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The Great and Mighty Nikko [Read] ➼ The Great and Mighty Nikko ➹ Xavier Garza – Nikko loves bedtime That's because his bed turns into a magical wrestling ring for the masked luchadores that he loves They bounce up and down like crazy His mom of course doesn't believe Nikko She ac Nikko loves bedtime and Mighty MOBI ò That's because his bed turns into a magical wrestling ring for The Great PDF \ the masked luchadores that he loves They bounce up and down like crazy His mom Great and Mighty MOBI ☆ of course doesn't believe Nikko She accuses him of jumping on his bed But that's just not true at all She just can't see what Nikko sees And to prove his point—zoosh Here comes luchador numero UNO with a golden mask and a silver cape Oh wow Number TWO wears an orange mask with yellow flames Another looks like a jaguar and he growls A rooster A bull with horns And a dragon that breathes fire And so it goes until TEN luchadores are jumping on Nikko's bed That's when The Great and Mighty Nikko puts on his mask taking on all ten wrestlers at once and defeating them soundly Ahh a fresh victory under his belt now it's time for Mighty Nikko to catch some zzzzzsArtist and storyteller Xavier Garza is celebrated for his lucha libre picture books and chapter books Maxmillian and the Mystery of the Guardian Angel was a Pura Belpre Honor Book and a ALA Notable Book Xavier who is a much reuested storyteller for schools has been a featured speaker at the American Library Association REFORMA the Tucson Book Festival and the Texas Library Association.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Great and Mighty Nikko
  • Xavier Garza
  • 08 July 2016
  • 9781935955825

About the Author: Xavier Garza

Born and raised and Mighty MOBI ò in the Rio Grande Valley author and luche libre aficionado Xavier The Great PDF \ Garza is a prolific author artist and storyteller whose work focuses primarily on his experiences Great and Mighty MOBI ☆ growing up in the small border town of Rio Grande City Garza has exhibited his art and performed his stories in venues throughout Texas Arizona and the state of Washington Garza lives in San Antonio Texas with his.

10 thoughts on “The Great and Mighty Nikko

  1. Noah Noah says:

    I like this book because i got to watch some Luchador wrestlers before the author read the book It was a great book

  2. Diana Tran Diana Tran says:

    This was such a fun book to read I loved how lively the the illustrations were and how the colors made the photo pop The numbers in the book are colored and I think it was a way to teach numbers because the words are all in a different color and are all capitalized I also loved how the book was in Spanish and in English so students especially some ELL students can read them easily

  3. Crispy Crispy says:

    I did not get any problemsGoodAwesome but I didn't have any problems reading this great and mighty Nikko opportunity to work for a couple of hoursI will be in the same room as I will

  4. Katie Fitzgerald Katie Fitzgerald says:

    I needed an author name with an X in it for a reading challenge and found this on Hoopla through my public library I didn't connect with this book nor did I think the writing was very good at all but it was short and made it possible for me to check that last letter off the list

  5. Kenna Lorenzen Kenna Lorenzen says:

    The Great and Mighty Nikko by Xavier Garza Garza—Realistic FictionFantasy This book could be considered as both of these genres It is about a kid who is playing with his toys while his mom gets onto him which is the realistic part Also the child is pretending that his toys are real and that he is a super hero which also makes it fantasy This book came out in December of 2016 This book is about a little boy named Nikko who is playing in his bedroom with luchadores which are wrestlers It brings in counting when he continually adds luchadores throughout the book This book is a bilingual counting book The book is translated into Spanish on each page Therefore this book would be perfect for early childhood children because it works on counting from one to ten in both English and Spanish Text to Self I remember when I was a kid and playing and my Mom would tell me to keep it down or just calm down in general I would always tell her it was just playing and she would tell me to do it anyways Text to World There are several bilingual children in the United States This would be a very good book to bring into a kindergarten or first grade classroom This would help bridge the gap between the bilingual English only and Spanish only speaking children Text to Text Whenever I think of counting books I immediately think about Chicka Chicka 123 This book is very popular because of its rhyming and counting that it promotes for children of early childhood ages

  6. David David says:

    The Great and Mighty Nikko is an upcoming bilingual counting book by local wunderkind Xavier Garza who both wrote and illustrated the title Little Nikko is a huge fan of lucha libre and when bedtime comes along his wrestling action figures come to life and begin to contend with each other there upon his bed much to the chagrin of his mother whose imagination like that of most adults cannot conceive of such a delightful showdown She hollers for Nikko to stop jumping on the bed as one by one the luchadores throw their proverbial hats into the ringBy the time ten count ‘em 10 wrestlers are battering each other Nikko has to strap on his own mask and set things right and none too soon When his mother comes to check on him at last the king of lucha libre has collapsed exhausted into sweet sleep Featuring the bold signature art and breathless sentences of a true storyteller this book is a magical addition to the shelves of young boys everywhere

  7. Debrarian Debrarian says:

    This book didn't do much for me but a friend told me she read it to her young nephew and he adored it so I'm keeping an open mind Certainly the topic is appealing luchadores del lucha libre Mexican style masked wrestlers take over a kid's bed at bedtime The narrator declares They've turned my bed into a lucha libre ring but I felt that the conceit wrestler toys at bedtime take on real dimensions was hard to follow One sees only frame filling headshots of the wrestlers bounded by occasional ropes; I didn't have a clear sense of the setting either of the bedroom which you really don't see until the last panel or of the ring The naif style cartoon illustrations felt clunky and busy to me and the text segued into the counting pattern awkwardly Look Mom there's a luchador on my bed OneSome kind of note at the end providing a bit of context about luchadores would have enriched the book

  8. Barbara Barbara says:

    Bedtime is always fun for Nikko After all that's when all his masked wrestlers come out to play and he has the chance to jump all over the bed fending them off In this bilingual book Nikko counts each one of the luchadores all the way up to ten Bright colors and panels filled with comic book action keep the excitement going This one would not be a good one to share right before bedtime since it is likely to get the potential sleeper all riled up This one is fun since so many youngsters will be able to relate to it

  9. Michelle Turnure Michelle Turnure says:

    Fun book with colorful illustrations There's an energy in the pictures and text that will keep a child interested I like that it has both English and Spanish text although I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing the Spanish text correctly

  10. Sheila Ortega Sheila Ortega says:

    Kids love the lucha libre theme and the graphic novel illustrations in this counting book It's strange that a bilingual book has the title only in English on the cover

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