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Beggar Magic [PDF / Epub] ☀ Beggar Magic By H.L. Burke – In Gelia City magic is music – a constant ever changing melody known as the Strains All can hear the Strainsbut not everyone can use them euallyLeilani is Common able to do only the most mundane “ In Gelia City magic is music – a constant ever changing melody known as the Strains All can hear the Strainsbut not everyone can use them euallyLeilani is Common able to do only the most mundane “Beggar Magic” but when she befriends the gifted Highmost girl Zebedy she is swept into the gilded world of the upper class who can access the magic’s full potential Behind the polished academic façade of the Highmost manors the girls run headlong into danger An unknown force is consuming the Strains leaving heartrending silence behind Desperate to save their beloved Strains Leilani and Zebedy soon realize that solving the mystery may cost them their friendship or even their lives.

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  1. Deborah O& Deborah O& says:

    Ten Thoughts on Beggar Magic1 Another fun yet genre defying read Apparently I really love those XD It started out like a mild Steampunk story with elements of very original fantasy and then turned into a sort of academy story which turned into a murder mystery and all with a strong thread of friendship and a dash of romance Basically it was great D2The world was super interesting It’s a psuedo 19th century kind of feel with a Steampunk flavor but some other parts of it seem kind of old fashioned I loved the fantasy element of the “Strains” which are musical wisps of something like magicsprites There are class distinctions based on how well you can hearuse the Strains And much of the story takes place in a sort of academy thing in an intriguingly arranged city with different sections specializing in different things Anyway for some reason I found the whole world and setup super fascinating I could also see everything SO clearly And the “costumes” and rifles and just—LOVE3 There were several directions I would think the story was going but it kept doing something totally different and unexpected I don’t know if that means I’m disappointed or if it means it was awesome because it was so surprising and original and kept me on my toes I guess I’m not actually disappointed just mentioning it was different than I thought It also got UITE intense near the end there I kept forgetting to breathe oo4 Brick I really liked Brick D Brick is a deaf guard who is absolutely epic but also kindhearted and sweet—basically Brick is awesome and he was my favorite All the parts with him were the best 35 Leilani our heroine was all right—for some reason I felt a little detached from her? But I liked her okay I thought it was neat how in most books she’d be considered the “side kick” and Zebedy would be the hero but Leilani got to be the heroine of this D Leilani only has “beggar magic” which means she isn’t particularly gifted or special like Zebedy is so normally Zebedy would be the heroine and main character and I thought it was neat how it’s basically a story from the POV of the “chosen one’s” side kick So cool6 Zebedy was spoiled and I didn’t usually like her too much but I didn’t always dislike her either and sometimes I felt sorry for her Eh I don’t know I might have liked her if the story was from her perspective but like I said above I did like how it was told from Leilani’s POV7 Leilani’s and Zebedy’s friendship was really cute if occasionally rather trying as many besties stories can be As were other relationships which are spoilers Much cuteness all around 3 EEP My little adorableness loving heart is VERY happy ^^ Especially with how everything turned out at the end 8 I was really surprised by Vickers’ character—at first I SUPER disliked him and for some reason thought he was way younger than he was but somewhere along the way I realized I’d actually grown to like him oo Rather a lot actually I wished we could have seen of Vickers But this hardly ever happens where I dislike a character but then end up absolutely loving them So kudos on that9 THERE WAS A PLOT TWIST WHICH I SUDDENLY GUESSED DUE TO A SUBTLE HINT AND I WANTED IT TO BE TRUE AND THEN IT WAS AND IT MADE ME HAPPY D view spoilerBRICK AND VICKERS ARE HALF BROTHERS D AND I FIGURED IT OUT WHEN I SAW BRICK'S CARVING OF A WOMAN WITH A CHICKEN ON HER HEAD MUCH CUTE Anyways it made me happy XD hide spoiler

