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  • Fear Itself
  • Jonathan Nasaw
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  • 13 December 2014
  • 9780743231589

10 thoughts on “Fear Itself

  1. Emma Emma says:

    Meh Updated with real wordsThis takes the well utilised serial murder by phobia idea and does absolutely nothing to make it fresh Then there's the usual Mr Killer has a tragic childhood kills everyone who helps him makes lots of mistakes then his stupidity eventually completely overwhelms the apparent intelligence that's kept him from notice for years It's a real shame because there's something about this series that draws me but it just doesn't live up to what i'm expecting and i'm not even sure why that is I think it might be the writing just too far to the wrong side of cheesy and it doesn't have that flow that feeling of real conversation or inner monologue to bring you into either the story or the people in it Every joke or comment is slightly off the beat is missed and as a reader you feel that misstep every time As much as I still like main character I think this is it for me

  2. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

    I really love his books but they seem very hard to find

  3. Barbara ★ Barbara ★ says:

    This wasn't one of my favorites by this author In the beginning I enjoyed the mystery right up until the FBI figured out who the murderer was Then the chase was on but the story dragged and was rather boring I liked FBI agent Linda Abruzzi but wasn't all that enad of EL Pender the semi retired agent The murderer was a total freak but he really loved his Down Syndrome sister which was sweet but surprising in such a grisly murderer

  4. Georgia Georgia says:

    I've had my eye on Fear Itself for a long time however I wasn't sure if I would like it enough to buy it full price Luckily enough I found a copy second hand but of course it sat on my TBR pile for ages still Well I read it at last and I genuinely really enjoyed it I'd probably give it a high 4 stars however as it's an older book there is some language in it that made me uncomfortable This book is exactly why I want to read books outside of the young adult genre the deaths were uniue to each character I thought it was pretty fast paced and I was eager to find out how it ends

  5. Pisces51 Pisces51 says:

    FEAR ITSELF By Jonathan Nasaw EL Pender Series Book 2MY BOOK REVIEW FIVE STARSI finished reading FEAR ITSELF last night and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this dark psychological suspense thriller featuring the author's famous FBI sleuth whose forte is hunting down and exterminating serial killers Let's FACE it not our fear yet but just how difficult that it must be for an author to be gifted enough to imagine the existence of a truly original serial killer But not just original a serial murderer with a psyche that intrigues and yet horrifies us and whose modus operandi and signature leaves an indelible impression that make him or her both uniue and unforgettable Nasaw possesses that kind of incredible dark imagination but eually as impressive he is able to breathe life into his chilling creations to endow them with a personae and to render his fictional villains in full Technicolor and in 3 D They are so real that we can sometimes feel a slight chill or the hairs raise of the back of our neck before we shudder and close the book The author's penetrating research into the topic of phobias and his ability to convey a number of blinding snapshots that illuminate a picture of what it must be like to live with this fear on a day to day basis is chilling enough without a sadistic psychopath showing up He lives to turn the sharp edge of their own uniue fear prescription toward them until they see their own worst nightmares reflected like a mirror and staring back at them These emotional cripples are unfortunate hostages to their phobias and our killer in this novel feeds upon their anxiety their panic and their terrifying all consuming fear to satiate his own appetite for the sheer thrill of feeling so close to the purity of their terror But his appetite is never whetted for long and the cooling off period between his kills is getting shorter and shorter This is especially frightening in that he has been operating with impunity for years and the authorities are unaware of his existence The colorful and ever entertaining FBI Agent Pender is readying himself for retirement in this novel and the agency sends Special Investigative Officer Linda Abruzzi to fill his shoes but not really In fact the computer age has pretty much erased the need for a physical liaison been the FBI and the locals That fits because Abruzzi formerly FBI Special Agent Abruzzi was stripped of her title and her service weapon when she was diagnosed with MS and given a fatal diagnosis with progressive neurological impairment and increasing physical disability until the end of her shortened lifespan Her bravery sense of humor strength of character and dedication to her career was an inspiration I couldn't seem to make myself remember that Abruzzi was a fictional character when I found myself smiling at one of Linda's reflections or reaching for a tissue when she was talked to like a worthless embarrassment to the bureauColorful characters seem to be Nasaw's wheelhouse This was the second book of his that I read and the first one I read was a veritable kaleidoscope of colorful characters In any case a witty and intelligent artist notices that several acuaintances of hers with phobias have been dropping like flies Dorie contacts the FBI and crosses paths with Pender He takes an immediate liking to the colorful and enchanting Dorie She is handicapped by a paralyzing phobia of her own but is happy that someone is finally taking her seriously Unfortunately the killer is taking her the most seriously of all This story was well paced throughout but toward the end of the novel the action kicks into overdrive It is intense a real page turner full of shocks twists and surprises I would have to say that the most dramatic fascinating interactions were between the serial killer Simon and the physically impaired FBI Agent Linda Abruzzi as the book escalates toward its climax I felt like biting my nails I literally laughed out loud and not once or twice and I felt tears wetting my cheeks That's a lot of emotion and different flavors of feelings to be extracted from a reader as the book winds down I've thought a lot about what this writer does that is just so darn great I love his dark humor but that goes without saying I believe that one of his greatest talents lies in his unbelievable skill in writing great dialogue for his characters If you have read his works you know exactly what I mean And if you haven't read any of Nasaw's books I would highly recommend that you give him an opportunity to provide you with an enjoyable reading experienceThis is a really good book and although it was very different from WHEN SHE WAS BAD I would have to say that this novel also should be awarded a well deserved 5 STARS

