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Rally naar Bagdad [Ebook] ➠ Rally naar Bagdad By Agatha Christie – Thomashillier.co.uk Victoria Jones is net haar baan als stenotypiste kwijt als zij een leuke jongen die Edward heet ontmoet die haar vertelt dat hij de volgende dag naar Bagdad gaat Victoria besluit hem achterna te reize Victoria Jones is net haar baan als stenotypiste kwijt als zij een leuke jongen die Edward heet ontmoet die haar vertelt dat hij de volgende dag naar Bagdad gaat Victoria besluit hem achterna te reizen en neemt een baantje aan als gezelschapsdame om haar overtocht te betalenHoewel ze geen adres van Edward heeft en niet eens zijn achternaam weet gaat Victoria in Bagdad naar hem op zoek Rally naar PDF/EPUB ² en beleeft daarbij een serie verbijsterende avonturen.

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  1. Anne Anne says:

    As a Christie fan I'm wondering how this little gem escaped my notice all these years?I think Victoria may be the most adorable pathological liar you'll ever meet You can't be mad at her because she's just so honest about it 100% trueAnd you really shouldn't like her so much considering all the idiotic choices she makes which land her in incredibly dangerous situations Starting with losing her job in the first scene due to her need to perform a reenactment of a particularly embarrassing scene between her boss and his wife for her fellow typists Of course this frees her up to take off on an ill advised adventure to Baghdad to find the handsome young man she exchanged a flirtatious conversation with on a park bench Oh come on girlWhat ensues is the classic tale of a girl in love who follows her heart and gets mixed up in a political assassination attempt in another country while working as an untrained mole in a cultand becoming an amateur archeologist on the side Because why not?If you like Agatha you'll like this one

  2. carol. carol. says:

    From my review at Christie does thrillers Or not depending on your point of view This one might work as a movie I'm disinclined to find out but if you are interested one was made in 1952 but fails to impress as a book Victoria Jones has been fired from her typist position As she sits in a courtyard eating her lunch she's politely approached by a diffident young man who strikes up a conversation In America Miss Anna Scheele personal secretary to the head of a firm of international bankers informs her employer she must take a vacation to care for her sick sister in England In the Irai countryside Carmichael is trying to sneak back into Baghdad in time for a major world powers meeting with proof of a certain conspiracy Mr Dakin the local Baghdad covert agent is charged with ensuring security for the meeting and is hoping to preserve international peace Richard is an archeologist fanatic just hoping to make it to Dr Pauncefoot Jones' dig After their brief meeting Victoria decides she is in love with Edward and must find him in Baghdad as soon as possible Separate plot lines build and come together in a dramatic finishOne of the ways Christie excels is in capturing the minutia of the small town life the details that instantly identify a character making them resonate in the imagination In Baghdad there's a full cast but no one but Victoria Jones really gets the attention they deserve and once introduced they tend to fall out of the action only to appear significantly later As a non thriller reader I find I'm not particularly impressed by megalomania as character motivationMostly I blame the lack of world building Baghdad of the 1950s was an entirely different city from Baghdad of 2014 Its one of those books that was probably perfect for the decade is was published in but works significantly less well for current times I needed atmosphere I had the vaguest sense of place most likely pulled from old memories In my case Christie's 1950s Baghdad felt a lot like Elizabeth Peters' Egypt in 1880 which most likely reflects time spent reading the Amelia Peabody seriesBaghdad 1950 Baghdad 2014 So many coincidences in this plot The government recruiting a naif based on her spunky attitude and ability to lie convincingly? She was charming no doubt but it played like a Cary Grant script not a thriller Overall I don't regret the time but it wasn't a great example of Christie's capabilities I prefer her Marple and Poirot series It's passable but I recommend it for fans of thrillers and Christie completionistsTwo and a half lackluster stars

  3. Laura Laura says:

    I don’t even have words to describe the madcap charm of this book No Miss Marple no Poirot just a heroine who redefines “spunky” and a plot that will leave you yearning for high jinks in the desert International intrigue has never been such fun nor has it probably ever been infiltrated by a mediocre shorthand typist Miss Victoria Jones freshly booted from her job sits in a London park figuring out her next move Enter a handsome lad named Edward who enchants Victoria but – oh no – is leaving the next day for a job in Baghdad Well what’s to stop her from following him? Armed with a can do attitude and a remarkable gift for invention some would call her a pathological liar but things sound so much better when she makes them up she’s off to the unknown Subterfuge danger and daring exploits await her as she becomes embroiled in shady dealings and even better an international conspiracy In one thrilling episode a spy stumbles into her hotel room and DIES Who can resist such drama? Certainly not the resourceful Victoria who’s up for anythingAgatha Christie’s seamless style lends itself to this sort of actionadventure caper But the dialogue is what really wooed me probably because I listened to the audio version read by Emilia Fox The voices she does for each character really bring out the comedy At times I hooted with laughter An absolutely delightful summer escape