  2. Janeen Ippolito Janeen Ippolito says:

    I downloaded Beggar Magic on a whim when it was offered for free having no idea what a treat I was in for This is a beautifully written fairy tale in the style of Ella Enchanted and Princess Academy with a likable tenacious heroine and an intriguing kind of magic seamlessly blended together for a satisfying readFirst off the Strains They are written with a mystery and deftness that makes the reader feel them as much as the characters do Further Burke threads in subtle hints of their deeper purpose as helpers sent by the Maker that hints towards her own faith However this isn’t a book that preaches Rather it singsAlso I love that the story revolves around a pair of very different best friends Zebedy Brightly and Leilani Weaver They have a realistic friendship that both acknowledges their differences in station and personality but also has a great deal of humor warmth and love Even when guys come into the mix the story allows for teen suitable romance while still keeping the story focused on these two friendsThe romantic elements for both girls make sense While the relationships seem to happen rather uickly Burke builds in a decent amount of backstory and connection that make the affections believable Zebedy and Leilani are sensible young ladies aware that they have plenty of time to settle down so don’t expect a marriage at the end of this book Moreover each of the gentlemen in uestion are plot relevant and have their own distinct personalities and goalsIf I had one complaint? The story built up a lot of steam but then wrapped up very uickly at the end I would have liked to linger a little in the city of Gelia before having to leave especially since this is a one off story Still all the threads are sorted out well and I finished the book contentThat isn’t to say I wouldn’t read a second if the author was so inclinedFinal Verdict an utterly charming original YA fairy tale with a spunky sensible heroine and a uniue kind magic This is an indie gem that is suitable for teens and adults and well worth the 3 for the eBook although with that cover I might have to splurge and buy a paperback copy

  3. Book Troll Real Escape Book Troll Real Escape says:

    Beggar Magic is one of the most refreshing pieces of fiction that I have read in a while The book follows Leilani Weaver on her journey to living her dreams and becoming something that is beyond her “Common” status Leilani’s life changes for the better and for the worst when she meets Zebedy a “Highmost” girl who is so special that she can actually hear every word the “Strains”—the magical begins that help the people in Gelia—say When they meet you think that they are just two girls from different classes who will never see each other again However as they get to know one another they become best friends and soon Zebedy is asking Leilani to be her assistant as she goes on to do her fellowship in one of the Highmost manors which is where the higher classes learn their trades But everything is not what it seems and as the saying goes “all that glitters is not gold” and in this case it is especially trueThis book is filled with suspense tear jerking moments and even a little bit of romance It is magical as well as being beautifully written The book keeps you on your toes almost to the very end and even though everything seems to resolve itself there is enough room for a seuel if the author chooses to do so Side note I really hope that is the case because I just loved it Beggar Magic is one of those books that you can read over and over again and never get bored I commend the author and hope to see soonSo it is 5 out of 5 stars for Beggar Magic and when it comes out on December 9th you’ll be beggin’ for Laura Del

  4. Abby Jones Abby Jones says:

    If you're a reader you probably know when you're reading an Indy book as opposed to a traditionally published book There's often just something missing or maybe we're automatically suspect due to a large amount of badly written stuff out there Well I'm here to tell you that Beggar Magic is not one of those books It's a well crafted well written sweet fairy tale Burke does a great job with her fairy tales and I look forward to reading of her stories This one is great due to the friendship of the two main female characters and the very sweet and innocent romance story This is a great book for any girl and enjoyable at any ageThe magic in the story is well done and interesting The setting is developed and easy to follow and slip into I highly recommend this book

  5. Tina at Mommynificent Tina at Mommynificent says:

    This is a great book I found the setting fascinating the characters mesmerizing and the plot surprising I finished it this morning told my 10 year old about it and she had finished it before bed and is already asking me to write the author to see if there will be a seuel It is a clean young adult book with very very light romance I'm pretty picky about what I recommend my daughter read when it comes to romance but had no problems with this one There are a number of themes woven really subtly throughout the book including one's relationship with God and His blessings racismcaste systems and privilege dealing with language barriers how disabilities are viewed and probably that I'll notice on future readings And there will be future readings I promise My daughter and I just decided to buy the paperback so that we can loan it out lots and because you can get the Kindle version for free once you've purchased the paperback We're both already planning our re readsI love how the author dealt with so many things without being preachy ever So well done I also love the deaf community and how it fits into the world she has created Well well doneThis book reminded me a lot of Shannon Hale's Princess Academy so if you liked that book or anything else by Shannon Hale I highly highly recommend this book to you

