Everything I Know about Zombies I Learned in Kindergarten

Everything I Know about Zombies I Learned in Kindergarten [Download] ➻ Everything I Know about Zombies I Learned in Kindergarten Author Kevin Wayne Williams – Thomashillier.co.uk Finalist for Foreword Reviews' IndieFab Novel of the Year for Multicultural fiction and Horror Even before the apocalypse nine year old Letitia Johnson's life had never been simple Shuttled from foste Finalist for Foreword Know about PDF/EPUB ä Reviews' IndieFab Novel of the Year for Multicultural fiction and Horror Even before the apocalypse nine year old Letitia Johnson's life had never been simple Shuttled from foster home to foster home in the impoverished neighborhood of Mott Haven Everything I Kindle - it was all she could do to keep track of her little sister When the apocalypse came she tried to keep her sister's kindergarten safe by locking them all in a tiny school bathroom hiding while they waited for a rescue that never I Know about PDF º came For five days they hid They hid while their teachers were being eaten while their classmates were being killed They hid while the Bronx was being evacuated Now there's no one left to help them There's no place left to hide It's I Know about Zombies I PDF/EPUB ² just her one ax twelve kindergarteners twelve garden stakes and a will to liveWhile the cast of this novel is primarily children the book is intended for adults and contains material unsuitable for younger readers.

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  1. Constance Burris Constance Burris says:

    Lawd This book was crazyMy son saw this on my kindle and wanted to read it but I told him he had to finish his other book first I’m happy I said no because this was book would have given him nightmares It’s definitely not for children or for the sueamish It involves children in a zombie apocalypse so I don’t think I’m giving too much away when I say kids die in this book Still I was surprised and a bit mad when it happenedI wasn’t too impressed with the beginning but it was a decent set up for the rest of the book which was exceptionally good I loved it despite all of the bad things happening Usually a book starts out good and fizzles in the middle so I shouldn’t complain too much about the beginning in this bookLeticia the heroine in Zombies has been added to the list of bad ass female heroines that can rock a zombie apocalypse She successfully led a class full of kindergartners through the apocalypse by using her wit I also related to Leticia character because she had a speech impediment I was in speech and remedial classes as a kid Suck it stupid teachers because I’m an engineer now Boom in your face Remedial classes my arse Leticia is also called emotionless and calculating and dangerous by the adults she encounters later and I’ve also been told that I was emotionless and too literal Seriously my husband will prod me into arguments just so he can see me react “emotionally” to something So yeah me and Leticia are on the same spectrumIf you would have told me I would have read four zombie books I would have laughed in your face but a good book is a good book despite zombies And of course I cried twice Damn I’m such a suckerThe author will be doing an interview with the Blerd Book Club on Sunday July 12 at 3pm on Twitter Via Google Hangouts Y’all should come hang out

  2. Thelonious Legend Thelonious Legend says:

    Wow A Zombie Apocalypse as seen through the eyes of a young black child Who would have thunk it? And if you think this is your average light hearted YA dystopian thriller keep it moving Because this book is not for the faint of heart What these children have to endure to survive after civilization collapses and adults turn on each other is horrifying This book had me to the point where I could not literally put it down because I wanted to see what happened next to Letitia and her young charges Some of the passages are so haunting that they will stay with you for days You will find yourself still rooting for the kids although they lost their humanity in their struggle for survival and the only kid ‘like’ about them is their age The author does a great job of showing the devolution of the human soul when it’s constantly faced with zombies and other humans that are worse than zombies The ending leads one to believe there might be seuel coming and I for one hope so

  3. Reviews May Vary Reviews May Vary says:

    Alrighty Read this for #blerdbookclub my first ever The book was good Told mainly from the perspective of a 9yo girl who has foresight and intuitiveness than most adults I know It irks me to read children speaking in bad English especially when written by a white person yes I said that but this wasn't too heavy handed And the story was good Truth is in an apocalypse the kids growing up in tragic life situations probably will be the best euipped to handle themselves I've planned a self inflicted gun wound at the first sight of Walkers myself IJS The #twitterchat was also a good time The author talked about alternative endings he considered one of which would have been TOO MUCH TO HANDLE

