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  1. Chris The Story Reading Ape Chris The Story Reading Ape says:

    The main character Jeannie is 17 years old and living rough as one of the street people we see everywhere but how did this happen?I liked the way the author cleverly sets up and revisits several separate scenes from the viewpoint of each of the characters in them and successfully interlinks them all like pieces of a jigsaw to make a complete picture emergeAs a debut novelette instead of the books of poetry she has published to date three samples of which are included at the back of the book as a bonus the author has done wellI look forward to reading from Loretta LivingstoneSee my review also at

  2. Heidi Peltier Heidi Peltier says:

    Beautiful story I have read Ms Livingstone's poetry so I was intrigued when she decided to write short stories I knew she had the talent to do it but I was blown away by what I read Where Angels Tread is a collection of short stories all revolving around the life of a young homeless girl named Jeannie Though she is down and out the story is one of hope that there ARE silver liningsthere ARE guardian angels Jeannie's story is proof of that Read it for yourself I promise you will NOT be disappointed

  3. Marie Godley Marie Godley says:

    This book cleverly weaves chance encounters that change lives with the same story told by different characters It is easy to picture the story and has a message of hope and kindness about a street waif who was forced onto the street through no fault of her own I'm not going to tell you what happens to her you'll have to read it and find out

  4. Cate Cate says:

    Making the transition from Poet to Author is a tricky one that some Poets are not able to make successfully; however this Poet has managed to add Author to their résumé with what appears to be consummate easeIn this debut novella the readers given the chance to read of series of short stories; but are they just short stories? Each one of them is a tale within itself but the Author manages skilfully to weave them all together to centre on the main character The stories are all based on the same theme but told from the different perspectives of each of the characters involved The characters are well written and immediately spring to life on the page In writing the characters this Author has managed to give a name and a back story to members of our society that often go overlooked the homeless The main protagonist around which all these stories revolve is a young homeless girl; fragile vulnerable and scared but also determined to make the best of her lot The reason she finds herself in this situation is handled with kid gloves and although brings a powerful picture of the home life of this girl it is not done in such a manner that it could offend or shock those who are of a sensitive nature In writing this novella the Author is able to remind the reader that in this world of chaos violence and the unspeakable acts we commit against each other there is hope and that humanity has not become so lost that there is no way back Yes this book does have religious undertones to it but that does not make it a novella that cannot be enjoyed by the religious and non religious alike I would highly recommend this book to any and all readers who are looking for a short uplifting read that proves the world is not such a miserable place after all My reason for the 4 thumbs ratingit just wasn’t long enough I look forward to reading fiction from this AuthorOriginally reviewed on This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs 30 Unported License

  5. Shauna Shauna says:

    I will admit that I have led a very sheltered lifeand don't understand a lot of what people go throughThe other day my husband and I were driving past a park in a large city and I saw uite a few people who looked like they were homeless It made me really ponder what happened to them that would lead them to live like thatAs I was pondering I remembered seeing A LOT of PRAISING REVIEWS on this bookSo when I got home I picked it up and read itWOW Such a GREAT storyJeannie is a shy girl who's father left them and her mother Rita has to work many hours to provide for them One day her mother brings home yet again another man by the name of MattMatt is suave and slick and dangerous He seems to really care for Jeannie at firstand then he seems to care a little too muchRita starts to feel betrayed and yells for Jeannie to GET OUTJeannie runs awayWith nowhere else to goshe ends up on the streetThrough different events Rod Carla Jeremy and Mike will cross Jeannie's path in life and will change it foreverBEAUTIFULLY TOLDIt will definitely leave an impact on your heart

  6. Marianne Sciucco Marianne Sciucco says:

    My five star review for Loretta Livingstone's debut novella Where Angels Tread This short audiobook packs a lot of punch The characters are well drawn and the story is both sad and uplifting It certainly gives the reader some insight into the struggles of a runaway trying to survive on the streets and how she came to be there in the first place Skillfully narrated by Danielle Cohen Livingstone's debut novella is well written and paced with descriptions that easily draw the reader into the story It's spiritual message is subtle and inspiring without being preachy The only negative is that it could easily have been a full length novel in the hands of this skillful writer

  7. Loretta Loretta says:

    This is my first foray into writing fiction Obviously I think it's good but then I'm biased What is important is what you think of itHere's a brief description At the age of sixteen Jeannie has been thrown out by her mother Rita but it's dangerous out there on the streets Will she survive? And does anybody care? Is it time for her guardian angel to get involved?

  8. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I enjoyed this book Its a uick sweet read that also makes you think about the world a bit than you would normally do on the train ride home from workI love the idea of guardian angels and people having the ability to change This book was given to me through First Reads

  9. Janet Gogerty Janet Gogerty says:

    A modern day fairytale this is a very different take on the homeless; most people walk by but some stop to talk This novelette tells the tale from each character's point of view and some will surprise you There is a happy ending and redemption but not for all This little book is rounded up with three delightful poems; from a creme egg to a rose

  10. Sally Sally says:

    I've had a pleasant hour reading this novella Not my usual style of book with the focus on a homeless girl and how she ended up on the streets I was worried it might get a bit dark in places but it nicely skirted around being clear what was happening without dwelling or going into too much detail Cleverly done from several perspectives Has Christian overtones but not too strong and a positive message

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Where Angels Tread ✅ Where Angels Tread PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Loretta Livingstone – Thomashillier.co.uk Jeannie Innocent and shy kicked out by her mother Rita Matt Predatory and dangerous Is Rita really who he wants Rod and Carla on a romantic city break and Jeremy just 7 years old out with his dad And Jeannie Innocent and shy kicked out by her mother Rita Matt Predatory and dangerous Is Rita really who he wants Rod and Carla on a romantic city break and Jeremy just years old out with his dad And who exactly is Mike Could there be to him than meets the eye Strangers whose lives are destined to cross than once and change forever When you are in the depths of despair when the night seems darkest maybe that's when you'll discover Where Angels Tread.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 68 pages
  • Where Angels Tread
  • Loretta Livingstone
  • English
  • 25 December 2015

About the Author: Loretta Livingstone

I'm a British author and live in the beautiful Chiltern Hills in England with my husband and catI have suffered from ME for many years which has put something of a kick in my gallop to put it mildlyI've always loved reading and it has kept me going through the dark days of my illness when I was unable to do much else I read several different genres but I have a particular love of mediev.