  6. Lauren Lynch Lauren Lynch says:

    I really enjoyed this uniue read Feisty heroine Leilani was a bit of an underdog by station of birth in this steampunk fantasy world but she wasn't about to let that hold her back In a society that lacks euality many of the Highmost use their gifts to jockey for power while the Common are forced into subservient positions where they struggle to find significance Suspense builds as Leilani and her friends explore a series of mysterious events no one else seems to notice at first They must overcome their differences and work together to thwart an evil plot With a story that involves a mix of fantasy mystery suspense and even a bit of romance Beggar Magic has something for everyone A fun and clean read recommended for readers of all ages

  7. Katharina Gerlach Katharina Gerlach says:

    The characters in this novel sprang of the first page grabbed me by the hand and dragged me along for the ride At first they felt younger than they were meant to be but that changed as soon as they learned a bit about their world The prejudice against the lower castes could have been shown a bit to drive the point home but this was such a minor issue that it's not worth taking a point off of a thoroughly enjoyable read I hope to be able to return to this world some time in the future hint

  8. J.M. Butler J.M. Butler says:

    I keep intending to get Talk Story to Me up and running again I've been reading so many great books and there is so much to talk about But thanks to the mighty Thor my cat not the Norse god of thunder the tripod was destroyed It was really uite impressive Ah but you still have a camera you might say True Or rather I did However Loki another cat not the Norse god of trickery has confiscated it I heard a strange clumping sound and looked up just in time to see Loki disappearing down the staircase with the camera in mouth I started to pursue but Maelona and Sophie neither of whom are Norse or Celtic goddesses but simply cats both tripped me at intervals By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs intact blessedly Loki and the camera had vanished I have a checklist of all the possible places it might be However I have yet to find itin time though I haven't been idle though I've been working on ways to improve my review system to make them helpful I don't think that an actual number based system actually does much Rather it's the analysis on key points that can help readers determine whether a book is for them So I have created some categories Feel free to recommend any if you like General SummaryBut that doesn't mean I should refrain from reviewing the splendid books I have found The first one I'm pleased to review is Beggar Magic by Heidi Lynn Burke or HL Burke as her name is displayed on the book I am not friends with the author though I am in a writing group with her I bought this book on my own because it looked intriguing And appearances were proved correct The cover of Beggar Magic suggests a story of two key individuals music mystery and fantasy elements It delivered on all that with a fairly creative premise In Geila City the primary location for this story magic isn't just figuratively musical it is literally musical It exists throughout the world and allows for a variety of uses being known simply as the Strains A uasi caste system exists with the nobility being capable of using the Strains in powerful and creative ways and the Common folk having to make do The story follows the adventures of Leilani a Common and a Highmost girl named Zebedy The two come from different worlds and in a subtle grass is greener on the other side both envy the other While Zebedy shows great potential with her use of the Strains as well as imagination Leilani is strong and independent Their friendship isn't supposed to last but it grows as time passes At last Zebedy goes on to further her strength and education and she invites Leilani to come and essentially be her assistant which is a great honor From there mysteries develop both as the two young women learn how to function within this system and as blank spots where the Strains do not exist crop upWorld Building I'll talk about this in plot but this book has a very gentle and slow pace The world building reflects that It focuses in on the minute areas of this world and it also shows on a intimate level how much the Strains influence the world Even those who cannot use the highborn magic still rely on the Strains In fact not being able to hear or sense the Strains is horrifying for those who are used to them Only a few types of individuals are unable to hear them and many are looked on with suspicion For instance anyone who kills is forever cut off from the StrainsThe rest of the world itself is fairly typical low fantasy stock It has a calm pastoral feel with a combination of formal school manors and a higher education system as well as a mystery It has enough of a familiar feel to let the reader feel comfortable in exploring the new concepts without being overwhelmed As such the book is great for those who want something with fantasy but don't have to learn an entirely new language or culture that goes with it But the uniueness of the Strains and their interaction in the world should also satisfy those who want something new and intriguing in the fantasy realm All in all a well struck balance that is hard to achieveCharactersThe characters are just who you would expect in this sort of story with a few twists Leilani is outspoken and independent the strong willed commoner who has to learn how to keep her tongue in check Not much scares her Zebedy is as is often the case the privileged and shielded noble who doesn't really understand all that the world is about And then there is the inevitable villain and possible love interest When these characters enter the scene you may recognize them at once but I won't reveal their names just in case One character who struck me as particularly interesting was Brick I haven't run into many stories that tell the story of a character with disabilities in a way that lets the character be himself It takes a certain skill Even though Brick reaches his initial conclusions uite swiftly when he is otherwise deliberate he is one of my favorites He complements the other characters well and he has some of the best secrets PlotOh the glorious plot As I mentioned above the pacing is actually rather slow but don't mistake slow for boring The beginning reminded me of some of my favorite stories as a child the gentle introduction to a new world that lets you experience it I don't I'm giving away too much to reveal that this is how Leilani and Zebedy meet They are both uite young one is lost and the other finds her and helps her to her home in what results in a uiet tour of the countryside After that things pick upThere really weren't a lot of surprises for me in the book but I enjoyed every minute of it I attribute a lot of this to the narrative It's an exciting book that doesn't leave you desperate to know where the plot goes But whenever I set it down I wanted to come back and find out the next twist The twists themselves are handled uite well One minor point for criticism is that in the end a couple things may seem too convenient The discovery of one relationship and the fulfillment of one of the character's dreams as well as a healing could be seen as too saccharineAnd at first I thought this fell into the all too common trap of yay everything is well and good There's nothing bad in the world And while the one discovery is rather convenient these developments aren't undeserved The worldbuilding and the clues themselves are sufficient to point to this being a conclusion I wonder if I would have liked these two twists if the story had been darker at points but in fairness to the author these moments are earned and well told VoiceThis was HL Burke's first book for me And as I am also preparing to review Land of Ash I can say that I uite love this author's voice It's very gentle Almost poetic without becoming purple prose There's a great deal of creativity and you can see the love and care that went into crafting this story and world This book really is its own creature and it's well worth the trip Would I Read Again? Would I Recommend?Yes I would certainly read this book again Actually I already had to take another read It's a sweet and pleasant story Easy to get into and easy to relax while reading The world building was intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed it Currently it is available for free on from August 2 – August 3 But if you can purchase a copy for full price I'd encourage you to do so HL Burke is precisely the kind of writer I want to encourage to keep writing with my sales