  4. Rich Rich says:

    Ok this makes two zombie books I've read this year but don't expect the trend to continue This one caught my eye because the strongest character is a 9 year old little black girl from the Bronx who goes to rescue her little sister during the zombie apocalypse only to end up with a dozen kindergartners in her care Using the Buddy System and motivation through literature she teaches them to be little badasses and keeps them mainly aliveBut it's also a little about adult privilege and white privilege And about how you should never trust anyone over 30It was very entertaining and a uick read

  5. Denise Denise says:

    All I could picture was Michonne at the age of 9

  6. Brigid Keely Brigid Keely says:

    Everything I know about Zombies I learned in Kindergarten by Kevin Wayne Williams is a zombie story following a group of inner city children from New York Williams sells this story as being uniue because it follows 1 a group of kids 2 who aren't white He's said the story was inspired by watching The Walking Dead and the way PoC People of Color on the show are treated and by two little girls that he's known My perception of the book is very strongly impacted by having read it right after the Day the Dead Came To Show And Tell by Mira Grant Set in her existing Newsflesh world and narrated by characters I'm already invested in Show and Tell uickly and compellingly portrays a zombie breakout at a public school and a teacher leading a group of first graders and kindergarteners to the safety of the school roof to be evacuated Show and Tell is tense and tightly written and touches on larger social issues such as the way the government fails students by contracting services to the lowest bidder and the way people allow themselves to be ruled by fear and how uickly people in control move to take advantage of thatLearned in Kindergarten touches on larger issues as well notably the way adults underestimate children and don't see the obvious The writing is rough however and as the parent of a 6 year old who's spent a great deal of time in a Kindergarten and First Grade classroom I don't think actual children would adapt uite as uickly or behave uite as well as the kids in Williams' book But Brigid how can you nitpick fiction this way? Well part of the reason we're able to believe the fantastic is because it's rooted in the real 5 year olds even terrified ones behaving the way Williams portrays them? Feels unrealistic and makes it hard to sink into the narrativeThe characters in general are barely sketched out The younger kids are pretty much interchangeable with little in the way of distinguishing characteristics This makes it hard to care about what happens to them even when primed to care about little kids The writing in general is uneven and it relies a bit too heavily on existing zombie tropes including the disgusting baby dies in utero and is a zombie one And of course in a zombie apocalypse it makes a ton of sense that men would rape women in areas crawling with zombiesI wanted to like this book for a lot of reasons I wanted to like a book about diverse kids surviving even thriving against the odds But it's an incredibly depressing book There is no way around it the kids are going to die and they are going to turn into zombies and if they're female they're probably going to be raped first because Williams apparently can imagine a world with zombies but can't imagine a world without rape Personally if I were a dude living in a world where dead people rise up as zombies and there's zombies all over the place I wouldn't pause my foraging to beat and try to rape a woman under a bush while little kids looked on but heyTo its credit I keep thinking about this book There's some neat stuff going on and the kids are REALLY resourceful and do some of the stuff I would do in an urban area in a zombie invasion But there's a lot that viscerally bothers me about this book as well If you want little kids and zombies check out The Day The Dead Came To Show and Tell If you want a diverse cast dealing with supernatural stuff check out D J Older's Bone Street Rumba books If Williams writes something else especially if he gets an editor I'll give it a try I don't regret purchasing or reading this book But there's better zombie fare out there

