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  1. Duke Haney Duke Haney says:

    When I was a toddler I was babysat by a middle aged neighbor couple and the husband had a collection of old magazines with covers that as I later remembered them featured bikini clad Nazi chicks exchanging gunfire with other bikini clad Nazi chicks from the decks of speeding boats Was I dreaming? As an adult on the rare occasions that I mentioned those magazines to people my age no one shared my recollection of them Then I came across this book which at long last assured me that such magazines once existed I’ve now owned the book for a number of years but I never read the opening essays and interviews until recently arrested as I was by the pages upon pages of cover art reproductions which routinely display bikini clad chicks and here and there Nazis and boats not to mention exploding planes and gunfire exchanges as well as monstrous animals from sharks to bears to snakes to ants to weasels to otters to say nothing of the lashings and impalings and beheadings and almost every type of tortureexecution scenario that could be painted and sold in postwar American dimestores without fear of litigation What’s changed since then? Only I think that we live in a self censoring culture no less sadistic and paranoiac; it’s just not expressed so blatantly though future generations will instantly recognize and sneer at our depravities while remaining blind to their own

  2. Stephen Stephen says:

    It definitely would have benefited from coverage of publishers foreign versions and demographic information I wanted to know about the average guy who bought this magazine where did he live what did he do for a living things like that and for a magazine genre that survived for a good 20 years they definitely must have had access to that kind of information somewhereI also do not understand the book editor's explanation for why they ignored the best selling magazine of this genre titled True they ignored it because it was popular and not as racy Well I've read than a few old copies of true and it could be edgy at timesThere was virtually no coverage of comic sections to speak of no Bill Ward no DeCarlo no Vipblasphemy Interior art which would often be better than the exterior art because it didn't have to rely on the garish colors was an afterthought What you are left with is a book of covers and only a few dozen of them are great

  3. Andy Andy says:

    Ass kickin' gut punchin' comp from REAL MENS Magazines of the Fifties and Sixties when us machos were chain smokin' Luckies and spitting in front of church and all we shaved was our chinsif we felt like itI was gonna review this book but I was too busy fightin' off a Grizzly Bear in the Sahara while a Nazi Colonel had a bikini clad blonde bound and gagged in front of a red ant hill and a dozen scorpions ready to kill her and an evil but fetchingly stacked Japanese dragon lady in a torn up kimono and high heels was lashin' me with a whip cigarette holder danglin' sexy from her crimson lips Somewhere in that image Fidel Castro was probably jacking off too with his machine gun up his ass The images in the book are Cold WarRepublican wet dreams let loose and you'll laugh at the ghastly horror

  4. Steven Steven says:

    The collection of cover art is excellent The text is woefully thin however with only a couple of essays and a few interviews This expanded edition includes some fascinating WWII advertising meant to reveal the precursors of Men's Adventure magazine illustrations but the case is only marginally made in the essay The hundreds of pages of art carries this one

  5. Cat Cat says:

    It's a Man's World pays tribute to to the American men's magazines that were tremendously popular from the 1950s through the early 1970s These magazines were highly formulaic and catered to a particular brand of masculinity that became increasingly sexual and increasingly violent as time went on They contained things you'd expect in today's magazines how to sections dating dips salacious exposes etc But they also contained things you wouldn't expect to find in your typical copy of G over the top true stories of sex violence and sexual violence These stories typically featured an American GI in some dire situation where he had to fight and fuck and kill his way to liberationI am clearly not the intended audience for this book but I used it in my thesis so here I am As a woman my main reaction was wow this is so fucked up But what's even off putting is that rather than contextualize the magazines Parfrey and the various sections' authors glamorize them They seem to be basking in the glory of the good old days when a man could be a manwhatever that means The major thrust of the collection is exemplified in the section where they justify the blatant racism and sexism by uoting an illustrator who says That's just the way things were Which is problematic on so many levelsBottom line if you're looking for unapologetic and hyper masculine displays of sex and aggression with a total lack of nuance this is the book for you It gets 3 stars for providing me with such great content for my research I couldn't find high uality reproductions of these covers and illustrations anywhere

  6. I.D. I.D. says:

    While I wish there was a little meat to it in terms of delving deeper into talking about the societal pressures that caused these wacko mags to exist you can't deny that it gives an overview and provides loads of amazing art It's not a total examination of a time but of a broad look at the weirdness Totally recommended if only for the batshit stuff inside

  7. Seth Seth says:

    A collection of old men's pulp magazine cover art with some essay's thrown in Great stuff

  8. Evan Evan says:

    I loved the covers of shirtless guys getting attacked by everything imaginable in the animal kingdom The Nazi stuff wasn't as funny

  9. Steve Steve says:

    I'm kind of inbetween books so this is a cool placeholder that I pick up and flip through all the time

  10. Don Don says:

    Jolly good fun; a heady mix of bizarre homo eroticism and 50s and 60s prejudices

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Its a Mans World [Read] ➮ Its a Mans World Author Adam Parfrey – It's a Man's World was first released in 2003 to critical acclaim and was featured on the cover of the Los Angeles Times Book Review and in the New York Times This rich collection filled with intervie It's a Man's World was first released in to critical acclaim and was featured on Its a Kindle - the cover of the Los Angeles Times Book Review and in the New York Times This rich collection filled with interviews essays and color reproductions of testosterone heavy thirty five cent magazines with names like Man's Exploits Rage and Escape to Adventure to name a few illustrates the culture created to help veterans confront the confusion of jobs girls and the Cold War on their return from World War II and the Korean WarContributions from the original men's magazine talent like Bruce Jay Friedman Mario Puzo and Mort Künstler bring the reader inside the offices showing us how the writers illustrators editors and publishers put together decades of what were then called armpit slicks Reproductions of original paintings from Norman Saunders Künstler and Norm Eastman are featured within and Bill Devine's annotated checklist of the many thousands of adventure magazines is essential for collectors of the genreThe expanded paperback edition includes wartime illustrations and advertisements from mass produced magazines that preview the xenophobia and racist ideas later seen throughout men's adventure magazines of the 's and 's.