  6. Sandra Ingham Sandra Ingham says:

    I developed a somewhat strange perhaps affectionfascination with the whole serial killercrime type genre many years ago when I first picked up and became enthralled with Jonathan Nasaws 'the girls he adored' Now maybe it's an age thing or that in between back then and now I've read many different twisted and not so twisted tales of killers and apparent good guy law enforcement agents that chase and inevitably catch or kill them but I found 'Fear Itself' just a little bit boringly predictable In seemingly typical Ed Pender story style it builds rather easily throughout the book to a bigish final showdown between cop and bad guy at the end that can be seen coming from pretty much page 1 Pender who I personally picture as a mix of Bruce Willis and John Goodman is a great character readable and relatable enough to actually like the guy but as overly and unnecessary descriptive as the phobias and medication stuff included when it came to Simons parts of the story I found the character a little too stereotypical b grade cop show killer Not an unenjoyable book to read it's a bit of good fun easy reading if you're in to this type of thing I just almost wish there was a some kind of unexpected twist or something 3 starts

  7. Dave Boorn Dave Boorn says:

    A pretty decent B grade crimey thriller Not much to say about this I wouldn't tell everyone I met to go and find a copy but well worth a read if you ever come across it I believe it's the second book in a series but having not read the first there's almost definitely no overlap to worry about Also if implausibility annoys you this isn't for you the body count is silly This book must've been written during the dotcom bubble there's vague references to Google and Mapuest and things that seem so strange in 2017 The main guy has a mobile and I can't help but think of it as one of those massive Nokias from the late 90's with the fat aerial I like stuff like that in oldish booksOne of the main things that grated on me here is how he crams a bunch of pompous wankiness into the writing He's obviously very clever I bet he plays chess ALL the time while listening to Bach and he'd obviously got a new floppy disk of Grey's Anatomy so spatters this book with a bunch of Latin and medical nonsense that's a little unnecessary Dan Brown does the same thing with Pope ish facts and it drives me nuts 35 stars Perfect holiday read but don't go spending £2k on a signed first edition

  8. Jodi Jodi says:

    Despite being a huge fan of 'The Girls He Adored' and its seuel I found this book underwhelming If I get into a book I tend to read it uickly but this one took me uite a while The idea behind the killer was fabulous enough to draw me in but I just didn't feel thrilled or captivated by this book really Parts were interesting but that's allI wouldn't let it put me of buying his other books in future since as previously stated I am already a fan

  9. Alyssa M Alyssa M says:

    Loved this It was a very uniue story and I enjoyed reading it I also really enjoyed that you know who the killer was almost right away Kept my interest

  10. Paul Paul says:

    the tag line says its the most thrilling book you'll read all yearOK was of a comedy

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Fear Itself❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Fear Itself ✈ Author Jonathan Nasaw – Thomashillier.co.uk From Jonathan Nasaw whose heart stopping debut was hailed as a superior thriller The Washington Post and wickedly compelling The Oregonian comes a new novel that takes readers into the depths of Fear From Jonathan Nasaw whose heart stopping debut was hailed as a superior thriller The Washington Post and wickedly compelling The Oregonian comes a new novel that takes readers into the depths of Fear ItselfIs it possible to be scared to death FBI Special Agent E L Pender thinks so when a man afraid of heights falls nineteen stories to his death and a woman terrified of blood is found with her wrists slashed Could it be that the apparent suicides are actually the work of a twisted psychopathTo stop him Pender joins forces with Investigative Specialist Linda Abruzzi and before long they find themselves facing their own worst terrors and a madman who is as immune to fear as he is fascinated by it.