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Hoops ❰Read❯ ➫ Hoops Author Kylie Gable – Thomashillier.co.uk Crane Lake is a sleepy little Indiana town Basketball star Jimmy Ellis is the biggest thing ever in this tiny little basketball obsessed community At eight teen he already has a fancy car and his own Crane Lake is a sleepy little Indiana town Basketball star Jimmy Ellis is the biggest thing ever in this tiny little basketball obsessed community At eight teen he already has a fancy car and his own entourage When a bet with girls basketball team star Savannah Turner turns ugly her friends spend the summer teaching him a lesson Can he survive wearing dresses and dating his best friend; Kenny How far will the girls take thingsHoops is a word story of small town female domination forced feminization forced bisexuality humiliation bondage and even a bit of good old fashioned romance.

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  1. Sally Sally says:

    While Kylie Gable can always be counted on for a solid entertaining well plotted tale of forced feminization and humiliation I do think Hoops may be her best yet It has a great set up a legitimate agenda for the feminization some exuisite detail in the feminization itself and some really unexpected plot developments along the wayIt all begins with two high school basketball stars Jimmy and Savannah used to be good friends both on and off the court but he's allowed success to go to his head alienating many of those around him A hallway confrontation leads to a challenge on the court one that she wins despite being knocked down with a bloody nose When Jimmy decides he's too good to follow through on the conseuences of their bed Savannah and her friends concoct a blackmail scheme to make him their sissy bitch for the summer and his best friend Kenny their bitchLike I said the feminization itself is exuisite in its detail from shopping to dressing to the look and feel of the clothing to the challenge of acting and talking like a girl Savannah and her friends take their scheme all the way going so far as to establish a social media backstory for Jimmy's new persona Making him and Kenny act like teenage lovers in public may seem a little cliched but it creates some of the best moments in the story I'm not sure I'll ever be able to sit in a theater and share a bucket of popcorn again without thinking about what might be in it and on itWhat brings it all together is the fact that Kylie Gable takes us beyond that summer and follows up on its real world conseuences We see characters evolve personalities change and justice catch up with those who deserve it all leading up to one of her happiest endings yet As published on Bending the Bookshelf

  2. CagedMitch CagedMitch says:

    Jimmy Ellis is an eighteen year old high school basketball star and a hometown hero in Crane Lake Indiana Success has gone to his head and he and his friends like to throw their weight around while they bask in the adoration of the townsfolk Savannah Turner is also a basketball star having led the girl's team to win the state title When Jimmy runs afoul of Savannah and her friends he finds himself intimidated into betting on a one on one game against Savannah If he loses he'll have to be his friend Kenny's prom date all made up and wearing a dress When Savannah does better than expected Jimmy cheats elbowing Savannah and breaking her nose but Savannah wins anyway Jimmy and Kenny then welsh on the betSavannah and her friends Victoria and Gabby decide to exact revenge With the help of Melissa Jimmy's dumped ex girlfriend they uncover evidence that Jimmy illegally received a bribe from the Kentucky college that had recruited him with some unwitting help from Kenny Soon they have Jimmy now known as Selena right where they want him in a dress and makeup and on the arm of his best friend KennyI especially liked the movie date scene where the feminized Selena is forced to pleasure her best friend by sticking her hand in a popcorn bucket It's resting on Kenny's lap and there's a hole cut in the bottom of it Selena and Kenny are forced to swallow the popcorn once they're finishedI also enjoyed the character of Savannah's father Sheriff Joe Turner a widower who raised his daughter to stand up for herselfSelena and Kenny are made to go steady and a social media profile is created for Selena Eventually Selena is forced to enter the Fourth of July ueen competition and the young women conspire to see her crownedThis is a fun feminization tale about the humbling of an egotistical young man and the empowerment of his female tormentors The story contains feminization femdom humiliation a bit of bondage and some forced bi As the victim Jimmy Ellis seems particularly deserving of his eventual fate I recommend this story to any fan of forced feminization stories

  3. Tom Tom says:

    This was disappointing to say the least There's a decent story here small town Indiana basketball star taught a lesson in humility by the star of the girl's basketball team But Gable's handling of the story is paper thin The characters lack any depth and therefore any sense of realness The plot line is rushed which is probably for the best since the idea a star jock could make it through several weeks of school in panties and pantyhose without being discovered is suspect at best When a situation is given some development Gable still rushes the action focused on acts than emotions And even the acts lack any real attention or excitement The lack of emotional depth is doubly frustrating because you have the feeling that Savannah and Danny who goes from being Serena to Sabrina in the final couple of chapters yeah that's the level of editing here could have been richer realized characters And Danny's best friend who is forced to date Danny has his only awakening that Gable hints at and then abandons All in all an unsatisfying read

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