  7. R.A. White R.A. White says:

    As is obvious from the title this book is about zombies Well to be accurate it's about kids surviving the zombie apocalypse in New York City The whole idea of it was cool the editing was pretty amazing and the title is wonderful If you like zombie stories you'll probably like thisOn the positive side I cheered many times mainly when the kids did something especially clever and I wanted them to succeed even though I didn't feel close to them Who doesn't want kids to succeed right? There are a lot of cool ideas interesting survival strategies in particular and most of the time the kids behaved pretty much the way I would expect them to except that I still think there should have been a lot crying and whining I'm glad there wasn't but it would have made the kids feel real One thing I really enjoyed about the book is that the characters are widely diverse and have realistic backgrounds I liked that they weren't all orphans or all rich kids or magicians or anything Not that I have anything against magicians but it's fun to read about normal peopleI did have a few gripes which go to show my preferences than any objective failure but since you may have the same peeves as I do I will share First I didn't feel connection between the characters even siblings which was very odd Second sometimes I was confused because the point of view changed throughout the scenes giving me omniscience except not really because I was only able to see what was happening in the characters heads not what was happening in the wide world Third although gross brutal events happened regularly I never felt scared or creeped out Fourth sometimes it felt like things didn't line up for example the kids are stuck in a bathroom for days maybe? It wasn't really clear but then they act like they've just missed snack not like they're famished I also really disliked the ending and its lack of resolution but I think that was the pointWhen I break things down it sounds like a lot of things bothered me but overall I really enjoyed reading the book I stayed up late with it a couple times and looked forward to picking it up as life permitted For what it was it was well written and a good read There are some great moments and I laughed at the adults trying to cope with the feral kids even if the adults were or less idiotsLanguage Some foul languageSexual Content Rape is talked about but not describedViolence Of course Zombie violence and human violenceOverall messageplot No message basic survival plot It was fun having an entire survival story set in one city and great watching the kids outmaneuver the zombies and human adultsI received a free copy of this book through Diverse Book Tours rawhitebooksand dot weebly dot com

  8. Underground Book Reviews Underground Book Reviews says:

    A bioweapon is released on the east coast Chaos breaks loose outside PS43 Public School #43 in the Bronx Fortunately nine year old Letitia Johnson finds Jahayra her little sister but there are other frightened kindergarteners who also need help Not uite what she has in mind Letitia takes the lead by not only training the five year olds to use garden stakes to kill the zombies but also encouraging them to be brave like the engine in The Little Engine That Could the book she eventually reads nightly to them Once the troupe scours the area stores for food and supplies Letitia leads them to the iconic hospital on North Brother Island for shelter An emergency situation forces Letitia and the others to seek help from a handful of adult survivors on another island While the two groups join forces to fight against looters and zombies it is only a matter of time who will actually survive Kevin Wayne Williams' debut book is laced with paradox Much of Williams' third person narrative reflects the simple mindset of children amid horrendous circumstances Good examples are how they think in terms of playing games during target practice as they are learning how to use various weapons and how they expect routines like nightly prayers and bedtime stories Although they are surrounded by devastation the children still anticipate that somewhere out there in the world there is a normalcyread at UndergroundBookReviewsdotcom

  9. Rasheedah Prioleau Rasheedah Prioleau says:

    I am still just reeling from this book I was a skeptic when this became the Blerd Book Club read but I have to say the club got it right A nine year old uick thinking girl Letitia goes to a her sister’s kindergarten class to save her and ends up saving about a dozen of her classmates as well from certain death during the zombie apocalypse There were moments when I found it hard to believe the number of things that simply “occurred” to Letitia as she saved the kids However I was able to simply suspend disbelief long enough for the children to meet up with a group of adults and then it became easier to see the use of simple childish logic that kept her and the kids alive It made me think about children that grow up in hard circumstances and how they are uickly adapt in order to survive There were times when I wanted the adults to simply put their feet down and force the kids to be kids But with all of the situations they had to face I could see how that would have been a mistake The book makes us face the uestion Would you rather die or live through a zombie apocalypse? I have to admit I hated the ending Just hated it It was tragic but authentic I wanted there to be a happy ending some hope or salvation or meaning to it all I need some time but I would definitely love to read perhaps to see where the children are in five or six years

  10. Vincent Alascia Vincent Alascia says:

    I'm not sure what I was expecting when I started this but a third of the way in and I was hooked This really works and the way the children respond to the crisis and grow with it is probably horrifying than the zombies In fact by the end it is the surviving humans that do the most evil Still I would recommend this to fans of zombie books and even one's who've never read one I'm not typically a fan of dialog with a lot of inflection and the broken English of the main character Letitia did grate on my nerves but the rest of the story kept me going along

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