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Carry Me Home New England Inspirations #2 ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ Carry Me Home New England Inspirations #2 ❁ Author Valerie Howard – As a nurse who has experienced the pain of personal loss Amanda strives to provide flawless medical care to the neediest of patients But when her life starts crumbling and she meets her most stubborn Home New PDF/EPUB Á As a nurse who has experienced the pain of personal loss Amanda strives to provide flawless medical care to the neediest of patients But when her life starts crumbling and she meets her most stubborn patient yet will sheer determination be enough to see her through Or should she start wishing for a miracle from a God she doesn't believe in.

10 thoughts on “Carry Me Home New England Inspirations #2

  1. Angie Thompson Angie Thompson says:

    Really not liking the fact that the main character starts the story off living with her boyfriend Actually I had assumed he was her husband until I was informed otherwise Guessing she's not a Christian but it still makes me uncomfortable enough that I need to DNF

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    Age Appropriate For 15 and up mentions of pregnancy out of wedlock and minor medical detailBest for Ages 15 25I was very impressed by this story I’ve read some stories where authors have tried to address some of the same issues as are found within this story but come across as flat dull or worse – disingenuous This story was none of those thingsLet me start off with my only complaint As someone who has a sibling who is a nurse and who has known uite a few nurses I’ve never known them not to be able to find work Granted I’ve had people to tell me they can’t find work for what they are worth don’t get me started on that subject but there is always work Also if medical personnel show up on sight and there is a nurse that has been taking care of the person they would want to hear what that nurse has to say Now that was my one and only issue with the story Moving on Amanda is in a bad spot She is out of a job lost her longtime boyfriend and with it her place to live She takes a job working as a home health aide with a very grumpy patient She has to fight to help him keep her job and deal with the curve balls life keeps throwing at her The author did a wonderful job of not sugarcoating anything She presented a tough set of circumstances for which there were no easy answers She was able to present this all in a thoughtful gentle way Never did the book feel crass or make me like anything was done just to shock the reader Yet as I said nothing was glossed over and made easyEach character was brought to life had their own personality and added to the story I felt as if I had met each one and they could be living in my townI would recommend this book to those who like contemporary books that deal with real issues and provide thoughtful answers

  3. Brittany Brittany says:

    Interesting story that I really enjoyed listening to For most of the story the main character is not a Christian and she has uite the journey through difficulties in her personal and professional life It is also the story of an older man who believes that he no longer has any use in this world only to discover that God still has much to use him forI enjoyed this book and listened to the audio version The narrator did a pretty good job with reading the story and I liked listening to it Toward the latter part of the book there were a few times that the narrator read the lines using the wrong voice but that didn't happen too muchI received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my own

  4. Hailey Rose Hailey Rose says:

    I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read from this author The story was uite slow to start and the action didn't take place until about halfway through but it was definitely worth it in the end Such a lovely story

  5. Franky Franky says:

    This is a captivating story with an inspirational message It takes you right into a nurse's heart and desire to help her patients Amanda is a relatable well crafted character It takes a loving and caring individual to be a nurse It's a wonderful tribute to caregivers everywhere and an excellent journey to finding hope and faith

  6. Kaitlyn S. Kaitlyn S. says:

    I knew I would enjoy this book when I picked it up and saw that it was about a nurse providing home care for elderly patientsThis was a precious story and a wonderful installment in this series I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters Amanda was the uintessential nurse going above and beyond in her duties of caring for her patients And the lonely and crotchety Hector was the most adorable old man ever I loved his independant streak that he exhibited The subject of abortion being murder was a theme that I am uite passionate about and I was delighted with the way the subject of unwed pregnancy and a possible abortion was written about The way the pastor got involved was wonderful and I firmly believe we need pastors like thatThe start of the book did find Amanda and her long time boyfriend Bill living together While nothing is detailed there are mentions of our room and the such Because of content unwed pregnancy living with a boyfriend and abortion I would recommend this for older 15 readers

  7. Jamie Jamie says:

    Amanda thought she had her life figured out until her boyfriend of 5 years breaks up with her she loses her job and she is forced to move out of her apartment and rebuild her lifeI definately enjoyed this story While I did feel this story started off a little slow it did pick up the pace and capture my attention I loved watching the relationship between Amanda and Hector blossom I found their daily banter to be enjoyable and funny at times but I mostly enjoyed watching Amanda overcome all of the difficult life obstaclesThis is the first by book I have listened to from this author and it will not be my last I would recommend this to my friends and familyI had the pleasure of listening to this audiobook and I found the narrator did a great job

  8. Connie Connie says:

    Carry Me Home by Valerie HowardAmanda us a nurse providing in home care to the elderly Hector is a grumpy older man that really just wants to go “home” to be both his wife in heaven This story is beautifully crafted and takes Amanda from losing her significant other to loosing her job due to the agency closing to finding a misplaced ad in the paper leading her to taking care of Hector Amanda has been dealt some hard situations This story shows that even through life’s difficult times and hard to handle people God can still intervene

  9. Marie (UK) Marie (UK) says:

    I wanted to strangle the MC on page 3 or 4 the idea of nobody ever dying on her watch and her interfering with hospital care when she was a home care nurse just made me angry However as a whole i enjoyed the book which was less about her nursing life and about how her life was changed by coming into contact with a certain patient Other reviews describe the religious element but i didn't see this as religious christian literature

  10. Patricia Black Patricia Black says:

    What I really loved about this book is that it brought to light some tough issues A nurse with a compassion for helping the elderly and the ones in need and not just the wealthy Amanda is a woman with a heart of gold but also has some faults of her own due to a rough childhood Then you have a grumpy old man who is hard as nails but also a tender hearted man who just wanted to live his life on his terms I did not want this book to end and I am hoping there will be a seuel

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