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10 thoughts on “Amaskan's Blood

  1. J. Conrad J. Conrad says:

    I enjoyed this wonderful epic fantasy novel so much The author has a brilliant imagination to create such a rich world with all its rules different sects and hierarchy The characters were great and felt real They were all flawed and human and likable Adelei and Warhammer spoke to me the most definitely my favorites Warning Spoilers ahead I even had my doubts about the villain's guilt at times like maybe he was being framed I hated him but his particular brand of evil was pretty interesting and morbid The I read the book the I got into it and became addicted It was like a mystery and fantasy rolled into one as Adelei's past and parts of the plot came out bit by bit The ending was so hard for me as was losing two of my favorite characters When the big injustice happened I almost cried The villain did suffer but I kind of wanted him to suffer Although since the Senator trapped him inside his own mind I guess he did suffer considering his mind was such an evil place As much as this book broke my heart I HAVE to read the next book to see how Margaret will carry the torch forward

  2. Georgia Tumbleweed McNabb Georgia Tumbleweed McNabb says:

    Found it a good storyI enjoyed the story and characters enjoyed how the author developed them as the story progressed This was a good read

  3. MC Paperclip MC Paperclip says:

    Amaskan’s Blood is an easy book to start reading The reader begins this way dropped into the action of a desperate kingdom one looking for fast answers in a hostile environment War has entered the castle and the King has found a way to protect his daughters so he thinks The result of this decision haunts the kingdom as well as other kingdoms for many years One daughter grows up in the castle and is sheltered the other is given up to an assassin’s life Years later an evil prince is bound to a clueless and sheltered princess and the abandoned princess with an assassin’s heart and skill has to be called in to provide protection What makes this a great book is what happens after There are so many contentious areas in such a short and necessary time that there is no room for error no room for doubt when it comes to the evil that befalls the main characters and their kingdom and livelihood There aren’t any dry moments such as one may find in a half completed story with a deadline There is great precision and mystery with this author and her story here After wading into this story do not expect to have too much free time until you’re done with this book Once you get into it you’ll be living in this kingdom hoping for its survival and for justice to be served Amaskan’s Blood is nothing short of the complete narrative journey coming of age seeking the meaning of life and getting to the bottom of great mystery Make your way to through to the last page and you will have found a kingdom you wouldn’t mind checking up on from time to time

  4. Stacy Stacy says:

    I was not sure what I would think of this book but wanted to give it a shot I was pleasantly surprised The plot is interesting and you think you know what is going to happen but it is something entirely different It is interesting enough to keep you reading but not overly intense Iliana the daughter of King Leon of Alexander was kidnapped had her name changed to Adelei and raised as an Amaskan assassin She then gets hired to protect King Leon's daughter who is her twin from attempted assassination attempts before her wedding day One thing after another keeps happening to complicate things and intensify the story and you can't put the book down because you want to know what happens next

  5. Galit Balli Galit Balli says:

    I enjoyed reading this book so much that I've read it twice already DThe characters are so well thought of and I thought the world Raven had built is so wonderful and complex but still making the book a fun and easy to readPerfect 3

  6. Paige Paige says:

    No man knows for sure what Justice may be only that it must be just It cannot be served alone to one side but to both eually Justice for the rich and the poor the great and the small No one is above Justice which Amaska servesThe Order of Amaska is a vigilante organization that dispenses justice to clients who were denied justice through the civil way from the Boahim Senate a diplomatic organization that handles disputes between members of multiple kingdoms similar to the United Nations In other words the Order is a large organized group of assassins with a strict honor code tasked to take out targets who for one reason or another managed to escape justice through traditionally legal methods Needless to say people fear them Only those denied by the Senate and desperate enough will seek them out The Boahim Senate considers them murderers who need to stand trial for each and every person they assassinated King Leon of Alexander in particular has a nasty bone to pick with them because years ago the Order of Amaska assassinated his daughter the 5 year old Alexander princess Iliana after he negotiated for her safety Only Princess Iliana isn't dead Instead the Order hid her and conditioned her to become their very best assassin Master Adelei of Sadai So when Adelei discovers that her next job for the Order reuires her to return to Alexander for a nearly impossible mission she is less than pleased to enter into a kingdom who so furiously despises the Order But once there Adelei learns that betrayal comes in many forms and her entire past may have been a lieOh my goodness what did I just read? When I opened the first pages of this book I had not expected such a breathtaking story there might have been a few tears toward the last few pages Every once in a while I find a little gem of a book that touches close to my heart and keeps me emotionally invested This is one of those gems This is a story about relationships the relationship between sisters between father real adopted and daughter and between respected peers And what happens when someone loses touch with who they are and need those relationships to remind them of their identity? Even with all the brilliant plot twists political maneuvering and intense fight scenes Adelei's story has always been about finding out who she was and then deciding on who she is I really enjoyed the interactive nature of this book It has a 'who dun it and why?' ambiance that keeps readers engaged I was kept guessing until roughly the last third of the book Adelei is a great character fierce but intelligent I was emotionally engaged with her journey to discover the 'why' of her past and her struggle to rediscover who she wants to be Her interactions with her sister and father is lovely written but heartbreaking at the same timeOverall I really enjoyed this story The author has a way with stringing together words that is just masterfulRatingStory  4 Stars Enjoyable Skillful WritingWriting 4 Stars Enjoyable Skillful Writing Characters  5 Stars Close to My Heart Emotionally InvestedEnjoyability  5 Stars Close to My Heart Emotionally InvestedNotes Many thanks to Netgalley and Grey Sun Press for providing a copy of this book

