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Too Close to Home ❰Read❯ ➮ Too Close to Home Author Susan Lewis – Sometimes the truth can be closer to home than you think The compelling and moving new novel from the Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors No Child of Mine and Don't Let Me G Sometimes the truth can be closer to home than you think The compelling and moving new novel from the Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors No Child of Mine and Don't Let Me Go Jenna and Jack Moore have moved their Too Close eBook ↠ family to Wales for a fresh start For vivacious happy go lucky fifteen year old Paige the future is full of promiseBut suddenly everything changes Paige becomes and withdrawn The closeness she once shared with her mother a distant memoryIt then becomes clear that Jack has secrets too Preoccupied with her younger children her husband’s fidelity and their fledgling publishing company Jenna doesn’t realise the extent of her eldest daughter’s unhappiness until the unthinkable happensAnd the nightmare is only just beginning.

10 thoughts on “Too Close to Home

  1. Heidi The Reader Heidi The Reader says:

    Bullying is a very serious issue I felt that Lewis' treatment of it was over the top her characters were either unlikeable or unbelievable and the whole story was far too negative Lewis claims that she wrote it this way to show the real struggle that many young people go through but it turned ridiculous and then repetitive The only reason that I finished this book is because it is the club pick for this month If it had not been I would have set it asideI believe that the group the author talks about at the end of her book is doing some really good things but this book is not worth the readIf you're looking for books on this topic try Finding Jake by Bryan Reardon or Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picault

  2. Fictionophile Fictionophile says:

    The story of a family whose life seems idyllic at least at first Then you begin to notice the cracks in the facade then the cracks widen to form chasms Then you fall inSet on the beautiful Gower Peninsula in Wales “Too Close to Home” is the first novel I have ever read by Susan Lewis If I had to classify it I would say it was women’s fiction with didactic overtonesJenna Moore suffering from writer’s block is a published novelist and busy mother of four who has recently moved to Wales from London Now she lives in her ‘dream house’ She and her husband Jack have started up a new business venture a company called “Celticulture” which aims to professionally represent aspiring authors and publish their work in electronic formatThen Jenna begins to suspect that Jack might be having an affair Changes abound and her world begins to crumble due to the fact that her marriage and the new business are in dire jeopardyPaige Moore the second protagonist is Jenna’s fifteen year old daughter She is a beautiful and talented teenager who excels at school Then – it uickly becomes apparent that Paige is a victim of bullying both the cyber variety and the up close and personal kindThe novel accurately and sometimes painfully describes the immense damage that can be created by bullying while simultaneously painting an empathetic portrait of a family in crisis A crisis which has been precipitated by deception secrecy and betrayal It also perfectly describes the anguish of parents everywhere The inherent guilt fear and worry which accompanies the role“Too Close to Home” was rendered with skill Naturally flowing dialogue coupled with engaging and believable characters made the reader become invested in their outcome A modern story of a family with modern problemsI would definitely read another novel by this talented author and look forward to doing so RecommendedThis review originally posted on the blog Fictionophile

  3. Charlotte Ashcroft Charlotte Ashcroft says:

    Heart wrenching story with a happy ending 😊

  4. Jane Jane says:

    Another fantastic book by this author she so makes you think about her characters and how you would cope in the same situation

  5. Anthea Anthea says:

    Started off fine but gets progressively draggy as the book goes on Blurb did not fulfill the expectation of the plot at all There weren't any deep dark family secrets Everything was pretty much spelled out There wasn't really a plot holemystery etc to keep the readers wanting to get to the end of the book However I kept pressing on hoping something interestingcaptivating would come up but it didn'tThis was my first book from Susan Lewis and I'd probably wouldn't read another one of hers

  6. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    What I loved about Too Close Home by Susan Lewis is the family of characters that are so easy to believe in and have feeling for Jenna and Jack move to Wales for a fresh start running their own publishing buisness But some how the nightmare is only just beginning I honestly think this one of Susan Lewis best novels that I have read I am looking forward to Susan's next novel

  7. Karen Karen says:

    Not what I thought it was about Was thinking it was a mystery More of a drama around family and school difficulties Wasn't a fun book

  8. Kristine Kristine says:

    Original review can be found at stars I received an advanced readers copy from Ballantine Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank youSusan Lewis is not a new author to me I have had the privilege of reading some of her other work Too Close to Home was what I would classify as a sweeping family drama There were multiple things going on with multiple characters within the family that inevitably created or added to one enormous issue that impacted all of them as a whole There were many issues touched upon in this book with most of them being uite serious From infidelity and fraud to bullying and suicide the story was chalked full of relevant topicsWith so many issues you would think that it would make the story too busy but that was not the case In fact I found it was a little slow to take off and catch my interest This was also something I noticed in some of her previous work It alternated between Jenna's story and her struggling marriage and Paige's story and the bullying she was receiving at school and on social media Although both mother and daughter had a lot going on I found myself drawn to Paige and the bullying Perhaps it was because I have daughters her age and I can total relate to the era of social media as it relates to themAs far as the characters went my thoughts were all over the place and I struggled a little bit Jenna did some things that I didn't necessarily approve of First of all I found her to be uite naive when it came to Jack She agreed to a huge move to start a new business that she did not understand at all Yes she knew the creative side but nothing about the financial and I couldn't grasp that Also there were so many uestionable moments that I found myself shaking my head at her What really got me though were some of the things that she said to the kids when Jack left I understand she was hurting and angry she had every right to be but I never approve of pitting one parent against the other It only serves to hurts the childrenPaige was painted as a strongsmart character but I have to strongly disagree She was struggling with the extreme bullying that was directed at her and even though she knew what steps she should take she didn't She also befriended a person on the Internet with whom she did not know These situations show naivety and immaturity She certainly would not be a roll modelI could go on about things that irritated me about the characters but it was in fact these ualities that made the story what it was The story could not have happened without those characters flaws Although I had mixed feelings about the characters I enjoyed the book once I got past the slow beginning It was a story of one complicated family and the struggles that they had to overcome in order to regain their happy life and family

  9. Natasa Natasa says:

    The book explores cyberbullying in great detail and if this topic interests you you may enjoy this book The characters however are two dimensional; they never really come alive For me the book was a disappointment though the topic is timely

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    When I began this book I did not really care for it No single character stood out and I found myself scanning the first uarter of it in hopes that something would grab me I figured if I could keep the names straight that I would eventually get in a rhythm I continually had the feeling that there was going to be to the story What I did not realize was that Susan Lewis was not sure what that should be Was it a women’s fiction novel centered on divorce and its daily discoveries or was it a young adult novel centered on bullying? Unfortunately the two stories are somewhat interwoven with an unsatisfactory conclusion for bothJenna Moore and her husband Jack leave their London home when Jack loses his job and is unable to find another He has the brilliant idea of starting his own online publishing business on the Welsh coast while Jenna is uietly in the background trying to write a follow up to a previously successful novel Meanwhile fifteen year old daughter Paige is immersed in her own battles at school Apparently the campus bully has decided to make Paige’s life hell and if it were not for a new anonymous online friend things would have tumbled completely out of control Little did both mother and daughter realize that life would get worse before it could ever have a chance of getting better As Jenna discovers lie upon lie falling out her husband’s mouth and Paige realizes that her new online friend may not but a friend after all both Moore women have decisions and choices to make With the inability of speaking to each other both Jenna and Paige seem to be on their own course until they can emotionally make it back to their familyI know that the author tried to give the book a nice little happily ever after bow at the end but it did not work for me After trying to throw everything possible into the plot it still fell flat and I felt that the author was just as tired of writing as I was of reading

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