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The Hypotenuse of Love [BOOKS] ✯ The Hypotenuse of Love Author Kate Sweeney – The Hypotenuse of LoveRomantic ComedyNovella at 33000 wordsCharlotte Darcy had a brilliant idea but then Charlotte thought all her ideas were brilliant This time she needed an innocent dupe to make he The Hypotenuse of LoveRomantic ComedyNovella at wordsCharlotte Darcy had a brilliant idea but then Charlotte thought all her ideas were brilliant This time she needed an innocent dupe to make her idea come to lifeEnter The Hypotenuse PDF/EPUB ² Parker Englewood a respected professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago Her life was in order things made sense And all she wanted one night was dinner at her favorite restaurant then a uiet weekend that’s allAnd what did she get Charlotte Darcy on a platter with a side of screwball chaosJoin the first of many madcap adventures of Parker and Charlotte.

10 thoughts on “The Hypotenuse of Love

  1. Arien Arien says:

    A short but a lovely read I really want to read something longer with the same premise and just as engaging characters 5 stars for sure

  2. Alexis Alexis says:

    This was a really fun read full of sweet and hilarious moments Charlotte and Parker are both great characters who I immediately liked and who also have some pretty good chemistry Unfortunately one weekend is all we readers get to tag along in their crazy little adventure I wish there was a little time spent on trying to convince Parker to go along with Charlotte's plan because her agreeing to do so felt really rushed This is a great book if you need something sweet funny angst free and just a little bit sexy

  3. MJS MJS says:

    This is a nice sweet love story For a novella it was actually pretty evenly paced and the character interaction was funny and sweet Betty and Hank were great secondary characters I really enjoyed Parker and Charlotte This seems to be the first in a series but I could find any others anyone know if there are any?

  4. angie angie says:

    It's been a while since I've read a Kate Sweetney novel or in this case novella so I'd almost almost forgotten just how adorable sweet and goofy her stories can be This is the second smile inducing read I've had the pleasure to experience this week I'm so glad Ms Sweeney writes freuently plus importantly very well so there's always to look forward to with much eagerness The Hypotenuse of Love short as it is is right up there with her wonderful Winds of Heaven

  5. IanWAA IanWAA says:

    I am real sucker for books with road trip in them which lets the reader discover the uirky personality of Charlotte and Parker I love Charlotte she is in her own words a organised mess super likable and reckless in a adorable way Parker has a bit of an analness according to Charlotte about order and punctuality That Charlotte utterly disrupts I think my favorite scene was the role play of how they would interact with each other if they would live together

  6. Pippa D Pippa D says:

    This was exactly what I was in the mood fora lesbian romance with entertaining characters and a plot without murders or psychos What I didn't expect was just how funny the dialogue would be It is rare for me to laugh out loud when reading but I did so on several occasionsCharlotte a visual artist feels she has to attend the wedding of her ex partner who had an affair with Charlotte's bitchy cousin and now is marrying her So Charlotte needs to find a date who can make her look like she has it all together A simple but crazy start to the book and it blossoms into a mad adventure The woman she picks is a professor of philosophy who starts out just as suare as you can imagine Think the Odd Couple but ueer and with no whinging This was a delight

  7. ~ * K E L L I E * ~ ~ * K E L L I E * ~ says:

    A lovely and entertaining novella Charlotte is one of those characters who make you laugh out loud at some of her cringeworthy antics The chemistry between Charlotte and Parker jump off the pages and Aunt Betty and Uncle Hank are adorable I found myself wanting once I'd read the last page I really wish there was an epilogue as I'd love to know about what happens to this lovely couple and also Cousin Carol and Janet haha

  8. Ndy Ndy says:

    This is a great read with a lot of funny moments Though it would have been good to have a few chapters or at least an epilogue

  9. Pin Pin says:

    This charming novella had me hooked from the very first page Sweeney at her best

  10. Heinerway Heinerway says:

    A fun novella with two delightful characters a Harley and a leather jacket Did I say fun?

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