  7. John Mendez John Mendez says:

    Marriage Woes in FantasylandSpoiler ific reviewI received this book for free for the purpose of providing an unbiased reviewLet’s get this review startedI can Recommend this book but with some reservations If you’re a fan of books like ‘THRONE OF GLASS’ you might find this enjoyable I found this to be a very mature slightly dark Coming of Age storyPlot The book has a fun assassin vs assassin plotline where the protagonist must defend her family from being killed It had a sisters learning to cooperate plot which had emotional worth Finally it had a pretty good combo mysterymarriage plotlineI think this book’s plotlines were this novel’s strongest feature The author was able to deftly interweave multiple plots using them to enhance and embroider one another The author was able to tell a competent story with a phenomenal endingSetting The worldbuilding was pretty enjoyable I like the United Nations like Boahim Senate the international governing body which holds a lot of political power I’m a fan of Political Fantasy novels and this certainly struck my fancyCharacters I liked the protagonist Adelei Adelei was a reasonably deep main character who must come to terms with her professional honor and her familial affiliations when they come in conflict with one another For Adelei love and loyalty drive her in separate directions and this conflict made for a dramatic characterHowever I didn’t really feel like any of the other characters were as deep as Adelei or Ida The book would have been stronger if the author added nuance to the other characters The villain in particular was a 2D cutout of Snidely WhiplashPacing And here’s where things kinda went downhill for me This book has a slow start and has a few boring places later on The author relied too much on dialog to propel the narrative instead of action which bogged things down The slow pace wasn’t a fatal flaw I was able to skim through the boring parts but it did detract from my enjoyment someProse The prose in this coming of age novel was not as sharp as I would have liked The author’s narrative voice was a bit bland and at times purpleOverall I think this is a perfectly competent gateway novel to get into the Fantasy genre as a whole I’ll admit it was a bit rough in places but there’s diamond in that roughThis is the author’s debut so I’m inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt I think that one day the author has the potential to become a successful mid list author so long as she buckles down and works hard on all aspects of her craft

  8. Galit Balli Galit Balli says:

    Amaskan's Blood is an exciting epic fantasy filled with amazing adventures and wonderful characters Everything is well planned and there're so much happening in this bookAdelei is the main character and she is y far my favorite character She is such a strong character but not the perfect type she is flawed but amazing at the same timeThe author did an amazing job with the world building and even so with the characters Each character brings a new complexity and uniueness to the story even the villain was written amazingly that you are always having your doubts about him how amazing is this author?The work that the author had put into this detailed world is astonishing The author put so many details to everything that you can easily see yourself in this world walking alongside Adelei The first third of the book was a bit slow to read and hard to get into but I am used to this in Fantasy However trust me when I say that the rest of the book is worth the waiting this novel is full of action politics and memorable charactersAlso check out again the amazing cover wow 3 I love the cover so much by itself you can feel the storyLastly I will say that the strong plot combined with the strong characters makes a uniue and amazing story to read and if you like Fantasy you will LOVE this book I am lucky I already have the next book to read immediately yay D I revied a free copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest reviewRead reviews at Coffee n' Notes

  9. Mindi Welton-Mitchell Mindi Welton-Mitchell says:

    I love fantasy and I started off intrigued by the characters involved It does follow a familiar trope of sisters who look alike but with twists and turns I did not expect The worldbuilding is fantastic because it actually builds up and opens doors sometimes literally that I did not expect adding layers to the story Looking forward to reading

  10. Brent Johnson Brent Johnson says:

    I enjoyed this book A little bit of uncertainty about the villain of the piece that helped with the drama The ending was a bit unexpected but the excerpt from the seuel hints that maybe the ending was not what we are lead to believe

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Amaskan's Blood❀ [EPUB] ✸ Amaskan's Blood By Raven Oak ❤ – Her name was Adelei She was a master in her field one of the feared Order of Amaska Those who were a danger to the Little Dozen Kingdoms wound up dead by her hand The Order sends her deep into the Kin Her name was Adelei She was a master in her field one of the feared Order of Amaska Those who were a danger to the Little Dozen Kingdoms wound up dead by her hand The Order sends her deep into the Kingdom of Alexander away from her home in Sadai and into the hands of the Order's enemy The job is nothing short of a suicide mission one serving no king no god and certainly not Justice With no holy order to protect her she tumbles dagger first into the Boahim Senate's political schemes and finds that magic is very much alive and well in the Little Dozen Kingdoms While fighting to unravel the betrayal surrounding the royal family of Alexander she finds her entire past is a lie right down to those she called family They say the truth depends on which side of the sword one stands But they never said what to do when all the swords are pointing at you Amidst her enemies in a land from the darkest reaches of her past she must decide if she is to be than another brainwashed puppet No matter her choice she must fight to do what is just and right to save the people of the Little Dozen.

About the Author: Raven Oak

Award winning and bestselling speculative fiction author and artist Raven Oak is best known for Amaskan’s Blood Ozma Fantasy Award Winner Epic Awards Finalist Reader's Favorite Award Winner Amaskan's War UK Wishing Shelf Award Finalist and Class M Exile She also has several published short stories in anthologies such as Untethered A Magic iPhone Anthology Magic Unveiled.