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Extinction Island ❮Epub❯ ➟ Extinction Island Author Catt Dahman – Extinction Island Book 1 Shipwrecked a group of survivors find that they are in the midst of a graveyard of ships and airplanes from years past They have the answers to what becomes of those lost in t Extinction Island Book Shipwrecked a group of survivors find that they are in the midst of a graveyard of ships and airplanes from years past They have the answers to what becomes of those lost in the Bermuda Triangle but it's not what they hoped There is no peace or salvation it's a place of terror claws and teeth And bloodThere are nests of raptors and every creature on the island just wants to eat In a place where the lost come to rest there is no restthere is only the fight to survive on Extinction Island.

10 thoughts on “Extinction Island

  1. ☣Lynn☣ ☣Lynn☣ says:

    My first book in my Countdown to Jurassic World marathon was a huge blow for me The writing was just fucking awful All of the characters sounded the same It was confusing not really knowing who was talking at times We are introduced to almost 20 fucking characters in the very first chapter It was extremely hard to keep track of them all I was expecting dinosaur action I mean look at that cover It screams DINOSAURS GALORE What I got instead was a short ass book with too many damn characters doing stupid shit Sounds harsh but this book really pissed me off I don't like trashing books at all I really don't This one just wasn't for me Thank god for kindle unlimited

  2. chucklesthescot chucklesthescot says:

    A rich man invites his sons and their friends on a boat trip but a sudden vicious storm shipwrecks them on an island When there is no sign of help arriving for them and an unknown creature feasting on one of the dead panic starts to set in The island holds many secrets including a ton of dinosaurs a ships graveyard and other hostile human inhabitantsIt's not a literary masterpiece by any means but it isn't meant to be It is a fun dinosaur romp in the manner of the creature features you get on things like the Sy Fy Channel It's a homage to the B movie with lots of people being attacked and eaten on almost every page It also has the supernatural mystery element the obnoxious characters you want to get chomped and the hostile humans lurking in the woods as an added danger It does enough to entertain and there is plenty dinosaur action or something else happening all the time so it kept me pretty happy overallLots of dinosaurs Compys are the first ones that we see making a meal out of the dead bodies from the shipwreck but there are bigger and badder things to come There is no safe place on the island with the camp being regularly attacked and danger lurking around those tasked with going to find supplies I liked having a big cast because you knew that meant plenty of dinosaur victims through the book And you can't have a dinosaur horror without chomped and torn bodiesThere were other interesting sub plots running through the book The survivors discover a waterfall and pool and the water seems to have some kind of healing effect Their medic Kelly is concerned about it and wants it only used when necessary but some of the others are sneaking off there and becoming addicted to it causing a change in their overall behaviour which will have a terrible effect on the camp There is also a murder plot with several of the badly injured being killed is it murder or mercy killing and who is doing it? The other worrying thing for the survivors are the discovery of both the countless shipwrecks on the island and the discovery of feral survivors who may have been affected by the water they are usingThe one down side to the book is the characters Stu is a complete nightmare the steriotype spoiled rich brat who thinks all women are sluts especially the ones who turn him down and that everyone around him is a lesser species because he is so wonderful Ugh He is the one you REALLY want to get eaten His sister Vera is a whiny little bitch and stepmother Connie is a complete cow We have the steriotype slut character Joy who breaks up the happy about to be engaged couple which got steam coming out of my nostrils Normally having so many idiots in a book would switch me off it but in these dinosaur gorefest books I have a bit tolerance for them as it is fun if they get eatenOverall a decent story with enough dinosaurs to make a horror fan happy but just don't expect to love the characters or find it to be the greatest story in the world Then you might like it for a bit of light entertainment

  3. Mallory Kellogg Mallory Kellogg says:

    Where do I begin?A yacht of rich entitled people gets shipwrecked on an island in the Bermuda Triangle And the island is full of dinosaurs Not much for originality More like beating a dead horse with this concept But I really wanted to read something with dinosaurs so I figured why notOh wowThe characters were all so stereotyped it was ridiculous You had the goth chick the slut I hate slut shaming but I have no other way to describe her the rich douche bag a bunch of spoiled rich women and a crew member that was so upbeat and brave he seemed almost angelicNone of them were very appealing The ones I liked seemed to get eatenAnd there there was the transgender fear I thought my blood would boil when this woman was discussing how her husband cheated on her with a fake woman There was a lot said but I refuse to lower myself to that level The wife said she got over it and likes the transgender woman now but I can't get over the hate she hadNow with all that said this book's biggest issue editing NOBODY edited this Good Lord I know my own book needs editing but THIS blows my mind There were missing uotation marks everywhere People were talking and you had no idea You just sort of figure it out because they suddenly are in 1st person And then you never knew when the speaking ended because well MISSING UOTATION MARKSThere's also the problem with italics Thoughts should be in italics But thoughts should also be in 1st person But not with this book Anything close to a thought was in italics There were huge blocks of text leaning But they weren't thoughts They were someone mostly thinking to himself but not in first person Let me make up an example He thought he should get away from these idiots None of them knew how to write a proper novelSee? Not rightThe plot was weak the characters were flat and lord it needed editing I feel like this was written and uploaded all in the same day I re read my novel 3 times spent days editing it and changing things and it STILL needs work There is NO WAY this was proofed

  4. Jeanine Spencer Jeanine Spencer says:

    Totally intertaining mature young adult or adult I am 54 and enjoyed this bookAfter finishing this book I am speechless I refuse to give away anything and wish others would not spoil it for new readers The ending made me laugh out loud because it is unexpected Read this in two days loved it A lot of edit issues but I could care less Not a prize winner Just time well spent on a rainy day For mature young adults I think it's fine but I read shelter skelter at thirteen had to leave my bedroom light on for weeks Bravo catt Well donea new fan of yours with a similar namecat

  5. Stephen Thompson Stephen Thompson says:

    It started out with a bang and ended in a whimper I hate books with endings like this they could have written so much and developed all the side stories with the dinosaurs and survivors I'm pretty disappointed because it was such a great idea It says book 1 so I'm hoping for a better seuel

  6. Allan Allan says:

    Pretty weak book pretty weak ending I liked the characters to a point but whoever edited this book did a terrible job Normally that does not matter to me but in this case it was very very bad and got to the point I couldn't follow the story at times If it was re written it might have a better score Maybe half a star

  7. Veronica Veronica says:

    I am a bit surprised at some of the reviews here While this is not the best dinosaur vs human book I have read it really isn't too bad I found it to be a light and easy summer read I was a bit disconcerted by the ending but uickly found out that this is the first book in a series so I am trying to find the time to read the second one in the series

  8. Kyle Michael Feezor Kyle Michael Feezor says:

    Epic dinosaur thrillerThis book is not for the faint of heart The book has blood gore and dinosaur carnage throughout I wish it was longer but it was a very interesting dinosaur thriller

  9. Danitza Hamilton Danitza Hamilton says:

    WowDon't want to give it away However I'm glad I read this There is something new under the sun Things that make you go hum

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    AwesomeNo time gotta get to the next one asapthis is one awesome ridereal cliffhanger endingon to book two right now

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