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  1. Reeda Booke Reeda Booke says:

    In the interest of full disclosure I will admit that I know the author very well however she knows me well enough to know that no matter what I would give her a fair rating without being biased With that said I really enjoyed this the book It was a fun read and I totally love the main character Lucas He has that sarcastic wit that just made me laugh and the story was interesting enough to keep me engaged all the way to the end If you like fantasy with a little sci fi and mystery and a cool guy with a a great secret then this book is for youIt's a uick read and perfect for all ages even if it is a YA book I plan to read it to my sonLooking forward to book 2

  2. D.M. Kilgore D.M. Kilgore says:

    Dive into an INCREDIBLE read I absolutely loved this story From setting to characters to uniue plot and concept this one had me mesmerized from page one It's beautifully and passionately written and packed with emotion You really feel what the characters are feeling and it's so easy to relate to them I just love that about a book This one plays out with a bit of mystery a secret that you can't wait to uncover and through it all you definitely root for Lucas who really grabs your heart right from the very beginning I couldn't put it down and I cannot wait to continue the adventure with this fantastic author Isabel Brown shines in her debut novel and I'm certain this is an author that will be sky rocketing up the rankings in YA fiction She's so talented You'll soon forget you're reading a story and feel like you're living this exciting and suspenseful adventure right along with Lucas and Chelsea I was truly impressed by this one Keep your eye on Isabel Brown She's going places Don't miss out on this book It's simply fantastic from cover to cover

  3. Katie Cross Katie Cross says:

    I bought this because a friend recommended it but as I'd never heard of the author before I didn't have the highest expectations Sad but trueAnyway I ended up really enjoying it In fact I read it while I was blow drying my hair Two birds with one stone And it was just that goodI also read it in one night so it's a fast easy read What surprised me the most was the MC He had a lot complexity than I was expecting and I rooted for him the whole time The only things I felt could have been done better were the scenes with Michael Not going for spoilers here They seemed pretty rushed once they happened which means I didn't have a lot of time to get used to what they revealed It'll make sense if you read it Other than that the consistency of plot and character was really fantasticI think this book just released so I'm hoping the next one follows soon

  4. Jacquelyn Jacquelyn says:

    If you like YA Fantasy you will like this book If you like Fantasy but haven't dipped your toes into YA Fantasy this is the book to take the plunge with At the start you may think it's going to be yet another teen romance with a paranormal twist keep reading This book is a solid coming of age story that has many layers There is a teen romance but there are also a couple of mysteries as well as exploration of varied relationships in the characters' livesI had the privilege of being a beta reader for Son of the Tides my paperback thank you copy arrived today My reaction to the finished product is the same as my initial reaction When do we get to read the next book about Lucas?

  5. S.R. Karfelt S.R. Karfelt says:

    Looking Forward to the Next OneThis is an engrossing YA novel about a teenage boy coming of age and into his own very abruptly You won't expect all the twistsand turns I liked that the good people were flawed like good people really are instead of the unbelievable parade of trope characters so common in some YA I liked Lucas's friends and even his frustratingly slow to learn mother Fun interesting story I don't want to give any spoilers but by the time Lucas steps foot in the sea you'll be anxious for it than he is

  6. Cindy Cindy says:

    received for free through Goodreads First ReadsA bit juvenille for my taste and I had difficulty connecting with the main characters The fantasy elements were interesting but I felt they needed depth

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Son of the Tides ❰Read❯ ➪ Son of the Tides Author Isabel Brown – A boy A discovery An adventureWhen his dream girl Tatiana goes missing an enigmatic teen underdog agrees to help her best friend find her But Lucas hadn’t expected to fall for Chelsea just like he h A boy A discovery An adventureWhen his dream girl Tatiana goes missing an enigmatic teen underdog agrees to help her best friend find her But Lucas hadn’t expected to fall for Chelsea just like he hadn’t expected to develop phenomenal abilities in the waterAs Lucas and Chelsea begin to piece together clues and close in on Tatiana’s mysterious disappearance Lucas must choose between his feelings for Chelsea or his extraordinary destiny as the Son of the Tides.