reaches out to Spenser he is determined to get to the bottom of the problem and if it happens to take him and Hawk to the beaches of Florida to uncover shell corporations and figure out who is really running the show Spenser is willing to take that responsibility It's a story almost straight out of the headlines and it's always good to see Spenser do what he says he is going to do and have the good guys win

  10. Jeff Yoak Jeff Yoak says:

    This is the first of the novels that I've read after a full year's delay after catching up I'm happy to say that it is still working and this feels like one of the best yetIn Kickback corrupt judges are shuffling kids off to a private prison for kickbacks without proper process and with the slightest of excuses Spenser reacts to this about as one would expect and helps not only his client but many others along the way

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Kickback Spenser #43 ➤ [Epub] ➞ Kickback Spenser #43 By Ace Atkins ➮ – PI Spenser knight errant of the Back Bay returns in this stellar addition to the iconic New York Times–bestselling series from author Ace AtkinsWhat started out as a joke landed seventeen year old D PI Spenser knight errant of the Back Bay returns in this stellar addition to the iconic New York Times–bestselling series from author Ace AtkinsWhat started out as a joke landed seventeen year old Dillon Yates in a lockdown juvenile facility in Boston Harbor When he set up a prank Twitter account for his vice principal he never dreamed he could be Kickback Spenser eBook Û brought up on criminal charges but that’s exactly what happened This is Blackburn Massachusetts where zero tolerance for minors is a way of life Leading the movement is tough as nails Judge Joe Scali who gives speeches about getting tough on today’s wild youth But Dillon’s mother who knows other Blackburn kids who are doing hard time for minor infractions isn’t buying Scali’s line She hires Spenser to find the truth behind the draconian sentencing From the Harbor Islands to a gated Florida community Spenser and trusted ally Hawk follow a trail through the Boston underworld with links to a shadowy corporation that runs New England’s private prisons They eventually uncover a culture of corruption and cover ups in the old mill town where hundreds of kids are sent off to for profit juvie jails.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Kickback Spenser #43
  • Ace Atkins
  • English
  • 24 July 2016
  • 9780399170843

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Ace Atkins is the author of eight novels including his latest Infamous from GP Putnam’s SonsA former journalist who cut his teeth as a crime reporter in the newsroom of The Tampa Tribune he published his first novel Crossroad Blues at and became a full time novelist at While at the Tribune Ace earned a Pulitzer Prize nomination for a Kickback Spenser eBook Û feature series based on his investigation into a.