  9. Meg MacDonald Meg MacDonald says:

    Beggar Magic is an enjoyable sweet YAMG fantasy with some delightful characterization and lots of humor that should resonate with younger readers A twist of romance is eually sweet and while there are moments of peril the book never crosses any lines into truly adult territory It could easily be enjoyed by tweens and I'll be recommending it For my part I found myself asking a lot of technical uestions about the world that were never fully addressed like the history of the tunnels that play such a crucial part in the latter part of the book This seemed absolutely crucial at times but I was left scratching my head and wondering if I missed a key element I also wished there had been a stronger emphasis on beggar magic itself The concept is introduced but it isn't the primary form of magic that's seen throughout the book I wanted to see it come into play I found the Strains and how different people interacted with them fascinating but againso many uestions since we know that they are uniue to this region I found myself asking Butwhy? uite a bit I wanted All in all a good book and one of the few YA books I've managed to finish

  10. Kyle Kyle says:

    Uniue and captivating fantasyI have yet to read a book by HL Burke that hasn’t elbowed its way to the top of my to be read pile and held me spellbound as soon as I turned to the first page Beggar Magic is no exception to this It turns the typical fantasy formula on its head by featuring a main character who’s the friend and sidekick of the person with formidable magic powers instead of the “Chosen One” herself It has one of the most interesting magic systems I’ve read about in a long time based on “Strains” of music and other sounds The characters are a delight and the plot is enthralling building to a clever and surprising climax that had me riveted to my Kindle Christian undertones are interwoven with the story in a brilliant and subtle fashion other Christian writers would do well to study Burke’s methods for mingling her faith with her fiction Spiritual elements are always present to some degree in her works but they never feel obnoxious or out of place The fantasy market needs books like this

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