  4. Ken Ken says:

    Another standalone Christie thriller as she returns to the type of storytelling from some of her earlier novelsWhilst I much prefer her crime mysteries its certainly true that the much traveled author knows how to transport the contemporary reader to various different countries this time IraThe main protagonist Victoria Jones is actually uite fun the short hand typist recent dismissal from work soon leads to a chance encounter with EdwardImpulsively she decideds to follow him to Baghdad and she soon finds herself caught up in an elaborate conspiracyEven though I'm not overly keen when Christie tackles a action packed storyline the pacing definitely improves during the later halfIf you prefer a traditional mystery then stick with Poirot or Marple but like all her novels their are always good moments especially the archaeological elementI'd only recommend it to a Christie complesionist

  5. Vikas Singh Vikas Singh says:

    It was almost like reading a Robert Ludlum novel Great start fast paced action spread across different cities unconnected people a mastermind brilliantly orchestrating the entire drama and all coming together in the end to give a nice satisfying closure Written decades ago when espionage compared to current standards was novice the story line holds your attention till the end Nice gripping drama

  6. Janete Janete says:

    This wasn't so much interesting as the others Agatha Christie's books but my purpose was improving my English knowledge through reading it and listening to the audio

  7. Sheila Beaumont Sheila Beaumont says:

    I enjoy Agatha Christie's stand alone thrillers even than her Poirot and Marple mysteries Of course this was a reread as I've read them all multiple times Highly recommended

  8. Ann Ann says:

    Easily one of my favorite Agatha Christie books The mystery books I read the I realize just how incredible Christie was at what she didThis mystery centers around not so much a murder but the plot of a political overthrow Is the overthrow a good thing? Or a bad thing? And even does it exist? Our protagonist Victoria finds herself suddenly placed in the middle of it all and must decide just how involved she wants to beThey Came to Baghdad has an intriguing blend of all sorts of mystery points murder mistaken identity spies lies and even a bit of romanceI think what really won me over was the detailed and diverse cast of characters headed by the smart and clever Victoria who has a fantastic imagination and an ability to create elaborate lies and stories but whom fails to tell convincing true stories Victoria isn't really book smart and she's not entirely street smart but she's clever and has a wonderful ability to never give up and an optimistic heart that makes her a pleasure to follow through the pages Not every chapter is devoted to Victoria's perspective however and in the beginning we have several chapters from several points of view This could have been frustrating and annoying but for some reason I did not find it so and was instantly drawn in and hooked to each of the mini stories if you do find it tiresome I highly suggest you give the book at least 5 chapters or so until you settle into the main plotThis book isn't overly gruesome or graphic and while there may have been a few points I'd have liked better clarification on overall I thought the mystery was explained nicely and neatlyHighly recommended

  9. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    I read this some time in the 1980s and remember thinking it was one of Christie's enjoyable books This is a reminder to myself to read it again sometime and see if I still think that's trueIt's too bad I still remember who the villain is it was a particularly surprising reveal to me because I've forgotten almost everything else about this book

  10. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I loved the title so mysterious and alluring WHO came to Baghdad? And WHY??? And I uite loved my adventure in Baghdad with all of those who came there Full of Middle Eastern ambiance but with a good dose of 1950s British ness thanks to our lead characters it's the perfect blend of humor and adventure exotic and comfortable a bit of romance and of course lots of suspense I give it only four stars because I thought a the chapters in the beginning jostle around as we are introduced to the full cast of characters and it lacks a bit of narrative flow; also I was impatient to get back to our spunky heroine Victoria Jones with her penchant for telling marvelous lies her lack of typing skills and her sudden love for the handsome Edward who is alas off to Baghdad Out of a job and into a romance Victoria decides to follow him and that's when things get good I also give this only four stars because Ms Christie is up to some of her old tricks and I pretty much guessed the ending But that didn't stop me from enjoying it Also I really loved that there is some archaeological stuff in the story and I thought this was uite neat since Christie's other life involved going out to digs in the Middle East with her archaeologist husband Mr Mallowan

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